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  • Cross-Selling Your LearnDash Courses


    If you are selling your LearnDash courses then you will soon discover that it is easier to sell to your current customers than it is to find new ones. If you are not actively cross-selling your courses then you are missing out on an income opportunity. Before getting into some of the popular ways to […]

  • Creating a LearnDash User Profile Page


    Online courses are only part of your WordPress learning management system. Another key aspect is the learner profile. Specifically, a place where your students can view their progress, achievements, general activities and more. The amount of detail you include on a profile is completely up to you, but at a minimum you should include: Basic […]

  • Creating a Course? Do This Last…


    Everyone has that moment. The moment where they realize that they know something that other people will pay to learn. It could be related to your profession or a hobby. You don’t need a formal degree as your experience is often more than enough. It is an exciting time to create an online course. People love […]

  • Rest, Reflect, Plan, Act!


    The end of the year can often be the busiest as we make time for the holidays, friends, and family. Things can get so busy that personally I welcome the regular working schedule after the hectic holiday season. But the end of the year is also a great time to recharge and rejuvenate your business or […]

  • The Emergence of Machine Learning


    Artificial intelligence has worked its way into many facets of our day-to-day life, in many ways replacing tasks that humans used to perform. But as times evolve, how do machines do the same? The answer: “machine learning”. If you haven’t heard of machine learning then you are not alone. The survey that the infographic reports […]

  • Did My 2016 Predictions Come True?


    It is hard to believe but it is that time of year again when all of the “future of <insert industry here>” articles begin to appear. My own will be coming out in January. 😉 Truth be told this past year has flown by quicker than usual in my view. Perhaps it is because we […]

  • Top 5 ELearning Development Programs


    Updated December 6, 2016 If you are involved in the elearning industry, then there is a strong possibility that you have at some point needed a rapid elearning development tool for course creation. There are many options out there, but most instructional designers will align themselves with one (or a couple) of the tools below […]

  • 4 Common ELearning Interactions


    One thing that people like about an elearning course is when it contains various interaction points. This keeps the learner engaged and thinking about the content in different ways. Without interactions the entire experience is boring and arguably ineffective. If it is your responsibility to create elearning on a particular subject you should look for […]

  • 20 Most Popular Learning Management Systems Available Today


    UPDATED December 5, 2016 Since the original publication of this article a lot has shifted in the learning management system industry. Moodle (while still a popular choice) suffers from the reality that it offers a poor user experience. It is also really difficult to customize… painfully so. WordPress learning management systems have sprung up since […]

  • Putting a Voice to Your Courses


    If you are a writer then you have probably heard how important it is to develop your unique “voice”. In fact, writers spend years trying to perfect their voice. It often becomes their “brand”. Anything we put in a digital format has a “voice”, even videos. Yes, we can actually hear the voices in a […]

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