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  • How To Improve Your Online Courses


    Creating your online course takes time but when you are done you will have a well-deserved sense of sanctification. But finishing your course is only the beginning. Once you have learners going through your content it is on you to continually improve your offering. How do you do this? Well, first you can simply make it […]

  • Online Course Idea: Language Hacking


    One of the first (and still most popular) online course subjects is language learning. You can find a digital course for a large variety of languages. English as a second langauge being one of the more popular. I wrote about language courses before and how you could put a unique spin on such a course […]

  • Online Courses with Empty Promises


    In recent years we have seen a meteoric rise in the number of online courses being delivered. It makes sense when you think about it. Everyone knows something about something. It’s just a matter of getting the content organized in a way that others will find valuable and the marketing it accordingly. Sure, you could go […]

  • 3 ELearning Predictions for 2017


    It is that time. The time when I make three predictions for the coming calendar year with regards to the elearning industry. At the end of the year I will take a look back at these predictions to see if any of them came true. I recently did this for 2016, you can see the […]

  • Niche Chess LMS Making Waves


    I am always impressed to see the new and innovative online learning programs sprouting up on a weekly basis. There are niche training programs for languages, learning how to code, industry professions (like CPAs, realtors, marketers, etc), and even for games – such as chess! For those that may not be aware, in chess there […]

  • The Year of Social Learning


    This is the year we double-down on social learning. For too long we have seen elearning courses that end up with “click-click-click-click” progression. No interaction, no engagement. It is time for learning program developers to strive for something more. I will concede that certain courses like compliance training don’t necessarily require more than a traditional […]

  • My 2017 ELearning Wish List


    Each year it is exciting to see the changes that emerge in the elearning and training industry. There are new technical innovations, instructional design trends, and training methodologies that emerge. Some of these are short lives while others prove to stand the test of time. It is about this time of year that I make […]

  • Use LearnDash with MemberPress!


    It is a new year and this means new functionality for all of you using LearnDash! To kick things off I am pleased to announce our first add-on release of 2017. Without question this new add-on was one of the more requested feature enhancements we received all of last year – it only made sense to start off the […]

  • Keeping Your Course Business Relevant


    Are you in the business of creating and selling courses? If so, what are you doing to keep your course offerings relevant? Over the years I have had the pleasure to see many people and organizations create successful online learning programs. They spent time researching, developing, launching, and nurturing their program to the point where […]

  • 6 LMS Pricing Models Explained


    If you are in the market for a learning management system then there is a good chance that your head is spinning. There are so many options out there, so many features, and so many pricing options. Whether you need an LMS for selling online courses or for internal organizational training you should be aware […]

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