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  • Avoid These ELearning Video Mistakes


    Taking an elearning course that doesn’t contain any videos can be difficult, especially if that course is long. Videos are great because they can help break up the content and keep the learner engaged with the course in different ways. However, videos are not the “be all end all” for online courses. One mistake I […]

  • Dangers of Too Much Innovating


    If you are selling a software, an online course, or physical product then it seems the name of the game is “innovation”. By demonstrating that your company can innovate (and does so often) you are showing potential customers that their money is well spent. That they will constantly have access to the best, and that […]

  • Automation in LearnDash Courses


    A popular buzzword today is “automation”, and in most cases you hear about it in the marketing context. While the concept can be a bit vague, it generally means creating automatic interactions and communication points with customers (or potential customers) based on actions that these individuals take. For example, many companies will add your email […]

  • Completion Rates Plague MOOCs


    People are often quick to give praise to online courses. They are flexible, accessible, and efficient. It is a major reason why massive open online courses (MOOCs) have hundreds of thousands of active students taking courses online. Major universities like Stanford, University of Michigan, Yale (and others) offer online courses because it helps them reach more perspective […]

  • Add SSL To Your Website (or Else)!


    Google is Changing the Game… Don’t Leave a Target on Your Back! Often I write about the elearning industry’s latest news, tools, tips, tricks, and technology. Occasionally though I like to share insights gained that are more indirectly related. This article falls into that category 🙂 . The topic I want to talk about is […]

  • Create a Language Course and Profit


    I find that people who speak multiple languages often don’t recognize that they have a greatly desired skill that others would be willing to pay money to learn. It is a major reason why language courses are some of the best selling online courses in the world. Sure, there are major programs like Rosetta Stone […]

  • Using LearnDash for Schools


    Over the years we have seen LearnDash used in a variety of industries in many different context. Many of the core LearnDash features are shared across these different contexts but there are some unique characteristics in each. One industry may be interested in a particular feature whereas another does not. In this article I will share […]

  • What is Asynchronous ELearning?


    While many people know what elearning is, not as many know that there are different types of elearning. Sure there is mobile learning (a fast growing segment of elearning), but there is also two distinct types of elearning: asynchronous and synchronous. In this short article I will go over asynchronous elearning. Specifically, what it is, […]

  • Check Out The LearnDash Gradebook!


    Today we are really excited to let you know about the latest add-on, the LearnDash Gradebook! This is a prefect tool if you are using LearnDash in a traditional classroom setting or wish to have a blended learning program. With the Gradebook add-on you can mange your students grades and track their online progress all from a centralized location […]

  • 3 Easy Ways to Use a Classroom LMS


    If you were to ask a teacher if having a classroom learning management system is a good idea, most would likely think that it can be conducive to learning but still have reservations about it. These reservations are not about the technology but instead are with regards the implementation process. Managing a classroom LMS takes time, and when […]

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