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Notification Add-on

Today we are happy to tell you about new LearnDash learner engagement features now available to you for your courses via a free add-on.

Specifically, you now have the ability to trigger notifications based on a wide-variety of actions your learners take (or do not take) in your courses.

Before jumping into the features, let me take a quick moment to say “thank you” to all of you who expressed interest in having a simple way to implement this functionality. Your input directly influenced these new LearnDash Notifications and now we are beyond excited to get this new functionality into your hands!

Add-On Features

Automatically Send Emails – When learners perform certain actions on your LMS the notifications will automatically be sent out based on the settings you configure.

13 Available Triggers – Send notifications based on any of the triggers below. The triggers can be configured for a specific course/lesson/topic/quiz, or they can be “global”.

  • User enrolls into a course
  • User completes a course
  • User completes a lesson
  • A scheduled lesson is available to a user
  • User completes a topic
  • User passes a quiz
  • User fails a quiz
  • User completes a quiz
  • An assignment is uploaded
  • An assignment is approved
  • User hasn’t logged in for “X” days
  • “X”days before a course expires
  • Essay question has been put into graded status

Delay Notifications – The notification emails can be sent immediately or you can configure a delay (in days) for when the message should be sent.

34 Dynamic Shortcodes – As you choose your notification triggers you are presented with dynamic shortcodes that you can use in your message to automatically display things like course information, user details, lesson title, quiz scores, etc.

Choose Recipients – The recipients of the notifications can be the User, the User’s Group Leader, and/or the site Admin.

How It Works

Once installed and activated, you will see a Notifications option under the LearnDash LMS menu. Simply select this menu item and you will be taken to a page where you can add a new notification.

As outlined in the features section above you will have many trigger options available to you for your notifications.

No other setup necessary!

The entire process is as easy as creating a blog post. All you have to do is write your unique message, select a few desire options, and then publish. Once published the notification is “live” and will start to send based on the settings you configured.

Where To Download

This is a free add-on created by LearnDash. It is available on the add-ons page in LearnDash, or for download on the support site.

Keep an Eye on Your Inbox

As we enter to Q4 of 2016 I am pleased to say that we have a handful of exciting new developments that are nearing completion.

The most highly anticipated of these is ProPanel 2.0, which is going through the final phases. We have been working on this project all summer and now the light is at the end of the tunnel. ProPanel 2.0 will boast new reporting data, visuals, filters, and downloads. With a click of a few buttons you can see high-level course status overviews or drill-down into the details of one (or a group) of users.

In addition to ProPanel 2.0 there are some LearnDash core features in the works as well as some third-party add-ons to help you get the most out of your WordPress LMS.

Thank you again for putting the trust of your learning programs into LearnDash. In return we promise to keep forging ahead with relevant and useful platform development so that you always have the best that the e-learning industry has to offer.

Until next time!

(Don’t have LearnDash? Join the fun!)

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About Justin Ferriman

Justin started LearnDash, the WordPress LMS trusted by Fortune 500 companies, major universities, training organizations, and entrepreneurs worldwide. He is currently founder & CEO of GapScout. Justin's Homepage | GapScout | Twitter


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This is a great new feature.
It’s really more in monitoring the students.
I did well not to be on vacation in mid-August. 🙂
And ‘m excited about the next version of ProPanel.
A big thank you to all the team of Learndash in general and for you in particular Justin.

that’s incredibly awesome, thank you for the fantastic work, this new extension is going to be pure gold for me.

Avatar Giulio

Really appreciate the kind words Giulio. We are happy to hear that you are enjoying LearnDash!

Fantastic – I have spent many hours trying to figure out how to do this using autoresponders and mailing lists. But nothing I came up with came close to this – thank you!!

Avatar Paul

Great! Are the notifications emails or notifications on the site?

Avatar Juan Antonio Gonzalez Lombana


This add-on is exactly what I need. Having spent a number of hours last night trying to work out how to deliver such notifications via webhooks and Mailchimp automation ()and giving up!)

Looking forward to playing with it!

Avatar Andy

Happy to hear that you’ll find it useful for your project Andy!


This is a fantastic add-on and will really empower us to improve the level of personalization and engagement in our courses.

Great job!

Great addition! Can the notification about “user not logged-in for X days” be cleared if the user has completed all courses?

Avatar Mario Nathan

Thank you Mario! No, that isn’t currently a setting but I’ve noted it for reference as we look to continue evolving these features.

Amazing! That will be very helpful!!

P.S. Can I insert some begging for myCred support? Their new update is amazing but there are no hooks for learndash. Gamification is the future but so far the only option is the limited BadgeOS

Avatar MK

Can I second this request…? It’d be amazing to see MyCred support as BadgeOS is too limiting…

Avatar Nathan

I’ve set up a notification email for students who have not logged on in 30 days. Will that notification go out 30 days from now, or does the add-on have the ability to look back and see who hasn’t logged in the last 30 days?

Also, how do I know if a notification email has been sent out?


Hi Daniel-
For those settings a message will go out to a user if it has been 30 days since their last log-in. Regarding reporting, see the ‘configuring e-mail’ instructions before the first step in the documentation.

Great to see Justin:
One more piece to help reduce the amount on non-LearnDash specific group plugins.

I’ll let my clients know about this update right away!


“A scheduled lesson is available to a user”

A scheduled lesson as in: dripped lesson? If it is linked to the dripping feature in learndash than that is beyond awesome!



That is correct Andre! 🙂

Hello Justin,
The Notification Add-On for me is a present from heaven. It came just in time, because I became overwhelmed by the complexity of the MailChimp / Zapier configuration Universe. Now i feel like I am – again – in the drivers seat – and configure comfortably all the wanted and desired triggers with beautifully lay-out mails.

Many thanks to you all for this masterpiece.


Very much appreciate the feedback Harald, and I’m glad the timing fit your project.

Awesome additional feature! I was dreading setting up that part of the course with extra plugins. This is fantastic! Keep up the great work! Every update makes me more and more confident I picked the right LMS system. 😀

Thank you Shelby, glad you like it!

Fantastic news overall, thanks for working hard at summer! 🙂

I’ve configured the email through SparkPost, and it appears to be working correctly.

I previously had the quiz global options send an email to both the user and the admin after quiz completion. If I add a notification using the new add-on, the user will receive two emails, correct? I noticed that there are more available shortcodes for quiz results using the new add-on than are available under the global settings. So, if I want to switch to the add-on (whichhas more shortcodes) then I just turn off the “send email” option in the quiz and only use the the new notification?

Correct, if you use the quiz email configured under ‘quiz options’ and a similar email using the Notification add-on then they receive two emails. You can choose to turn one of them off.

Thanks Justin:

It’s working perfectly without using a 3rd. party service.
Now there is no more need for ithinx or membership plugins and LearnDash integration it tighter than ever !!!

It also works flawlessly with my LearnDash Group Assignment Gallery and LearnDash Group Comments plugins. WooHoo!
The client loves it !

Best Regards,

That is GREAT news Dennis!

What about if feedback is given for an assignment? Could that be added as one of the triggers? We have our assignments set to auto-approve, so they can continue in the course, but it would be nice if users could be notified when we add feedback to their assignments.

Messages should already be sent for assignments based on core WordPress comment notification settings. If you don’t see them please do open a ticket.

Good point, I know if I set the WP-Admin > Settings > discussion > Email me whenever checkboxes, the site admin gets notifications, but I’ve never tested if the Group Leaders or the Learners get notifications for both Assignments and Submitted Essays.

Is this possible Justin?

Is there a post about this somewhere that describes the functionality and the setup?

This is an awesome update Justin. Nice work! And using SparkPost is great too!

Great stuff Justin. Love it.

Avatar Guy

Can’t wait to test this plugin out. We were just talking about wanting this ability in our setup, and behold you provide.

Just when I think that LearnDash has forgotten about us (and the features we want) – you guys drop some awesome stuff in. Good job LD team, well done for a very valuable add-on 🙂

Avatar Brett

Hi Justin

It would be great if there was a shortcode for sending the certificate link when the user completes a quiz.

Avatar Eben

Great add-on. The growth of LearnDash was great at the initial launch, but it’s amazing what you have done over the last 4+ years!! Looking forward to the other updates.

Avatar Jeff

Yes!! I’ve really been wanting user completes a course!!

We also just set up email auto-responders but these triggers are more specific.
Keep up the great work 🙂

Avatar Carly

Great addition to the toolset.

This is something that’s definitely going to help us get into using LD more this year.



Thanks Bayo – glad you like it!

One thing – would it be possible for our developer to customise these notifications?
We would love to send a weekly update of all notifications, rather than separate ones.

Thank you

Avatar Carly

Code is open-source so your developer can make any modification necessary for your project.

This is a most welcome feature update to LearnDash and one that many of my clients have always requested, which is the ability to control direct communication with learners through the LMS as opposed to outsourcing to a system such as Mail Chimp.

Congratulations Justin!

Thank you Chris, I’m glad to hear that it will be useful for your client!

This has to be one of the best updates ever Justin.

I’ve done some extensive testing and words can’t describe the amount of excitement I’m expressing at the moment. This is a real game changer for the LearnDash community and could not have come at a better time.

Many thanks

Avatar Ryk

Thank you for the kind words Ryk, indeed this add-on will open up quite a few possibilities for LearnDash powered courses! 🙂

A great new feature, Justin. I’m looking forward to upcoming updates.

Avatar Electure Global

It would be extremely valuable to have notifications a number of days/hours BEFORE a scheduled lesson becomes available.

Avatar Mario Nathan

Neat idea Mario, I’ve noted it.

Great new feature set Justin!

– Dave

Thanks, thanks, thanks Justin!!
This new Add-On triplicates the value of LearnDash!! Now we have a wonderful hardware to engage and maintain connection with our students!!

Hey Justin
Would love to see the output of notifications addon.
I’m using Optimizepress for my premium course but now I want to sell stuff as individual courses + OptimizePress is getting older & not getting better as wine does.
I see Learndash as a good option. Doing my research for now. I’m liking the fact you have many free add-ons & especially integration with EDD is my favorite one. Doing my research thoroughly as don’t want to make the mistake this time.

Thanks Harsh. Please do send us an email if you would like more information regarding LearnDash, or have additional questions on features.

Excited about this capability, Justin! Quick question: Can I set a specific time of day for delivery? Like, say, I want to set the notification for 12:01am… that way the person who signs up for a course at say 11pm won’t have to wait to get their notification (with a link to access my dripfeed content) at 11pm each day. It’ll come at a minute after midnight each day. Thanks!

Avatar Angela Loeb

Thanks Angela! Currently the exact time (i.e. 12:01am) is not a feature but we’re gathering feedback as we look to improve on this over time. Thanks for the suggestion!

Hi Justin,
awesome new feature! So excited to test it out.

One thing though (as always :D), could you guys add “Not completed topic/lesson” as another trigger in the future? That way we could contact those folks that are falling behind in their work…

Thanks so much for all the work you guys put into this product! Fantastic!


Avatar Helma

Hot dog! This is an amazing new feature. Worthy of more than just a incremental update! Wow. Very nice. Very very nice. Keep up the great work Justin!

Avatar Evan Evans

Hey, this is fantastic. Great work, definitely implementing this.
I would also second Helma’s comment:

“One thing though (as always :D), could you guys add “Not completed topic/lesson” as another trigger in the future? That way we could contact those folks that are falling behind in their work…”

This would probably be the main use we would have for notifications. In the pipeline?

Avatar Marlon

Hi, is there was a shortcode for sending the certificate link when the user completes a quiz?

Avatar Simon

Hi Simon, there is not.

Justin: Is this feature currently available? If not, when will this be incorporated?

No it is not at this time and don’t have a specific timeline. This year we’ll be doing some work around certificates so maybe around then.

Hi Justin
Greetings. This is a generic question.

Are there good tutorial videos to use LearnDash LMS plug-ins to natively integrate with wordpress pages without using any themes like social learner etc. Can you give any pointers?


Avatar Ramanan Ganesan

Hi Ramanan-
LearnDash doesn’t require a specail theme. You can use any WordPress theme and LearnDash will work without issue. It will adopt (by default) the theme’s single.php template (i.e. the blog post template).

Shopping around for some software, and have checked yours out pretty carefully…looks promising… before I forget, I noticed something that stands out from other offerings that you might consider…The time pressure option (buy soon, end by such and such a date etc) seems to stand out, and might be maintained while being softened with an option for collaborative “learning contract type arrangements” with individual students. I say this because this time dimension is a huge cross-cultural aspect and might enhance your utilization beyond our western obsession with punctuality, our addiction to coffee and our patron saint being St. vitas…grin. Just a thought. Otherwise, nice product indeed!

Avatar Stu Harvey

Hi Justin, Can you tell me if the new notifications feature is available in the Free and Plus plans?

Thank you!

Avatar Cherrell

It is available for all the plans 🙂

Who sends the notifications?
I mean, what is the domain that appears on the students inbox?

Avatar Ben

Depends on if you use your WP host or a service like SparkPost (the latter gives some flexibility around the ‘from’ address)

Does this use the PHP mail() function? to send out the messages. I find that to be most unreliable specially for membership sites,

I always end up setting up a plugin to send emails via the client’s SMTP server via their hosting account,

Avatar Steven Logreira

By default it does. We recommend using SparkPost (free) instead.

Is it possible to setup a notification every X days for users who have not completed a specific course?

User hasn’t logged in for “X” days notifications are supported.

How can I send the statics to the students?

Avatar Sugury

Stats cannot be sent – they can see them from their profile.

Love this plugin but I would like to know one more thing. Can i add more custom email triggers other than by default triggers you are providing ? eg if admin adds new course/lesson/topic etc then admin wants to send email to every user that admin has added new course to the site ?


Avatar Harry

Yes though it would require custom development to add additional triggers.

Hi Justin,

it would really be useful to have the trigger “User enrols into a course” also fire when admin is enrolling users to the course manually from Dashboard, perhaps at least as an optional checkbox in Notification Settings.

Are there any plans to add this in future versions, or can you maybe point me to some documentation on creating this custom trigger?


Avatar Dragan

Hi Justin,

Like Dragan, i’m looking for a way to automaticaly send an email notification toi the user that i enroll to a group.
Is there a way to do this ?

Thank you

Avatar Angang

Wondering… do you have anything for escalations when a user is overdue on a required course?
Something that triggers an overdue notice to the user and also trigger a different email to his/her manager?

Just the triggers listed here are currently supported. Closest would be a reminder if they haven’t logged-in for some time.

Hi Justin,

This feature is good, I like it a lot! One that I am missing, however – I’d like to follow up with users who have started a course but haven’t returned. In my mind, it works similar to the ‘hasn’t logged in for x days,” but it’s more so “user hasn’t attempted course material in x days” or “user hasn’t completed course x days from signing up.” Any thoughts on extending notifications to include that? Thanks!

Avatar Chellie

Hi there, this is fantastic! Would it be possible for an individual user to unsubscribe from these notifications? Or for the admin team to unsubscribe people in their profile?

Avatar Mell

Trigger/User hasn’t logged in for “X” days.
does it work? i try this function but it not work.
i set the x = 1, user enrolled the course and did not login in 2 day. but the system did not send notification to me. did i miss anything?
the other triggers work fine.


Avatar bob

Yes, it works. You have to configure the cron job. Raise a ticket with support and we can assist.

Where can I find documentation on how to set up ‘the cron job’? It’s not very clear right now, and it seems like a crucial thing for the notifications?

Avatar Tim


Is it possible to configure the “sent by” email address? At the moment, users get an email from ‘[email protected]’. Is this the way it’s supposed to work or am I missing something?

Thanks a lot!

Yes, this is a WordPress setting though (not LearnDash). There are plugins that can be used to change this.

How would one change the outgoing email address on the notification. Currently saying “[email protected]” how would I change it to [email protected] or [email protected]

Avatar Andrew

This is a WordPress setting. There are articles (like this one) on how to change it.

Hello! I’m trying to get this plugin but the site it directs me to keeps showing up blank.

Avatar saba

It’s available in the add-ons menu of LearnDash (when installed). You need a valid license key.

I loved this feature! I wonder if it is possible to configure one more email address to get notification per student, this is very useful if the course if for children and their parents wanted to receive notification as well. I know there is an option to add “additional” recipient but I think it is not per-student. Perhaps for each student (user) can you add a field for additional person (such as parent) so parent can be notified for his/her child’s progress as well? thank you.

Avatar LW

This feature is powerful from the perspective of being able to engage with learners. Could you define the trigger “x” days before course expires? Would it be fair to say that the learner has a date which they need to complete the course if they don’t it is reset and need to re-enroll? Thank you

Avatar Daryl

What is the name of this plugin please?


I have a question, I would like to know if there is the possibility of sending a file for example: xls to only one group.

best regards

Avatar Antonio

I am also hoping to use this for “A scheduled QUIZ is available to a user” instead of just “A scheduled lesson is available to a user”

Is this possible?

Currently, “A scheduled lesson is available to a user” is working great for us; yet since we have dripped quizzes, we hope to have this functionality as well.

Thank you.


how can i get the LearnDash Notifications!

If you have a valid license the one-click install is available from LEARNDASH LMS > ADD-ONS

Como puedo enviar adjuntar en PDF los certificados por correo electrónico?

Avatar williams

Dear Justin,
is this plugin still being developed/updated to ensure security? I always get warnings from our security tool Wordfence that the plugin “appears to be abandoned (updated December 4, 2017, tested to WP 4.9)”
Many thanks and best regards

Hey guys is it possible to send login and password credentials using the learndash notifications ? is there a shortcode that can be emailed to them that will generate user login and password credentials upon them enrolling in a course ?

Avatar Caesar

No it’s not. That’s a WP function so we let WP handle that.

Are there any triggers available for Groups (Memberships) like X days before a membership expires?
Kind of renewal reminders for members?

For options on who can receive notifications. How is the group leader assigned. Is that the instructor? Would like some clarification on who receives the notifications.

Avatar Raquel Naranjo

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