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  • 4 Phases of Learning Program Success


    Not every learning program is created equal. Simply putting together some courses and telling user to go through the content isn’t going to yield very good results. The most successful programs today have a plan in place. You can use a plan to start a program the ‘correct’ way, or use a plan to revive […]

  • How To Create a Duolingo Clone


    If you have ever studied a language online then chances are you have come across the popular Duolingo program. The teaching method relies heavily upon gamification elements to teach key language concepts. In fact, it’s one of the best examples of gamification currently on the market. It’s no secret why many learning programs want to […]

  • Sacrificing Learner Experience for Security


    As I have conversations with people creating their first online course I often hear them talk about two distinct things: Learner experience Content security And what many often come to realize is that paying attention too much to content security can ultimately lead to a poor learner experience. The desire to secure your course content, […]

  • Using Infusionsoft with LearnDash


    For years Infusionsoft has been the “go-to” tool for businesses around the world, and were one of the pioneers of “business automation”. Using their software you can accept online payments, configure email campaigns based on user behavior, and offer robust custom membership site experiences. Some of the biggest marketers today use Infusionsoft because it makes […]

  • Reminder: Dust Off Your ELearning


    It is a new year and the perfect time to think ahead about exciting projects to come, and if you are involved in the elearning industry then this often means new courses for the new year. But before you start on those endeavors don’t forget about the courses you created last year. Now is the […]

  • The Real Risk of Selling Online Courses


    Over the years I have seen some incredible successes by people selling online courses using LearnDash. I recall one individual who quit her full-time career to focus on her CEU certified course. Not too long ago Matthew Woodward had a six-figure course launch. Then there is my friend Troy Dean who surpassed seven-figures across his […]

  • 2017 ELearning & Training Conferences


    It is a new year and that means there are some new elearning and training conferences you should mark on your calendars! Every year there are hundreds of conferences nationwide in the United States dedicated to the elearning industry. They provide professionals and businesses alike an opportunity to network and learn. There is something for […]

  • The Biggest Flaw with Articulate Rise


    Last year Articulate unveiled a new offering (or several new offerings to be more accurate) under the umbrella of “Articulate360”. The entire presentation is quite impressive. This presentation is equally matched by the updates they made to their line of products. For years Articulate has been known for Articulate Studio, Articulate Storyline, and a smattering […]

  • 5 ELearning Articles You Will Enjoy


    Given that I am so deeply involved with the elearning industry I often find myself reading publications of various sizes on the subject. I am interested in nearly every facet of the industry, from technology and systems we use to instructional design theory. Needless to say there is no shortage of material. đŸ™‚ If you also […]

  • Create a Niche-Focused “Udemy” Site


    If you have ever looked into created (or taking) an online course then chances are you have come across Udemy at some point. Udemy is essentially a marketplace where people just like you can create and sell courses. They then take a percentage of any course sold on their platform. They have thousand of users […]

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