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The Course Grid add-on gives you the ability to create a responsive course library that can be inserted on any page or post of your site. This is a perfect feature if you have a variety of course offerings and want to give users the ability to filter through them by category.

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Add-On Features

Responsive grid layout of courses: Choose to display your courses in one, two, three, four, six, or twelve columns. Simply insert the shortcode onto a regular page or post and your courses will display.

Filtering by category: Easily allow users to search for course by category using the category filter.

Display course featured image and short description: Courses are displayed with their featured image and a custom short description.

Featured video support: Ability to use a featured video instead of an image.

Dynamic price listing: The price of the course is automatically displayed.

Dynamic status listing: Price ribbon updates if a user has access to the course, displaying either “Enrolled” or “Completed”.

Progress bar support: Course grid can show the user’s course progress with a progress bar.

April 17, 2020 – V1.6.0

  • Added hook to filter course grid html output
  • Added docblock for html output filter
  • Added class container class names and its filter hook
  • Updated ribbon text escaping to wp_kses_post instead of esc_attr
  • Updated load grid resources on LD courses archive page
  • Updated plugin name and description
  • Updated LD get course price helper function to allow users filter the values
  • Updated to remove #ld_course_list wrapper on course grid shortcode to prevent conflicts with page builder plugins
  • Fixed thumbnail course URL redirects to bare URL instead of nested URL
  • Fixed short description unable to be set to empty because legacy value is not saved when saving new value
  • Fixed undefined index error

June 7, 2019 – V1.5.5

  • Added HTML support for Short Description
  • Fixed Legacy Short Description Field Not being transferred to the new Short Description field

May 30, 2019 – V1.5.4

  • Fixed course grid assets not being loaded when progress bar is disabled when using Gutenberg block

May 20, 2019 – V1.5.3

  • Added short description field to course grid course settings
  • Added compatibility for LearnDash 3.0
  • Updated to add bottom margin to course grid category selector
  • Updated short description rows attr to 3 height
  • Updated POT file
  • Removed class ‘container’ from course grid wrapper to prevent bootstrap conflict

March 1, 2019 – V1.5.2

  • Added box-sizing rule to CSS styles
  • Added plugin version to bootstrap style queue
  • Added ability to enable 5 col layout bootsrap css and adjust the course grid template
  • Updated translation file location
  • Updated FREE ribbon color to green
  • Updated CSS styles rule cascades
  • Updated grid bootstrap col layout
  • Updated Apply LEARNDASH_COURSE_GRID_COLUMNS to template file and fix some code formatting
  • Fixed bootstrap and styles CSS
  • Fixed ld_course_list ID not loading because of priority issue

October 8, 2018 – V1.5.1

  • Added preserve ratio JS script
  • Updated to use LearnDash_Custom_Label class for some translated strings
  • Updated prefix custom bootstrap styles to prevent conflicts
  • Updated POT file
  • Fixed missing admin script
  • Fixed post type permalink
  • Fixed video preview display
  • Fixed missing admin script
  • Fixed add missing text domain to some strings
  • Fixed issue where ribbon always display ‘enrolled’ on open course type

August 15, 2018 – V1.5.0

  • Added learndash_course_grid_template filter hook
  • Added show_thumbnail and show_content support for ld_course_list attributes
  • Added support any currency display and currency symbol in course grid price ribbon
  • Added ld_course_list ID to text widget
  • Added custom ribbon text field meta box setting
  • Updated customize bootstrap to use only grid
  • Updated allowed video embed to include html tags
  • Updated bootstrap version to the official one v4.1.1
  • Updated display empty string on ribbon text on closed course that doesn’t have price value
  • Updated redirect grid image to custom button link
  • Fixed style and script not loading if shortcode only appeared in text widget
  • Fixed nested lesson permalink
  • Fixed conflict with Elementor plugin
  • Fixed custom course ribbon text appearing in lesson and topic edit page
  • Removed old bootstrap css file

May 16, 2017 – V1.4.1

  • Added oEmbed support for Featured Video
  • Updated .pot file to include missing translation strings

May 3, 2017 – V1.4.0

  • Added ability to use a Featured Video instead of a Featured Image
  • Added ability to use custom text for “See More…” button
  • Added individual grid settings meta box on Lesson, Topic, and Quiz custom post types
  • Added HTML support for course description meta box
  • Added plugin text domain to i18n functions
  • Updated CSS styling for button
  • Updated .pot file and changed name
  • Updated to use active theme templates first if available
  • Updated _file_ to plugin constant
  • Fixed theme CSS conflicts by adding prefix to CSS classes
  • Fixed save_post hook function
  • Fixed col attribute on Lesson, Topic, and Quiz custom post types
  • Fixed conditional logic alignment

December 14, 2016 – V1.3.0

  • Added ability to display course progress bar on the course grid using a variation of the course list shortcode (works with LearnDash v2.3.1 or higher)
  • Changed folder name from “learndash_course_grid” to “learndash-course-grid”

July 19, 2016 – V1.2.0

  • Updated grid logic JavaScript to be more responsive

February 11, 2015 – V1.1.0

  • Added basic RTL support
  • Updated CSS for improved cross-theme compatibility

January 20, 2015 – V1.0

  • Initial Release

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Add-On Terms

Unlimited support & upgrades for active LearnDash licenses.