June 11th, 2019 Announcements

Astra Theme has added a one-click, LearnDash-ready website to their starter site library!

One of the best things about WordPress is the ecosystem of themes and plugins available. This also is what makes configuring a WordPress site so time-consuming.

Well, today I am happy to say that things have been made a bit easier!

We have teamed-up with the good folks behind Astra Theme, the WordPress theme touted for its high performance and loading speed. They have included a LearnDash-specific template in their starter-site library — and it looks great!

Want to see it in action? Check out the demo site!

LearnDash users get this template… Free!

When you join LearnDash, you get immediate access to this beautiful, LearnDash-ready template. This means it literally will take you just a few clicks and you have a fully-functional LearnDash site, sample courses included!

Once the import is finished, you get…

  • High-converting Homepage that gives you a professional image
  • Beautiful Course Listing page leveraging the course grid
  • Pre-configured My Account page so learners always know their course progress
  • Sample Courses with a modern look using LearnDash Focus Mode
  • Sleek About Us page to tell your visitors what it is you do
  • Clean Contact page already configured with WPForms

Afterward the import is complete you are free to customize any of these pages with Elementor, the page-builder plugin with over two million installations!

Thanks to Astra, set-up is super simple.

Getting started with LearnDash has never been easier. Just follow these steps…

STEP 1: Installing Astra & Starter Sites Plugin

  1. From your WordPress dashboard, navigate to APPEARANCE > THEMES > ADD NEW
  2. Search for and install Astra
  3. Under PLUGINS > ADD NEW, search for and add Astra Starter Sites

Once these are installed you should activate them. Note that both of these are free.

STEP 2: Install and Activate LearnDash, Course Grid, and the WooCommerce integration

  1. Install and activate LearnDash (don’t have it? Get it!)
  2. Install and activate the Course Grid add-on
  3. Install and activate the LearnDash-WooCommerce integration

STEP 3: Import the LearnDash-Ready Template

  2. In the search bar, enter “LearnDash”
  3. Select the template and click Import Site
  4. Follow the prompts and wait patiently ๐Ÿ™‚

Give the importer time to do its job and you’re all set, you have a professional, quick, and robust online course website powered by LearnDash and Astra!

With LearnDash and Astra, your online courses are on a whole new level!

You have a lot of options out there when it comes to online courses and WordPress themes, no doubt. But not all of these options are created equal.

With your LearnDash powered courses on the Astra theme you can rest assured that you have the best tools in your toolbox – truly impressive online course delivery.

If you’re not yet using LearnDash then I personally invite you to join us! We’ll help make your online courses a reality, and that reality can come even quicker now with the LearnDash & Astra combination!

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About Justin Ferriman

Justin started LearnDash, the WordPress LMS trusted by Fortune 500 companies, major universities, training organizations, and entrepreneurs worldwide. He is currently founder & CEO of GapScout. Justin's Homepage | GapScout | Twitter

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This is definitely great! Would love to see if you would also team up with Divi (Elegant Themes)! Thanks, Justin! ๐Ÿ™‚

Avatar Ursula Comeau

Glad you like it Ursula! Thanks for the suggestion too!

An Elegant Themes Divi team up would be amazing!

Avatar Alison
Avatar Damien Aaron Garber
Avatar James
Avatar Larissa

I also have Divi, that would be perfect!

Oooh yes this is great ! And I definitely also dream about such a collaboration with Divi.

Avatar Laurence

Second that as well DIVI team would be great

Avatar Tony Gilpin

Me too. LearnDash and Divi please.

Avatar Joey

Another vote for Divi integration please!

Robert have you installed this & how do you find it? $65…need to know it works!

Avatar Rachel

Hi Justin,

This looks great. Is there a demo course configured in the demo site? If so, are there also demo logins?

It would be interesting to see what a course looks like in the new design.



Avatar John

Do you mean with the import? If so, yes you get demo-courses (with dummy content) and the LearnDash Login/Registration feature is already configured. If you’re curious as to what it looks like you can just click the “login to enroll” button on this course.

Avatar John

Hi Justin,

Congratulations on the launch of the learndash v3.0 web demo
I have tried installing the LD3 demo from Astra Starter site and it was successful.

I want to ask, why is the content different from https://demo.learndash.com/all-courses/ where the contents are:
1. Basic LearnDash Overview
2. LearnDash Bootcamp
3. How To Play Piano
And complete with quiz content

Whereas from Astra Starter site, the content is:
1. Social Media Marketing
2. Email Marketing Strategies
3. How To Play Piano
And there is no quiz content yet.

Does learndash have dump content files like the LD2 demo site?

and one more, as for the registration process there is a bug in browser safari v12.1.1, which cannot enter a username because the pointer is always directed to the Username or Email Address field on the login form..


Avatar Andri Firmansyah

The imported courses are generic and can be edited. That’s what we did on the demo site and you can do as well with your own learning programs ๐Ÿ™‚

Cool but need it for Beaver Builder instead of Elementor

Avatar Paul Steele

I do believe that’s something they are considering.

I would need this combo badly as well. I am considering to starting to user LearnDash but I would not like to move over to Elementor for this.

Avatar Riitta Korpipรครค

Cool, Would this also support the chat and forum features from Astra Chat and Forum functionality to support engagement and community building?

Avatar Gerd Graumann

It sits on Astra, so it’s likely that any tool created by them will work with the LearnDash starter site.

It looks great, but will the template be available without the Elementor plugin? I want to Gutenberg.

Avatar Oleg Buylov

At present the template is for Elementor, though I think they are considering adding it for other builder options.

A complete WordPress novice here: Does this mean I’d need to purchase Elementor to made content changes too? Thanks.

Avatar Anish

Elementor is free ๐Ÿ™‚

Does LearnDash have a free option?

Avatar Tom

Hi Tom, no we don’t have a free version.

Hi would like to add this theme as is but rtl. Is it possible?

Avatar Or

Wahooo!!! Rock on LearnDash!!!
Love the Astra theme (agency lifetime account). It’s super fast and now you’ve given me the ability to quickly implement new LearnDash sites for clients that look stunning ๐Ÿ˜‰
Thank you, thank you, thank you!

๐Ÿ˜€ Great to hear Steve!

Can this theme be retrofit to my existing Learndash course?

It’s there now, they were just doing a little updating.

Justin this is great, and just what I needed to get started.

Nitpicking here. A tiny issue: on a single course page we can click on ‘Expand all’ to view all the topics under various lessons – even if we haven’t joined the course yet. Along the same lines, I believe, even the ‘Expand’ buttons (next to each lesson) should work even if the user doesn’t have access to the course yet.

If I were to make this change on my site after installing the demo, would it be a simple setting thing, or through css?

Avatar Anish

Thanks Anish! The “Expand all” at the top of the content will expand it, but you’re right that at the moment the ones next to each lesson will not unless you are enrolled/have access. I’ve noted your feedback.

Ummm… registration in demo site doesnโ€™t work. Impossible to apply username field in reg form, sorry.

Avatar George

Hm, that’s odd… just tested and worked (and many people have been signing up). If you feel like trying again then perhaps clear your browser cache (or try a new browser).

Double-Posting from Facebook, as others might have the same problem:
Looks great! I already installed everything. The only thing i’m struggling is to change the logo. Is there a special trick? i’m using the WP-Customizer. In the customizer i can change the logo, but when it’s done and i want to see the website with new logo, it shows the Learndash-logo. Beautiful, but not mine ๐Ÿ˜‰ Any ideas?

Avatar Achim Kirchmeier

Two places to change the logo. One is the LearnDash settings (for Focus Mode and Registration). The other is your theme’s customizer. If you did this and still see the logo it’s probably just cached.

Problem is solved! It wasn’t the cache. Just me changing the logo in the normal header, but the website shows the transparent header ๐Ÿ™‚ May be interesting for other, on FB there were 2 people with the same prob.

Avatar Achim Kirchmeier

Great to hear Achim, glad you solved it! ๐Ÿ™‚

Unfortunately I still cannot make it work… It seems like the logo was successfully changed on all the other places but on the start page it still shows the old one. It’s the astra-logo-svg – it should be changed in the Customizer but it is not replaced. And it’s not a caching issue.
What else can I do?

Haha I found it!
See Customizing – Header – Transparent Header

Very good!! i had the same problem.

Avatar Danny

Thanks, you just saved me a big headache!

I already have Astra Pro installed on my current site – AND LearnDash 3.0.4. Can I pull in these Astra / LearnDash templates into my existing Astra Theme implementation, (and if so, how) or does it only work with a fresh theme install?

Avatar Dylan Newcomb

Should be able to pull them in and it’ll just add to your existing content. That said, you should always test first on a staging site.

How to register to a course?

Avatar Mikel

Just click the log-in to enroll button on the course page.

I guess the six million dollar question is whether this can be loaded over the current theme and how would it impact my current site? I am using child pagest, so…

It doesn’t delete your existing data/courses. ๐Ÿ™‚

Nonetheless, if you have a site already you should test this on a staging site first so you know what to expect.

Do you have to purchase the Astra theme in order to use the LearnDash template? Or just purchase LearnDash?

Avatar Lisa

Just LearnDash. The above is with the free version of Astra.

Made it to here In the search bar, enter โ€œLearnDashโ€ and was prompted with “No Demos found, Try a different search.”

Ended up rolling back.

Avatar John Romaine

Hi John! You sure? Just searched and got the result without issue.

Make sure you’re running the latest and greatest of the Astra starter site plugin.

Yes. Unless I’ve missed something. I get the following message “No Demos found, Try a different search. Don’t see a site that you would like to import?”

Avatar John Romaine

I have the following Learndash Version 3.0.4 (upgraded from 2.6.5)

Avatar John Romaine

Got it sorted, ended up blowing the site away and starting over on a demo server.

Avatar John Romaine


I hope that Brainstorm Force will also add it to their Brizy collection of site ready templates soon.

Avatar Ivan

I just bought LD about a week back. Can I still get Astra LD at no cost?

If you still have an active LearnDash license, then yes you definitely can. ๐Ÿ™‚

Ditto. Beaver Builder, too. But looks great.

Hey Justin,

I’ve tried to get the Astra starter site but it keeps saying that I need to purchase, install and activate the LearnDash LMS plugin. I have done this though and it shows up as activated with a licence on my dashboard. I’ve also tried it on a brand new domain, tried it by installing the Astra theme and plugin first and also redoing it installing LearnDash first. Any thoughts as to why it won’t let me install the starter site?


Avatar Andrew Douglas

I’m in Astra starter sites, but there is no LearnDash site. What am I doing wrong?

Just had a look at this today and there doesn’t seem to be a Learndash template when navigating to APPEARANCE > ASTRA STARTER SITES and selecting Elementor as the editor!

Avatar Mark

Yep same here – can’t import the template site as it’s not there.

Got a fresh site with Astra theme, LearnDash, Elementor and the Starter Sites plugin installed (all latest version) and searching “LearnDash” in the Elementor section of Starter Sites it just returns:

“No Demos found, Try a different search.”

Avatar Daniel

We have noticed this too and are in working to resolve. So sorry for the inconvenience but should hopefully have it back in the near future.

How near? because I was about to use the theme for a clients website, I don’t want to wait a month, if so I’ll get another theme no problem.

Avatar mark

They were updating the template, it’s there again! ๐Ÿ™‚

Had reserved the whole day to install the theme and demo site, and found that contrary to your article, there doesnโ€™t seem to be a Learndash ASTRA starter site available – can you advise what my options are? I use Elementor.

Many thanks

Avatar Graham

Astra was just doing some updating, it works now ๐Ÿ™‚

Many thanks, much appreciated and also really appreciate all the hard work and effort you’ve put into a fantastic LMS product.

Avatar Graham

Starter Sites plugin not found – still available?

found it under Starter Templates (had to choose editor first)

Avatar Joseph

Hi! I’m trying this out, but when I go into Astra Starter Themes it shows no results for searching for LearnDash. Any suggestions?

Avatar Zac

Astra wanted to update for WooCommerce compatibility, the template is available.

“Learndash Academy” is what I am seeing

Avatar Joseph

Thanks Justin, but after 2 years trying that LearnDash work, I made decision to deactivate it. Sooo disappointed. Nothing worked, not even your Woocommerce integration. I waste my time with your software. I changed to another company and in just 1 month (I will repeat it: “in just one month”) I had all my courses working. My lesson? If something does not work, leave it immediately. I paid you for 3 years, you could return my money, but my wasted time is unpayable.

Avatar Ximena Thurman

I’m sorry to hear that LearnDash didn’t work for your unique needs, but glad that you found something that works for you Ximena!

Is there an in house way in LD to have an advanced search for courses. Something like a faceted search.
If not would a plugin like Namogo search or WP Grid Builder simply work with LD?
Because the one in the demo is pretty basic. Just a dropdown with categories based on enrolment fees.

Avatar John Giftakis

I downloaded the astra theme and tried to use the learndash template but the following is shown. My licence is active under LearnDash. Not sure how to use the template! Please help.

LearnDash Academy

Required Plugins Missing
This starter site requires premium plugins. As these are third party premium plugins, you’ll need to purchase, install and activate them first.

LearnDash LMS

Make sure you install all the required plugins, not just LearnDash (see step #2 above).

I am incredibly excited and it could not have happened at a better time!
A couple questions since things may have changed from the last time I inquired about LD3.0 before its release.

1. Do I get access to the free Astra theme even if I am only upgrading to 3.0?

2. I had already designed my website from a theme I purchased from Envato which unfortunately was not supported by the developer. I would like to switch to the Astra theme and redesign my site. Will this effect any of my current courses from a content perspective, that I have created in Learndash 2.xx? I only ask because there are a lot of wonderful changes in 3.0 and I cringe to think if I have to redo the content. (the last time I asked, the answer was no, it would not affect current content). Just want to confirm.

Lastly, you guys are doing a fantastic job! Very excited about your commitment to LMS and what you are doing to change the game for online learning.

Whoops! Sorry Justin. I think you answered Item number 2 above from Ken Weatherford.

This might be a novice question:
If I use the Astra LearnDash template, will I be able to change the design altogether? I mean I want to have my own signature and make it more modern and attractive (using elementor of course.)

Avatar Ahmad

Elementor can be used to change design elements of the site, not to LearnDash templates (like the course list). You can use something like Visual Customizer for that.

Is there a way to get sample courses for importing into sites that we are building without a template? I would love to be able to save time importing just the content for testing.


Avatar Kevin

No I’m sorry, not at present.

Thanks for the response. If you could add it to your list of enhancement requests I would appreciate it. As a stop gap, could I load up the Astra Demo as is and just do an export of this post type and import that into other sites? Would that work?

Thanks again!

Avatar Kevin

Hi Justin, I have installed this template , and everything seems to be working fine (Looks Awesome) other than when you go to login and you see the new popup login screen, i cant seem to get the blue section to the right to register, I have looked all through the wordpress settings i must be missing something, I want to replicate the demo site https://demo.learndash.com so users can register the same as you have. Please help

I am in the process of setting this up with all the paid plugins.
Isn’t there a step missing?
– Download and install WooCommerce

Avatar Stephan Zwanikken

Hi, I am trying to figure out how to customize LearnDash in focus mode using Astra LearnDash starter site. I am trying to have a 3 column view in focus mode where I add a right sidebar that has a block for forum posts and some other activities. But seems most template editing options are non-applicable for LearnDash 3.0 focus mode. Any tips on how to customize focus mode? This would include changing the appearance of the navigation on the left and adding blocks there as well. I am comfortable coding, just need to understand what is the intended way to customize the 3.0 template?

Avatar Brian

I am installing this on my website, I don’t use Astra as my theme, how will this work?

The import requires Astra. But LearnDash itself can be used on any theme.

Looks like this free option is no longer available?

During setup I’ve reached a point where it seems I need to purchase “Astra Pro Addon” to proceed.

Refer: https://wpastra.com/docs/learndash-integration-in-astra-pro

Avatar Dan

Hi Dan, free version is still available. This is just in reference to optional extra pro-features.


Can LearnDash be used with Thrive Architect?

Is it necessary or is something else required?

I also have Colormag as my theme.

Can LearnDash be used with this theme or do I need a subdomain with a different theme?


I would be interested to have an answer to this question also.

Avatar Reno


Can you advise on how I can add individual user reports on a page where they can log in and see their performances?



I completely deleted Astra theme (deactivation+delete), but all my courses are showing the astre theme…
Is it possible to delete it and retrieve the them that I apply currenlty?
Very anoying..

Avatar khalid

Are you sure you’re not referring to LearnDash Focus Mode? I don’t think it’s possible for a theme visual to display w/o the theme installed. You can check your cache as well though.

Hi Justin,

On the https://demo.learndash.com/ website it says there are 2 free themes. I installed the Astra template and it works fine. However, I am not able to do the same for Generatepress. I assume I have to install some additional plugins for it as well. Can you share some guidelines of how to install this?

Avatar Abdullah

Hey I need some help.

I have wordpress and my developer has built the site on Avada.
If I download Astra, will this overwrite my whole site?


No, it won’t overwrite your content unless you choose that option. Test first on a dev env.

Just bought Learndash and am currently installing astra theme. Instructions for installing Astra theme need updating as they are misleading. It says to install “Astra Starter Templates” but that doesn’t exist. Are a little research I realised it was now “Starter Templates โ€“ Elementor, Beaver Builder, Gutenberg & Brizy Templates”.
The next steps in the instructions are also incorrect. You need to install the ‘Elemental Themes” plugin before you can select the Learndash theme.
Hope this helps.

Any chance of doing something like this with Divi? That would be a huge help!

That would be great! We’ve mentioned it to their team in the past so they are aware of the interest.

How do I create the same login screen as per your demo, with the login form to the left and the register option to the right, and also automate the registration process?

I am also wondering for answer of this questions.

Avatar Omer

Hi there,

Website building novice here – moving to online learning a little earlier than planned due to covid-19.
I’m planning on purchasing learndash as soon as i have my website ready. I have installed the astra learndash theme, which looks great. is there a way though, to remove the learn dash branding across the top of each page? I’m not opposed to it being on somewhere, but it just feels like people coming to my site will think they are on learndash, rather than my company, as it is quite obvious


Avatar Jess

Jess, use the elementor plugin to edit the page and swop the logo for your own.

You need to go to the dashboard>appearance>customize then select header>site identity

here you can change the logo for your own.

Astra theme has a really great looking template for LearnDash. However, we have been using Kadence Theme and would like to continue using it. And, we will be getting LearnDash as we need it. Does LearnDash have the exact same template available that is on the Astra site.


Avatar Grant

This template is created and offered by Astra, so it won’t work on another theme.

Hello, I’ve purchased LearnDash and configured it on my existing website which run on Astra theme. However, I like the LearnDash demo courses and would like to import them to my website, without importing Astra’s LearDash starter, as that would complicate the existing site.
Is it possible to somehow only import these LearnDash courses? So that I can tweak and edit content? I mean ‘only demo courses’ not the astra starter site.
If yes, then how?
Thanks in advance.

Avatar Dhruv Mehta

Update, I made a fresh wp install and imported the demo. However, the courses are not displayed in 3 columns as they appear on the demo but the are placed like a list. Am i missing something? Shouldn’t they appear in 3 columns by default?

Avatar Dhruv Mehta

Learndash is definitely great! just moved from another paid LMS, I like the intuitive setup. I have 1 request, please make an integration with formidable forms. I will be able to do so much if I can use formidable forms on Learmdash. thats the only thing I miss from the LMS I dumped

Hi Justin!

Astra learndash Academy seems to revert the learndash custom login/registration popup to the wordpress default. Is this how it’s built to act?


Avatar BM

Thanks a lot for all this amazing things !

I’m a new user of LearnDash, as an agency, and I’m sure my customers will LOVE this !

Avatar Eric Brulmans

Great to hear Eric! ๐Ÿ™‚

Is there a way to make the LEARN DASH COURSE GRID make all boxes the same height – seems strange to have ZERO ability to make that happen?

i’m new here and you did say “we give learndash demo theme”

but i was not receive any theme.


Can one also use Astra theme without Elementor?

That plugin is terrible: it’s huge, slow, and full of conflicts.

And probably it’s going to be obsolete soon with WordPress blocks.

Avatar lucio

Nice, seems like a good improvement!

Avatar Jan

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