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  • Using WooCommerce with LearnDash


    You have likely heard of WooCommerce, and with good reason. It is one of the most popular shopping carts available today. Simply install on your WordPress site, configure a payment gateway, and you are ready to begin selling products – both physical and digital. It’s also a great way to sell your LearnDash courses! First, […]

  • Impostor Syndrome and Online Courses


    Creating an online course is a great way to supplement your income or possibly replace it altogether. However, I have seen that there are people who start creating a course only to stop before it is even finished. The reasons people give for not going through with their online course business are varied. Some claim […]

  • Where is the LMS Industry Headed?


    The learning management industry has been around for quite some time and has proven that as times and technology changes that it can adapt accordingly. But where is the LMS industry headed this year and in the years to come? It is impossible for anybody to say with 100% certainty the future of learning management, […]

  • Mobile Learning Stats You Should Know


    Mobile learning is driving the growth of the elearning industry. It makes sense when you think about it. We are constantly connected via our smartphones. It means we can take learning “on the go”. No longer are we confined to a laptop for online training. The U.S. mobile learning market is expected to reach around […]

  • 9 Top ELearning Trends for 2017


    At the end of 2016 I was contacted by Bryan Jones from the site eLearning Art to provide my thoughts on what I believe to be the growing trends in our industry for the coming year. Mine were as follows: Social Learning Micro-Content Informal Learning Not only did he ask me this question, but he […]

  • Provide Post Training Event Support


    I often write about how much time is involved with creating a good online course. Well, the same is true for live training events. Multiple day workshops take an immense amount of preparation. Not only do you have content to worry about but now you also have to factor in the various logistics that are […]

  • Creating Courses That Sell – Free Training


    If you are creating an online course then chances are you are interested in selling it – and with good reason. Creating an online course business doesn’t require a lot of up-front capital. You can get the wheels in motion during your off hours, and once it’s launched and generating profit you can focus on […]

  • Use Video Introductions for Courses


    One common stumbling block for people creating courses is how to actually start the course. They have a good idea for the lesson sequence, the quizzes, assignments, and interaction points, but figuring out how to first present a learner to the content can be a daunting task. You don’t want to just throw them into […]

  • Motivation to Build Your Online Course


    Creating an online course is tiring and at some point we all suffer from a lack of motivation. Even if we really love what we are working on there can be times where it is just impossible to sit down and put in the work. This is usually the sign that we need a break. […]

  • Software Courses Sell Really Well


    Many people like the idea of creating and selling an online course but what isn’t so clear is all the time is what that course should be about! Sure it is fun to creating courses around your passion but not every passion is a viable (profitable) niche. That’s why it is worth considering course topics […]

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