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As most learning professionals know, an effective training initiative needs meaningful measurables, and one of the easiest ways to capture these metrics is by one of the many survey sites available today.  One of the leading players in this field is SurveyMonkey, a easy to use SaaS that enables you to create and track surveys to your heart’s content.

However, despite SurveyMonkey’s benefits, their free plan is, well, limiting.

If you are looking for something that is robust like SurveyMonkey but doesn’t carry the pricetag, then try the free alternative to SurveyMonkey: LimeSurvey.

LimeSurvey has a laundry list of features, and all for the perfect price ($0 :)), so you will have no problem creating a survey to meet your training needs.

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Hi Justin,

LimeSurvey is a great tool, especially with consideration to the features. The downside of course, is that it’s a bit cumbersome to use to quickly and easily create a goodlooking survey.

We have been working on a project that I’m sure you readers will love: SuperSimpleSurvey.com

We have given all the really cool features such as branding, all question types away on the life time free package (unlike Survey Monkey and the bigger players).

May be worth a mention 🙂

Have an awesome day!


Sadly it looks like the free option on SuperSimpleSurvey has a lot of limits, like only 3 surveys, only 10 questions, only 50 responses etc… Sorry but I disagree to that being a totally free alternative.

LimeSurvey is actually, totally free, as Justin states.

Avatar Wayne

Really? When someone says, “Free alternative to x”, you shouldn’t provide a link to a MORE expensive option.

If I had to choose between SurveyMonkey and SuperSimpleSurvey, if I didn’t have a budget, I’d choose SurveyMonkey.

If however I wasn’t being an idoit, I’d actually choose google forms. Actually free, simple, and while not super pretty gives you all the features you need without ever asking for a dime.

Avatar Matt

Phenomenal suggestion there with Google Forms, Matt! Thanks heaps G.

Avatar Rook

Google Forms works great and I use it a lot. However I frequently experience customers, where docs.google.com is blocked for whatever reason. So I cannot send them the online version and Google Forms cannot be easily translated into a PDF or paper version for an offline survey.

This is something where LimeSurvey seems to be interesting.

Avatar Carsten Schlipf

Have you guys checked out polljoy.com

We use it for native in-app polls in our mobile games, for getting player feedback, doing rating requests and image polls.

It’s an SDK for iOS, Android, Unity and web. Free package is 1000 polls per month.

Avatar Simon Newstead

Can you export the data?

I believe so but you’ll want to confirm on their website.

Can you fill out multiple surveys from one computer? When we hold a camp we usually just have one or two computers for the students to fill out the survey. Survey Monkey only lets us use one computer per survey.

Avatar Lynn

I actually do not know. This article is 7yrs old so probably a lot has changed.

Hello Lynn,

Yes, you can. Make sure that when your users click a button such as… fill out the survey, the limesurvey link also contains the newtest=Y parameter.

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