August 4th, 2021 Announcements

Adding badges & points to your courses has never been so simple.

We are pleased to announce that our new plugin, a gamification add-on for LearnDash, has been officially launched! 

LearnDash Achievements is perfect for those who want to award badges to their learners to recognize the progress and effort that they are putting into your courses, but without a lot of configuration. 

After months of trial testing, we can confidently say that LearnDash Achievements is a lightweight, high-performance solution for your online course gamification needs.

Award badges and points for learner performance!

Adding gamification elements, even small ones, to your online courses improves the learner experience. With the LearnDash Achievements free add-on, you can add these elements in just a few clicks!

Award your learners when they do any of the following in a course:

  • User enrolls into a group
  • User enrolls into a course
  • User completes a course
  • User completes a lesson
  • User completes a topic
  • User passes a quiz
  • User fails a quiz
  • User completes a quiz
  • User uploads an assignment
  • User’s assignment is approved
  • User’s essay question has been graded.

When your learners successfully complete the trigger, their earned badge will display for them on screen.

True gamification extends beyond the course!

Giving your learners badges and points for completing course tasks is a great place to start, but a comprehensive gamification program extends beyond course material and to other activities that are completed.

With this in mind, we have also made it possible to award your learners for non-course activities, including:

  • User registration
  • User logs in
  • User adds a post
  • User adds a comment
  • User visits a post
  • User’s post gets visited

For example, you can have an article on your site that you encourage your learner’s to read. If they go to that page, then they receive points or a badge. Then you can give them more points if they leave a comment on the article itself!

This is a perfect way to take learning out of the course and into other areas of your site for an immersive learning experience!

Getting Started with LearnDash Achievements is easy!

An active license is required to access this new feature. Get yours today!

If you have a valid license for LearnDash, then you will see the free LearnDash Achievements add-on listed under LEARNDASH LMS > ADD-ONS.

In the top-right of the screen, click the “Check Updates” button.

Locate LearnDash Achieveemnts and click “Install” and then “Activate”.

Now, a new “Achievements” menu will appear under LEARNDASH LMS.

Creating your badge is simple!

  1. Give it a title (this title appears for learners)
  2. Add a message (tell them about the points and badge they earned)
  3. Select a Trigger
  4. Choose the Popup Settings (popup time, background color, text color, and RTL)
  5. Select (or upload) your desired image
  6. Click “Publish”

You’re all set!

Now, when a learner meets the criteria you specified, they will receive their Achievement! When they earn it, it will appear on the screen, like this:

Don’t forget to display the achievements!

What good is earning an award if you can’t show it off? 🙂

LearnDash Achievements comes with two display options (using Gutenberg blocks):

  • My Achievements – Use the My Achievements block to show a learner what they earned. This is a great compliment to the LearnDash Profile.
  • Leaderboard – Use the Leaderboard to display who has earned the most points.

For a complete overview of all the features, see the LearnDash Achievements documentation.

Course Grid 2.0 (Sneak Peek) ?

We understand that the way that you list your courses is incredibly important.

For years, the Course Grid add-on has been what you all have relied upon to display them. Well, we are happy to announce that Course Grid 2.0 development has begun, and it’s already looking pretty great!

Some features to look forward to:

  • Pre-Made Course Listing “Skins”
  • Color Pickers
  • Layout Selector
  • Info Display Options (i.e. price, progress, enrollment, etc.)
  • Dynamic Display (i.e. course and info visibility based on pre-set conditions)
  • Gutenberg Compatible

Below are a few examples of some of the skins we are working on (remember that the skins themselves can be customized).

Keep an eye on your inbox for Course Grid 2.0 status updates!

We will be asking for beta testers as well, so make sure to join our Facebook group to stay in the know!

There is no better time than now to create your gamified online courses and memberships. Join the LearnDash community today!

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About Justin Ferriman

Justin started LearnDash, the WordPress LMS trusted by Fortune 500 companies, major universities, training organizations, and entrepreneurs worldwide. He is currently founder & CEO of GapScout. Justin's Homepage | GapScout | Twitter

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Great update! Thanks a lot.

Any idea when the previously mentioned updates to the whole user onboarding experience was going to be released?


Thanks Stephen! That is in the works currently, but I don’t have a release date quite yet. Looks like it may be part of LD4.0.

Sounds good. Keep up the good work!

Avatar Stephen

Regarding the course grid, is it possible to also apply something like the course grid to organize lessons, and multiple topics in a lesson? Thank you ?

Avatar Kesh

Still in the works, will note this use-case for the team to look into further!

Yes, I’d love the grid function for the sub-level elements – topics and lessons.

Avatar Songy Knox

Wow! This is such a fantastic add on Justin! Looking forward to gameifying my entire membership now. Been waiting for something like this for a while. Glad to hear you guys were able to make it light weight and highly customizable at the same time.

Sounds like perfect timing, Trent!

Layouts/Skins for the courses grid are exciting! Well done guys!

Are they coming as Gutenberg Blocks as well?

Thanks! Yes, we’ll be using Gutenberg in the new Course Grid 🙂

Thanks for the release!

Will there be updates?

For example, getting an achievement after passing 5 tests? Not a specific test?

Visited the site for 5 days in a row

And further.

How can a visitor know what achievements he can get? Where to watch it?

Fantastic! To completely replace my other gamification plugins, now all we need is:
– the ability to award multiple point types (course points = xp…but I also want to award a digital currency, a second point type).
– achievement quests…sequencing several activities together before unlocking the badge

Are the badges also coming as an Elementor widget?

Avatar Mark Pluymakers

No, they aren’t as of right now but that could change depending on requests.

+1 for an Elementor widget

another +1 for Elementor

Avatar Hans

+1 for Elementor also. Would simplify my course functional designs.

Avatar Bjorn

Looks great! Please consider including all points and achievements in the personal data export so that we can use the plugin for European students as well.

Hi Justin,
Great work! How does this add-on compare to GamiPress or one of the other gamification plugins that have integrations with LearnDash? And does it make sense to abandon GamiPress if we have it integrated?

Avatar Josh

Thanks Josh!

Those other solutions are very robust and have more functionality. So depending on the use-case, you may still use those solutions. LearnDash Achievements is a streamlined, lightweight (but fewer features) implementation of gamification.

I’m glad Josh asked this question, because I have been setting up GamiPress on my website and was wondering if this would become obsolete. I’m excited to see the differences between LearnDash Achievements and GamiPress.

LD Achievements is a lightweight approach to gamification. You’ll be up-and-running quickly. If something more elaborate is needed, then the standalone gamification plugins will have you covered.

This is great, Justin. Thank you! Looking forward to getting this added to our training site.

So happy you like it Parker!

Is there a way to trigger an achievement from the Admin side? For example, if the students enter a contest and a single student wins, I would like to grant the winner 1000 points. Is this currently a possibility? Thanks!

Awesome stuff Justin. Thank you. I have the same question. Can users with certain roles issue achievements? Or can a code be provided for users to redeem them?

Best wishes,

Avatar Alex B

Hey Alex, I played with this today and stitched something together that will work for my use case. I host contests where students can submit their work. Using the LearnDash Assignments functionality, they can submit a file via the assignment upload. Then I set up an achievement using the “User’s assignment is approved” trigger worth a certain number of points. I can choose to only “approve” a couple submissions, giving me the power to award an achievement. Hope this helps your use case.

This looks great, we are working on building an add on to accomplish these things. Looks like we might lose some sales since LearnDash has integrated most of the stuff into the core already.

Awesome stuff Justin. Thank you. I have the same question. Can users with certain roles issue achievements? Or can a code be provided for users to redeem them?

Best wishes,

Avatar Alex B

No redemption codes exist. But, you could include a code as part of your award that could be used to purchase (provide a discount) to a course in WooCommerce for example.

Thanks. Please add one vote for redemption code and one for issuing from the admin side.

Avatar Alex B

I have seen that has recently added a points award popup and leadership board. I’m finding that it really attracts the spirit of the student to want to get recognized and just for the interaction of the popups to appear. They have added some animation and sound effects. Any chance of the animation and audio appearing in future updates?

That’s cool! It’s definitely an effective strategy. I think animations is a bit more advanced and would make things a bit “heavier” (our aim is to keep it light-and-fast).

Having awarded points popping up just as achievements do would be great!

Noted! In the interim, you could also put the points into the badge description text that pops up.

You mention that GamiPress is more powerful. What about BadgeOS which I’ve used for two courses because it was recommended on your site?

Can you provide some sample pre-made achievement for learndash user (included point, image and trigger)?

Looks fantastic – looking forward to exploring it.
Btw – what theme was used on that demo? it looks really cool also.

That’s just a mock-theme we made as we build things out 🙂

Hi Justin
I’m excited for this new addon. But I am wondering if this new addon would amalgamate the course points or they work differently and separately? Appreciate your advice.

Hi, this is fantastic!! Thanks
But another question can our users receive the certificate in no enrolment courses? Is this features available in leardash? Currently we using learnpress and they don’t have this features and we really want our users can see the course without any enrolment and at the same time can receive the certificate. If this feature available in Learndash we will change the plugin for sure but first we need to make sure. Thanks a lot

Hi, would you please guide me where should I seek for help when I have questions before installing the plugin, currently all Learndash support services is available only for those who already installed the plugin, how about if we need to be sure in some areas then install the learndash? We really looking for answer for our issue. Thanks

Welldone. Great job. Have you considered making it possible for people to convert their learndash membership school available as an app too? Please make the updates available with Elementor too.

Thanks for the great updates! Will it be possible to show or hide content based on badges or points people have earned?

Thanks John! Not at present, but you can block enrollment into a course based on the total points someone has earned.

Thanks for the info, Justin! In case there’s somewhere where people are voting on features, I’d love to be able to show or hide content on pages with shortcodes based on courses people have completed or badges and points they have earned 🙂

I need an example of how an usser will see all their achievements and view all achievements of other on their grup.
There is not in documentation an example.

We have a webinar coming up this week – perhaps join that! See the ‘resources’ menu item at the top.

I didn’t find how to associate an Achievement to a Group, is it possible?
I did some test and now what I can is a simple leaderboard with 2 columns:
username / points

where points is total of points get with all achievements.

Avatar Jimmy

That’s a good news as I struggle with Gamipress+WPML!
I just tried it and I notice that the leaderboard only show the username, is it possible to show first name + last name instead of username?

Avatar Jimmy

These fields are optional in WP, which is why username is used in this first release. Will look into this option as well.

Great job!! Is there a way to automatically send an email to a user when a badge and points are awarded?

Avatar Yui


I’m a frequent user of LearnDash in Brazil, and I would like to know if I can participate in the tests of the new Course Grid 2.0.

Thanks and success on the new plugin.

Join our FB group – we’ll be making announcements there!

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