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  • Blended Learning with LearnDash


    Blended learning is ‘better’ learning. Okay, I don’t know if someone actually said that but I think that it does hold some merit. Sometimes all it takes for us to deeply learn a new topic is to be exposed to similar content across a variety of different channels and at different times. It is for this […]

  • How Long Does It Take to Create an Online Course on WordPress?


    WordPress has proven to be useful for purposes beyond just blogging. Common use-cases include membership sites and online courses using a learning management system plugin like LearnDash. If you are creating your own course on WordPress, you may be wondering: how long will it take? Giving an exact answer to this question is near impossible […]

  • LearnDash Add-On Black Friday Deals


    One of the great things about using a WordPress learning management system like LearnDash is that you can easily extend the functionality with other plugins. We offer a good number of free add-ons, and third-party providers offer some pretty impressive add-ons to bolster the functionality of your LearnDash powered courses. If you are still on […]

  • Course Pricing ‘Ninja’ Trick


    Without question one of the first things people think about when creating a course to sell is how they are going to price it. Should it be a one-time fee? Perhaps a subscription payment? Or maybe a three-month payment plan? Each possible course pricing model is valid in its own way and should be assessed […]

  • Simplifying Online Course Promotion


    Creating and selling online courses is an exciting entrepreneurial prospect. First, the barriers to entry are virtually non-existent. All you need to do is set aside some time and in a few months your course can be complete (assuming you’re building it on a part-time basis). The harder part is selling it. If you haven’t […]

  • Specializing in the ELearning Industry


    If you are reading this then there is a good chance that you are either already involved in the training & elearning indstury, or at least have an interest in getting involved. I may be biased (okay I am definitely biased) but I strongly believe that this industry has something to offer for anyone. For […]

  • Taking Action Based On Learner Metrics


    A major part of learning management is reporting. For many organizations it is important for them to see if their employees have compelted certain training. Without reporting this wouldn’t be possible. This is why the learning management options out there today all have some degree of reporting. It is why we spent the last 10 […]

  • Introducing ProPanel Version 2.0!


    It is with great pleasure that I get to inform you that ProPanel Version 2.0 has now been released and is available for immediate use! This release has been in the making nearly all year and we are exited to finally get it into your hands. We have a lot to cover in this announcement, […]

  • Most Common ELearning Dev Challenges


    Creating a course can be a lonely adventure. Much of the time you are heads-down doing research, verifying content, developing simulations, incorporating gamification, and taking care of many other tasks. If you are starting a business selling this course then there is also work to be done marking and networking your business. As you go […]

  • Articulate Implements Subscription Pricing for Their Products


    Did you see the big news from Articulate recently? They have made some big changes in their products by introducing the new Articulate 360. Their company’s entire branding strategy is now built behind this one umbrella offering. If you are a fan of Articulate (or even just a previous user of their software), you may be […]

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