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  • “Worthless” Certificates Are Profitable


    There is a big misconception when it comes to selling online courses, and unfortunately it deters people from pursuing them altogether. It is an objection that I have come across multiple times, so I felt that I should finally set the record straight on the issue once and for all: you don’t have to be an […]

  • Can Snapchat be Used for Education?


    Whenever there are popular apps and platforms it seems like it is only a matter of time until we see it used in education. Facebook groups have been used in adult education, even Facebook based learning management systems. We have seen Twitter leveraged for education as well by both teachers in the classroom and at […]

  • Limited Time Enrollment Pays Off Big


    As the trend of selling online courses continues to grow I have seen a slight shift in the way these premium courses are offered. Most people slap a price onto their course as soon as it is ready to be sold. Sure, there may be variants in how the course is priced (subscription versus one-time […]

  • Sell Your Course at Various Prices


    “What should the price of my course be?” This is probably the single most asked question for anyone selling an online course, and with good reason. Pricing is difficult. You have to find the right balance between communicating the value of the course content and what the market is willing to pay. In many cases, […]

  • The Key To ELearning Program Success


    I have seen a good number of elearning programs created and implemented across a variety of industries. Everything from government, non-profit, huge conglomerates, and international organizations. While each one of these use-cases has their unique characteristics I have found that they all share one aspect that contributes to the overall success of the elearning implementation. […]

  • 3 WordPress Plugin Selection Tips


    One of the major benefits to using WordPress compared to other content management systems is that you can easily expand its functionality. In fact, this is a primary reason why a WordPress learning management system (LMS) is so conducive to online learning programs. For example, it is easy to implement a forum when the time comes, […]

  • ‘Ninja’ Trick for More Course Revenue


    Let’s say that you have an online course that you are selling and that you went about it in a thorough, steady manner. You picked your niche. You researched that market. You networked with the community. You built out great course content. You started marketing very early. You had a successful launch. You have happy […]

  • Creating a Positive Course Experience


    Any course you create needs to have solid content. In fact, content is the critical component to the success of any course. This is especially true if you are selling your courses. But in addition to content you also need to pay close attention to the experience you provide. Slapping some videos and text together and […]

  • Avoid These ELearning Video Mistakes


    Taking an elearning course that doesn’t contain any videos can be difficult, especially if that course is long. Videos are great because they can help break up the content and keep the learner engaged with the course in different ways. However, videos are not the “be all end all” for online courses. One mistake I […]

  • Dangers of Too Much Innovating


    If you are selling a software, an online course, or physical product then it seems the name of the game is “innovation”. By demonstrating that your company can innovate (and does so often) you are showing potential customers that their money is well spent. That they will constantly have access to the best, and that […]

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