LearnDash WordPress LMS Release Date Announced

elearningsucksAfter a long wait, and plenty of patience, we can finally give you a release date for the LearnDash WordPress LMS plugin. Really quick, I first want to thank all of you who have wrote to us expressing your interest and eagerness for the release. It has been quite the journey thus far, and even though our commitment won’t end with the release, it certainly marks a major milestone for the project!

We plan on releasing LearnDash on January 28th, 2013.

You heard it hear first 🙂

What to Expect

Besides a great product, you can expect to also receive personal technical and strategic consulting. You will directly benefit from the years that we have consulted Fortune 500 companies on their learning programs and platforms. We will partner with you and get to know your project on a personal level to maximize the success of your LMS.

So get excited. And by all means, feel free to leave a comment or use the contact form if you have any questions.


Justin Ferriman is the co-founder and CEO of LearnDash, the WordPress LMS trusted by Fortune 500 companies, major universities, training organizations, and entrepreneurs worldwide for creating (and selling) their online courses. Twitter | LinkedIn

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  1. A big BRAVO – Congratulations! So, the upcoming LearnDash release for me would be perfect if it would have, among others:

    1) The option of the multimedia content even within the multiple choice questions.
    2) Detailed statistic data / analysis for the learner progress.
    3) eMail notification (optional) for the learner/teacher interaction on each course.
    4) Chat/video component for the live parts’ communication.
    5) Solid & though flexible course creation, so that the teacher can link / upload different content types.

    Looking forward to try it (https://www.learndash.com)

  2. Hi, i was waiting for your solution since some time ago.
    Finally it seems you got it!!!

    For me is critical to be able to import materials from standard lms formats as SCORM, AICC , etc

    As wel i have a lot of material cretaed in Jclic (clic.xtec.cat/es/jclic/) that i would like to integrate in LearnDash.

    The other features you are announcing seems really exciting to use.

    My best wishes for this new lms project.


  3. Fantastic news! We are building a video-based Continuing Legal Education (CLE) site right now, so the timing is perfect. Thanks for making a professional application that is a WordPress plug-in.

  4. Great news! I think it will be the perfect fit for our digital art school. Looking forward to the release!


  5. I waited patiently and finally the day has come!
    I follow the progress of the works for some time and we finally is done!
    I’m anxious! I delayed the creation of an e-learning, to use “LearnDash.”
    No hybrid systems … a single, integrated solution with WordPress.

    Missing a few days.

  6. Your e-mail announcing the release of LearnDash was very timely. I’ve just set up HamRadioUniversity.Com, and am researching the various WP LMS plugins. Your site seems to be missing a crucial piece of information, though, namely what is it going to cost?

  7. Timely indeed – just in time for my “wordpress lms” Google search! 😉 Looking forward to giving this a test drive!

  8. I’m very interested in this plugin. One of our clients has been requesting a new LMS for their courses. We were going to present them with Moodle, but now we will also show them WP with your LMS Plugin.
    I’m still curious about the pricing options, since that is one of their main concerns.

  9. OK, so the price is $99 ($69 until February 18), but is that a single-site license, or can I use it on multiple sites?

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