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  • The Year of Social Learning


    This is the year we double-down on social learning. For too long we have seen elearning courses that end up with “click-click-click-click” progression. No interaction, no engagement. It is time for learning program developers to strive for something more. I will concede that certain courses like compliance training don’t necessarily require more than a traditional […]

  • My 2017 ELearning Wish List


    Each year it is exciting to see the changes that emerge in the elearning and training industry. There are new technical innovations, instructional design trends, and training methodologies that emerge. Some of these are short lives while others prove to stand the test of time. It is about this time of year that I make […]

  • Use LearnDash with MemberPress!


    It is a new year and this means new functionality for all of you using LearnDash! To kick things off I am pleased to announce our first add-on release of 2017. Without question this new add-on was one of the more requested feature enhancements we received all of last year – it only made sense to start off the […]

  • Keeping Your Course Business Relevant


    Are you in the business of creating and selling courses? If so, what are you doing to keep your course offerings relevant? Over the years I have had the pleasure to see many people and organizations create successful online learning programs. They spent time researching, developing, launching, and nurturing their program to the point where […]

  • 6 LMS Pricing Models Explained


    If you are in the market for a learning management system then there is a good chance that your head is spinning. There are so many options out there, so many features, and so many pricing options. Whether you need an LMS for selling online courses or for internal organizational training you should be aware […]

  • Personalized Learning for Employees


    Elearning has come a long way since its early days. Specifically, it didn’t take long for instructional designers to realize that sitting through an elearning course can be boring. For the most part people like to interact with others. They want to be part of a community and feel like what they are learning matters in […]

  • How To Use Divi Theme With LearnDash


    **March 2017 UPDATE** Using LearnDash and Divi together requires that you activate custom post type support for Divi. While there have been LearnDash customers who have reported success with the instructions below, Elegant Themes has since published instructions for enabling custom post type support. Please follow the steps outlined by Elegant Themes and contact their support […]

  • Never Rely Solely on EdTech


    Have you ever seen an infomercial? You know, the ones that are on loop late at night? Did you notice that nearly nearly every time they talk about the product they are selling they refer to it as a “system”, “technology”, or something similar? “Call now for your stain removal system!” or “Get the entire […]

  • 4 Phases of Learning Program Success


    Not every learning program is created equal. Simply putting together some courses and telling user to go through the content isn’t going to yield very good results. The most successful programs today have a plan in place. You can use a plan to start a program the ‘correct’ way, or use a plan to revive […]

  • How To Create a Duolingo Clone


    If you have ever studied a language online then chances are you have come across the popular Duolingo program. The teaching method relies heavily upon gamification elements to teach key language concepts. In fact, it’s one of the best examples of gamification currently on the market. It’s no secret why many learning programs want to […]

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