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As a subject matter expert, there comes a point in your career where you have thoughts about creating an online course. You have questions like:

Is creating an online course right for me? Will an online course benefit me and my business? How do I get started?

These questions are extremely common and we hope to give you clarity in this article. 

Who should create an online course?

Online courses only work if there’s (a) a subject matter expert with industry experience/knowledge who wants to share it AND (b) an interested audience who craves that information. Without both, online courses would be obsolete. 

Online courses work best for anyone that has something to teach who also has an interested audience that’s eager to learn. 

First, to determine if you have something to teach, start with where you are in your industry. Are you considered to be an expert or voice of authority in this field? If so, have you excelled in one particular aspect of this field? 

You’ll know by assessing if you’re the go-to person for information on this subject in your personal and professional circles. You may get a lot of “well, how I do this” or “can you walk me through the process” questions. 

This is the first sign that you may need an online course as you have proof of demand for your knowledge. 

Next, you must determine if you are comfortable with teaching others. Comfort is directly related to confidence and as an online course instructor, you must be confident in your ability to teach. But even if you aren’t comfortable just yet, don’t let this stop you from creating an online course. Teaching online isn’t like live teaching and you can always grow to become more confident as you go.

Lastly, you need to determine if you’re ready to create an online business. Online courses are a business and you must be ready to manage them. Even though online courses are considered to be passive income, they still require a bit of leg work to keep them profitable. 

What are the benefits of having an online course?

Even though you’ll need a bit of time getting started with your online course, once it’s complete it offers a host of benefits. Let’s take a look at a few below.

Earn passive side or primary income

Once you’ve created your course you’ll have a digital product that you can market, promote, and sell. This course can also be used to upsell and cross-promote future products and services. The revenue potential for courses is truly unlimited and dependent on your level of commitment and demand for your knowledge.

Share your passion with an interested community

Courses off so much more than monetary benefits. The sense of accomplishment from creating a community for people who share the same interests is a major benefit. Additionally, receiving recognition for your hard work in your field is an unmatched feeling and benefit of creating an impactful course. 

Start-up costs are relatively low

The cost to launch a course can vary depending on several factors. But you can get started for less than $500. This would cover the cost for your course domain, hosting platform, and marketing materials. 

Get started in a weekend

Creating and building out a course can realistically be done in a weekend if you have the time to dedicate to doing it. Most course platforms or learning management systems make course creation easier than ever.

Do you think you’re ready to create an online course? If not, what’s holding you back?

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Si, estoy listo. Soy instructor de paracaidismo y hago cursos usando zoom, he grabado clases y tengo contratado Learn Dash pero no he Sido capaz de implementarlo pruqe me falta conocimiento de la plataforma.
Tiene un vídeo de como implementar curso paso a paso?

Hola, LearnDash viene con un tutorial cuando lo instalas. Se llama LearnDash Bootcamp en la descripción general;)

Avatar Mikelya Fournier

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