FREE Alternative to Adobe Illustrator

Anyone who is serious about making effective, stimulating visuals in their learning content knows the importance of incorporating professional quality images, graphs, and diagrams.  Many people prefer to use Adobe Photoshop, but another favorite in the Adobe suite is Illustrator.  Illustrator is a vector graphic editor making it the prefect tool for creating 3D graphics.  This program currently comes as an attachment for CS3 and CS4.

However, not everyone needs the full version of Adobe Illustrator.  If you want to play around a bit but don’t want to invest a large sum of money, then you should check out the best free alternative to Illustrator on the market: the open-source Illustrator “clone” called Inkscape.

Inkscape offers much of the same functionality as Illustrator and for a much better price 🙂 – why not download it and give it shot, you literally have nothing to lose!



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  1. thank you so much for the help it is not easy to find great software at an affordable price especially when your a beginner so this will help me learn and then move on to other software perhaps
    Your awesome I only wish other people would be so giving to help other I will certainly pass on your site and the program

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