May 13th, 2013 E-Learning

5-waysIf you ever need to make the case for online learning in your classroom, then this article is for you. The benefits of a blended, online learning component in education are too great to ignore. In some ways, educational institutions are doing their students an extreme disservice if they ignore online learning in their institution.

Learning professionals know the benefits of elearning from top to bottom, but sometimes it’s nice to be reminded of some specific examples. When it comes to education, online learning has many benefits, but perhaps some of the most impactful to education institutions include:

  1. Increasing the rate of student learning by increasing motivation through awards and/or achievement based programs
  2. Reducing the need for physical space, meaning educational institutions can increase enrollment sizes
  3. Increase in learning comprehension because multiple learning styles can be addressed (audio, video, reading, and writing)
  4. Economies of scale through the reuse of materials
  5. Reducing of salary costs by transferring some educational activities to computers

Many universities are indeed aware of these benefits, with about 89% of public institutions offering online classes, and 60% of private ones. I would venture to guess that the nearly 30% difference between these is because private institutions generally cost a lot more to attend. As such, there is a premium placed on the quality of teachers/professors and face-to-face communication.

This of course is a misconception, and I think in time this gap will certainly close. There have been countless of studies indicating the benefits of blended elearning environments – and students agree. In one survey conducted by, 70% of students say that they learn most in blended learning environments.

Technology’s importance in the classroom, and to educational institutions as a whole, is only going to increase over time. There will likely come a time when the blended learning environment isn’t even called “blended” anymore because it will become the de facto teaching methodology in education.

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Hi Justin,
Interesting and a great summary to use for assisting faculty in understanding the benefits that the online environment can bring to students. I do have a question about point number 3. It would appear that an “increase in learning apprehension…” is a negative and not a positive. Did you mean an increase in comprehension (or a decrease in apprehension…) of content with application of multiple instructional techniques, strategies, modes……whatever word you would prefer to use? 🙂 Is this more along the lines of what you were thinking?


Avatar Melanie Shuran

Ha! Yes, you are right… that doesn’t make much sense does it! I have updated the wording accordingly.

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