3 Ways To Use LearnDash Notifications


Last week we released the new LearnDash Notifications add-on and so far the reception has been quite positive.

The add-on makes it possible to send automatic emails via specific user activity based triggers. For example, when someone completes a quiz you can send a congratulatory message.

For a complete feature description have a read through the official announcement.

The notifications feature opens up quite a few possibilities for engaging with online course participants. Here are three unique ways you could use the LearnDash Notifications within your courses.

If you have some additional ideas then please do share them in the comments!

Pro-Active Course Feedback

Your learners finally make it through your online course and earn their certificate – they are done! Now is the perfect time to “tap them on the shoulder” and ask how they enjoyed the course. This will give you valuable insight into what learners enjoy about your course and what they think could be improved.

Using the LearnDash Notifications add-on you can send them a message that contains a link to a simple online survey. You can give them an incentive to increase the response rate, like a discount on their next purchase if they fill it out.

Helping Struggling Students

Not all students learn at the same pace and some can use a little extra help in understanding the course content. When someone fails a quiz, you can notify that student’s Group Leader so that they can follow-up with the student.

Taking it a step further, you can send a message to the student who did not pass the quiz providing them with some useful resources to help them better understand the content.

Reminding Learners to Re-Certify

If your courses are for some form of certification then the LearnDash Notifications can remind learners when it’s time to re-certify. When the time for re-certification is getting close an automatic email can be sent.

If you are selling courses then you can provide a special “early bird” discount code for them to use resulting in more sales.


Justin Ferriman is the co-founder and CEO of LearnDash, the WordPress LMS trusted by Fortune 500 companies, major universities, training organizations, and entrepreneurs worldwide for creating (and selling) their online courses. Twitter | LinkedIn

10 Responses

  1. When will Learndash get any form of grade book? One of the reasons keeping me from renewing is this very important missing function.

    1. Hi Dave-
      I am aware of a third-party firm who is creating a gradebook add-on. From my understanding it is almost finished and when it is we’ll let users know about it.

  2. Excellent Add-On.
    I have a question that I would like to help.
    I have a group, and that group has a course and this course has associated a notification that is triggered when a user is rolled into it.
    But when I create a user and assign them that group, the notification is not sent. It is only sent when the user is enrolled directly in the course and not through the group.
    This is correct?

      1. Hello,

        I have the same problem, I have 300 users in a group, when I add the group to a courses, no notification is send at the 300 users.

        Do you have a solution ?

    1. Hello,

      Same problem here.

      The perfect way for me is to be able to send a notification when i enroll users to a course by users or groups…

  3. Great plugin.
    Is it possible to add a trigger for “days since last lesson activity”. I want to help people move through the course, so need to know which lesson they are up to and how long since they completed the last lesson.

    This would allow a notification to go out with information about why they should move onto the next lesson. Currently we send our admin team an email when “not logged in for 7 days” and they work out which lesson and send the appropriate email.

  4. Hi Justin,
    could the plugin be adapted to notify another unique person? At the moment you can notify the user and group members. As this is being used in a K-12 school I would like to implement notifications to parents, or a mentor, based on certain students activities.

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