Corporate Learning Trends: An Overview [INFOGRAPHIC]

As the learning industry begins to take off, we are able to gather more and more metrics about the trends on online learning, corporate training, and the like.  Last year, it was reported that $156 million was spent on employee learning initiatives in the United States… that’s quite the figure!

In an infographic provided by MindQuilt, I found it quite interesting to see that there was an average of $1,059 spent per learning for about one workweek of training.  I wonder though, if this is sufficient, and under what category this training falls into.  Is it compliance based, building new skills, or changes in protocol?  I suppose this type of data would make the infographic a tad more insightful.

Last year there was 1.1% of training hours on mobile technology – I suspect this to increase substantially now that we have technology like TinCan API hitting the scenes, as well as the continued adoption of these devices.  Also, let’s not forget that this is just a snapshot of mobile training in the U.S. – there are plenty of other nations who are on the cutting edge of technology who would likely increase this percentage.  Still, it goes to show that mobile learning is still very much in its infancy.

This infographic doesn’t carry the weight of some others, but the snapshot is still enough to allow for speculation as to where we are heading.  Mobile learning is on the rise, learning management system still rule the day, and rapid elearning is still very much in demand.  It appears we are on the cusp of disruption in the industry – the buzz is quite palpable.

corporate learning trends


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