One thing that I have come to realize in my years as a learning & collaboration consultant is that elearning is fun, effective, and a great industry to take part in. Personally, I find myself learning new facts, tips, and strategies every day. There really is no end to what you can learn as this industry is rapidly changing, almost on a weekly basis. As such, I thought I would give back a little and share some elearning facts and statistics that you may not know (or perhaps just need to be reminded). Below is a list of X elearning facts, and tips, to stimulate your brain – enjoy!



10 ELearning Facts



  1. Every $1 spent in elearning results in $30 of productivity!
  2. 40% of all training costs are spent on travel, elearning decreases this to nearly 0%
  3. The elearning industry is project to grow to $40 billion by 2014
  4. People who take elearning courses in their native language learn faster, and retain the information better than people who take elearning courses in a non-native language.
  5. Static files (.jpg, gif, .swf) take more time to recreate than editable source files (.psd, .eps, .fla).
  6. Each page within your elearning module should have 30-40% white space.
  7. Choose fonts that support target language characters, and always use encode as UTF-8, this will result in faster translations with less re-work.
  8. 72% of companies believe that elearning keeps them on top of their industry changes.
  9. Articulate, the popular rapid elearning development platform, boasts 28,000+ customers.
  10. Corporation save 50-70% in costs when they replace instructor-based training with elearning programs.






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Justin Ferriman is the co-founder and CEO of LearnDash, the WordPress LMS trusted by Fortune 500 companies, major universities, training organizations, and entrepreneurs worldwide for creating (and selling) their online courses. Justin's Homepage | Twitter

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I liked your 10 factoids. (And I appreciate your articles in general.) William Ryan linked to you.
That’s how I found you. The 40% of ALL training costs are spent on TRAVEL…that is such an eye opener. I wonder what a graph of that total year over year would look like? How much has it dropped in last 5 years? Has the rate of decline leveled off? It is the quickest ROI for companies in training.

$40B/yr industry also makes your eyes pop.

Keep writing!

Hi Neil-
Thanks for the comment and kind words. The travel piece really is remarkable – but certainly believable. Heck, I have flown all over the country just to develop elearning (and they used to put us up into a hotel!)

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