April 1st, 2015 LearnDash Tips

Today’s add-on release marks a very exciting time for everyone using LearnDash – especially those of you who have ever wanted to connect LearnDash to third party applications that you may use personally, or for your business.

The entire concept of LearnDash was driven by a vision for dynamic learning experiences, which makes the flexibility of WordPress a natural fit.

With this concept in mind, the functionality of this new add-on further expands the ways you can use LearnDash, specifically by allowing you to connect LearnDash related activities to over 300 different applications.

Zapier Add-On

Zapier is a service that makes it easy for you to connect two applications without the need to know code. With an ever growing library of supported apps (currently over 300), you can easily link two separate applications using their intuitive dashboard – no developer needed.

Zapier calls these connections “Zaps”, and this integration lets you create Zaps that include LearnDash activities.

For more information on what Zapier is and how it works, see this article on their website.

Add-On Features

Perform actions in third party applications based on LearnDash activities: Trigger actions in other applications when someone enrolls into a course, completes a course, completes a lesson, completes a topic, passes a quiz, fails a quiz, or completes a quiz.

Supports both global and specific LearnDash activity: Perform an action based on a global event (i.e. every time a quiz is passed), or set up a specific trigger (i.e. when a certain quiz is passed).

Easily connect LearnDash to the popular Zapier program without code: Simply add a new LearnDash trigger in your WordPress admin dashboard and the integration communicates the necessary information with Zapier.

Example Use Cases

If this is your first time hearing about Zapier, then you may be curious as to what benefits this provides. Below is a list of just some examples of the new functionality you now have at your fingertips with the LearnDash Zapier add-on.

  • Add a user to an email list (MailChimp, AWeber, etc.) as soon as they enroll into a course
  • Add a user to an email list when they finish a course (great for cross-promotion!)
  • Track all failed quiz attempts for a specific course in a Google Doc
  • Generate a help desk ticket (HelpScout) when someone fails a quiz
  • Add users to the CRM platform of your choice (Salesforce, Zoho CRM, SugarCRM, etc.) when they enroll into a course
  • Send a notification (email or SMS) whenever a user completes a lesson
  • Generate an invoice (Freshbooks, Xero, etc.) when a course is complete
  • Post to Twitter or Facebook when someone completes a topic

Again, these are just a few examples of ways you can connect LearnDash to the most popular applications available today. You’re really only limited by your imagination.

How It Works

Since this add-on connects LearnDash to Zapier, you need to open a free Zapier account.

[message type=”info”]

If you don’t have a Zapier account, Click Here to sign-up for a free one.


Once in your Zapier account, follow their step-by-step instructions for creating a Zap.

Afterwards, install and activate the Zapier add-on and you will notice a “Zapier” tab located under LearnDash LMS > Settings. This page will show a list of all the triggers you have created.

Upon clicking Add Trigger, there are two required fields: Trigger Event and Webhook URL (as shown below).

Trigger Event refers to the LearnDash activity that initiates the task in the third party application (there are currently seven). The Webhook URL is a unique URL that is given to you when you create a Zap in Zapier.

Once you complete these two field, simply click publish and you’re done!

Where To Download

Click here to download the new add-on. Included on this page you will find a step-by-step example of how we connected a specific LearnDash course to Mailchimp.

As always, thank you all so much for choosing LearnDash as your WordPress LMS.

If you have any questions or comments, do not hesitate to reach out to us in the forums or from the help desk on the support site.

Until next time!

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About Justin Ferriman

Justin Ferriman started LearnDash, the WordPress LMS trusted by Fortune 500 companies, major universities, training organizations, and entrepreneurs worldwide for creating (and selling) their online courses. Justin's Homepage | Twitter


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Very impressed. You guys rock!!! Keep up the good work, great to be on board.

Avatar Vik

Excellent news.. Zapier isa great partner to any application. With Learndash learning and lerarner will be better supported.

Adolfo Miranda

Thanks Adolfo! You’re absolutely right in that Zapier is a fantastic resource. It really allows you to create an incredibly powerful LMS!

Justin – You’re a rockstar! This is great. We love your software and thanks for being such a solid guy and a solid company to work with. We appreciate it.
Jenn & Cort

Such kind words, thank you so much Jenn & Cort. Happy to have you part of the LearnDash community!

Very, very awesome! Congrats Justin, this is a huge integration and something that will be super useful.

Are you also planning on providing IFTTT integration?
I have looked at Zapier in the past, and whilst it is powerful, the integration costs, plus the ongoing subscription costs tend to dissuade some clients from taking advantage of the functionality.

Avatar Luke

Thanks for the comment Luke. You know, IFTTT hasn’t really come up so we haven’t looked into it yet. It’s an interesting idea though; I’ve noted this for future consideration.

Same question I had! Integration with IFTTT 😉

IFTTT is awesome

Avatar Keely

Hey Justin,

Great update! I like the ability to trigger an action in a third party app based on events in LearnDash.

I am curious to know whether the opposite is possible: can you trigger a LearnDash action based on an activity happening in a 3rd party app? In other words, using this integration, could you for example enrol a user into a course if they sign up for your email list? Or could you mark a topic/lesson/assignment as complete if the user does something external to LearnDash such as watch a video or submit a google form or some learning that takes place external to the LMS?

Best regards,

Avatar Belal

Thanks for the comment Belal. The use-case you mention is one that is on the roadmap for this integration as we continue to build out its capabilities.

Has this feature already been implemented in some way? Or is it possible to write a simple hook on this, for example: on Gravity form submission, the lesson is marked as complete?

Avatar Jasper

Hi Jasper,
There is already a ‘mark complete’ hook available that could be used for writing a custom script for this purpose.

Hi Justin,

Have you guys been working on providing actions too in the zapeir integration? It has been two years since this one is on the roadmap!

The most important part about this integration is that it would allow us to enroll a user to course based on third party apps triggers.

Avatar miro

It’s nothing! It’s already 2 years !!!

@Justin: Same question here, is it planned to get a trigger to enroll and sign off a user to/from a course?

Avatar Stefan

It is a great integration like was with Gravity Forms. The possibilities are infinite now.

Great vision and excellent work Justin.

Thanks Fernando, happy to hear you like this integration, as well as the one with Gravity Forms 🙂

OK. So you guys are becoming the Woocommerce of learning. I love it. I love the direction you are heading in.

Avatar Steve

Very much appreciate your support Steve, thank you!

Zapier integration is an excellent move ! So much potential !

So much potential indeed – can’t wait to see how people start to leverage it!

Great news, Justin. Congratulations!

I am very curious about the use cases for the Zapier integration that this community will come up with. Is there a place where experiences can be shared?

Avatar Han

Thanks Han! The zapier forum on the support site would be a great place 🙂 … start a new thread requesting use-cases.

Great integration! Does the Zapier Mailchimp example also work for closed courses, or only for free ones?

Avatar Sebastiaan

Hi Sebastiaan, it will work for ‘closed’ courses too but the trigger will only fire (communicate with MailChimp) when enrollment occurs, assuming you’re wanting to connect MailChimp to course enrollment.

That’s great! got it up and running already. Words cannot express how happy I am with this new integration!

Avatar Sebastiaan

Excellent news! I use Zapier every day to integrate my tools. Great choice, Justin!

Avatar Amy

Thanks for the comment Amy, I’m sure you’ll be able to find a use for this integration 😉

That’s pretty awesome! I can’t wait to implement that into some client projects.

I think this is probably great! In my naive way, I was hoping it was a way to include tools like VideoScribe, Thinglink, Captivate, and other types of learning input.

But–I suspect when I finally find my way around, this will be great! 😀

All great tools you mentioned Paula. I think you’re right, when you get the hang of Zapier you will really begin to to see the exciting possibilities.

You’re always one step ahead of your competitors. Congratulations for the great work!

Avatar Giulio

Appreciate the positive feedback Giulio, thank you.

Hi Justin,

This is what I love about using LearnDash – you are constantly pushing the boundaries to add new features and functionality.

And some great news for any nonprofits out there – the lovely folk at Zapier have just informed me that “We’re happy to give a free Basic account to any non-profit that lists Zapier on their site and links to us”

Best wishes to all!


Avatar Howard

Thanks Howard, and great news about the Zapier deal for non-profits – thanks for sharing!

Hi Justin,

Yes – it’s great of Zapier to offer support for non-profits 🙂

I have managed with Zapier to use webhooks to get Gmail to send automated emails to user/leacher when a lesson is complete. Seems to be working well.

Do you know if there is any way for Zapier to use WordPress’ inbuilt email messaging to send the email so it comes from WordPress admin email like all other notifications to user? The only WordPress app options in Zapier seemed to be connected to post/page creation etc.

Many thanks (again)


Avatar Howard

Glad to hear that you have already got the integration working for your site! If the email functionality native to WordPress isn’t on Zapier then it probably isn’t possible to initiate a trigger. If you are using Mandrill (free service) instead of your server to send emails from your site, then you *might* be able to trigger an email from Mandrill, which is linked to your site. This page has the Mandrill Zaps.

Thanks Justin

You were quite right – I have managed to get LearnDash and Mandrill talking to each other via Zapier – so this also works for sending Lesson completion emails. I just need to sort the “sent by Mandrill on behalf of…” email header – think this is a DNS issue for our mail server.

Thanks again for this very useful integration and helpful advice!


Avatar Howard

I love this idea, but I’m trying to set Zapier up now and can’t find LearnDash among their dozens of options. I see no way to connect LearnDash registrations with my email marketing account. Please help!

Avatar LaCharla

Thanks for the note – An example for configuration can be found here.

Justin, thanks a million for your swift reply! I don’t know why LearnDash didn’t put the link to this page right up front in its description of Zapier, but I’ve set it up now. Thank you for sending me DIRECTLY to the answer!

Avatar LaCharla

Thanks for a great plugin! Opens hundreds of possibilies!

I just wish you also had a trigger for “Visited/viewed lesson”, and it would be perfect!

Avatar Torgrim Sandvoll

Hi there! Is it possible this will be made available without Zapier? If so, that would be awesome. I love that it can do this, and probably sooner/less expensive on your part, but it would be great if it could be included as part of the service.

Thanks so much!
Best wishes,

Avatar Rose

Hi, I created an account through the link above, but didn’t get the extra 100 tasks. Anything I missed? Or has that offer run out? Thanks!

Avatar Freek

Thanks for the note – looks like it may have been discontinued by Zapier.

So happy to see this here.

Question…can you trigger Zapier based on the specific completion of a lesson or topic? Or does it only fire on the completion of any lesson? Or any topic?

Would love manual control so we could email people certain messaging based on where they are in the course and exactly what they have completed.

Thank you!

Hi Chris-

Yes, you can set a specific lesson and/or topic (or, you can have it configured for ALL lessons/topics).

Hey, Justin. I didn’t see this specifically mentioned in the context of this add-on. I’m wondering if you have a way send out an email to the student if they haven’t accessed the course content within a certain amount of time to encourage them to get back at it.

Not directly with this add-on Jonathan but if you write our support we can get you a temporary workaround for this.

Please friend, I need this same feature to deploy in my project. Actually I’m very lost, in here as far as working with s2member or sending the links by PUSH NOTIFICATIONS.

Hi there, I love the possibilities Zapier opens up. But what I need the most is a way for external websites to trigger completion of a topic or lesson in LearnDash. Is there any way to get this to happen?

Hi Jeff-

Thanks for the note. It’s possible but would depend on the app and would require custom dev.

The download link for the add-on doesn’t seem to be working anymore. I’d love to try this 🙁

Avatar Kari De Leon

Please try again, had a small hiccup earlier today but it works now.


I need a custom trigger event. For learndash I want to send reminder emails to users who haven’t completed the lesson. How do I go about it??

For this you’d need to use something more elaborate like Infusionsoft + Memberium (or iMember360).

Hi Justin

I can connect Learndash to +300 apps.
But can I connect these +300 apps with Learndash ?

In my case, the client buy the woocommerce product “Course#1” on the website A.
This woocommerce product is a learndash courses hosts on another website (B)

In this case, can use zapier to create the client of the website A like user into the Website B.
AND enrolls him into the Course#1 ?


The integration currently supports integrating from LearnDash to the selected app.

Can Learn dash be easily integrated with CRM Sales Force? Is there easily accessed documentation on how to build the bridge?

No direct integration, but if it’s on Zapier then LD=>Salesforce would work.

I don’t see learn dash in Zapier. This plugin doesn’t work.

Avatar Steve

Hi Steve-
We use the webhook option.

Does LearnDash work at all with Zapier anymore?? I don’t see it as an option in Zapier.

Yes it does. We use the webhook trigger.

I assume that we can add people into different Mailchimp lists when they enroll into different courses? I almost hired a custom dev to fix this problem for me. Thank god I ran into this post!

Avatar Sam

I feel like you skipped the most important part…

“Trigger Event refers to the LearnDash activity that initiates the task in the third party application (there are currently seven). The Webhook URL is a unique URL that is given to you when you create a Zap in Zapier.”

Setting this up in Zapier is not straightforward. Zapier is indicating that I need to “Send a request to the URL below so we can pull it in as a sample to set up your zap.” But there’s no guidance on how to do that.

Question asked a few time shut no fresh updates…so can we enroll people from 3rd party apps like stripe using Zapier

Avatar MisterB

No, enrollment isn’t possible with the Zapier integration.

Can’t find the download – the link that this page goes to contains a link that just loops back to this page again

Avatar Mia

No download needed. It’s under LEARNDASH LMS > ADD-ONS when you install LearnDash and add your valid license.

Hello Justin

Really enjoying using LearnDash! Question. I just want to send out an email that will notify everyone enrolled in the course about an updated file that was given at the beginning of the course. So, is there a way I can send out a general email to those enrolled to do such a thing?

Will support for any other integration apps be added? Such as Integromat, Automate.io

Avatar Rob

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