25 ELearning Articles For Noobs

Every journey has a beginning, including our professional endeavors.

When we first start out in a field, we want to soak up everything as quick as possible. We want to gain experience quickly so we are no longer seen as “noobs”. I find this to be particularly true with new graduates. I know because I too was guilty of this mindset at the dawn of my career.

There are no shortcuts though. Becoming a seasoned elearning professional takes time, experience, and continuous education.

I don’t mean formal education. I am referring to keeping up on industry trends. Having an understanding about what tools are out there and how they are being used. It is impossible to understand all these nuances from “day one”.

When starting out in the elearning field, most people take the generalist approach. This makes sense. You want to find out which areas you prefer. As time goes on, you can then narrow your expertise to an area that you enjoy.

If you are starting out in elearning, or if you are just researching possible professions, then I would recommend you have a look at the pages listed in this article.

Each of the pages listed below details five resources in a particular subject area. These should help give you a jump start into the field.

25 Articles for ELearning Noobs

5 Must-Read Instructional Design Articles – Instructional design is an expanding field.

5 Must-Read LMS Articles – At some point you’ll need to know about learning management.

5 Must-Read Articles on Online Quizzes – Nearly every elearning course has a quiz.

5 Must-Read Posts About Gamification – The hottest trend of recent years.

5 Must-Read Blended Learning Articles – Blended learning is “better” learning, learn why.


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