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If you perform development, design, or consulting services for clients, then you have at one point considered using Basecamp (or maybe you currently are using it).

For those of you who aren’t familiar, Basecamp is a hosted project management software solution that makes it easy for teams to collaborate and for contractors to report project status to clients.

The more projects that you have in Basecamp, the more you will end up paying per month.

But There is a Another Option!

If you aren’t interested in paying monthly fees just to have a way to communicate project status with your client, then there is a pretty great FREE alternative to Basecamp you have to check out:

Project Panorama

Project Panorama is a simple, yet powerful project management plugin for WordPress that makes it extremely easy to share your project status with team members and clients alike.

By simply giving your client access to their unique project page, they will know immediately their project’s status (which will keep them from sending countless emails).

All you need is a WordPress site and you’re good to go. You can host an unlimited number of projects for an unlimited number of clients.

Something to Consider…

While the free version of Project Panorama is full of features, you may want to consider the paid version for some of the extra bells & whistles (which also includes premium support).

At the time of this post, it looks like they are running a sale to celebrate the release of the product.

Personally, I find the premium versions are worth the cost (which by the way is far less than Basecamp’s monthly charges). đŸ™‚

Click Here to read more about the features and to download Project Panorama.


About the Author:

Justin Ferriman is the co-founder and CEO of LearnDash, the WordPress LMS trusted by the world's leading organizations, such as the University of Michigan, Digital Marketer, WPEngine, and Infusionsoft. Justin has made a career as an elearning consultant where he has implemented large-scale training programs for Fortune 500 companies. Twitter | LinkedIn

  1. I found your article after a search for a “free alternative to Basecamp” and having had a quick look at the Project Panorama website it looks like a reasonable piece of software, but I was looking for a free hosted solution…Just wondered if you have come across anything along those lines please?

    • Hi there-

      Thanks for the note. To be honest, I am not aware of any free hosted solution that would offer the same amount of features as Project Panorama. Usually freemium offerings water-down the “cool” features and place restrictive limits essentially forcing you to a higher monthly tier.

  2. Todd Alan

    Hi Justin,

    Thanks for the heads-up. Panorama looks very promising.

    Does it integrate with LearnDash? I’m working on a project-based learning system, looking for a solution that lets users learn and build a challenge project simultaneously.

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