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  • Will Pokémon GO Influence ELearning?


    Unless you have been locked in a basement for the past month then you have likely been hearing about the latest craze that is Pokémon GO. It’s everywhere. For the uninitiated, Pokémon GO is a free location-based mobile game that leverages GPS and mobile phone cameras. The point of the game is to use your phone […]

  • Stop Worrying About Stolen Content


    Every week I have the opportunity to talk to people about exciting new online course concepts. It really is incredible the amount of industries and niches out there that can be served with an online course! During these conversations there are some individuals who express a great deal of concern over their course content. Specifically, […]

  • Why We Like ELearning Engagement


    If you are creating an online course then the most important thing you can do is foster learner engagement. The idea is that if you can get the learner engaged with the content then they will be better able to internalize and recall the content at a later date (thus making your course more effective). […]

  • Google’s Micro-Learning Findings


    With the rise of mobile devises there has been more talk about micro-learning. There are many resources to learn more about micro-learning, but in a sentence it is a way to deliver learning content that is optimal for the smartphones and tablets. It is a really exciting time for the elearning industry. Mobile learning represents the […]

  • Mobile Learning Poised to Dominate


    At this point everyone in the elearning industry takes mobile learning seriously, and with good reason. Mobile learning is on the rise and looks like it will be for the foreseeable future. This is especially true given the increase use and accessibility of mobile devices. In fact, it is estimated that the number of smartphone users […]

  • 5 Must Read ELearning Software Articles


    If you have been around the elearning world for more than just a few hours you are likely to hear about rapid elearning development software. A simple search on that topic will yield results from major players Adobe Captivate, Articulate (Storyline and Studio), iSpring, among others. You may be wondering, “why are there so many […]

  • Social Learning In The Workplace


    For many businesses the idea of implementing a full-blown elearning & training program seems daunting. And in some ways they are right to think this. An effective learning program takes commitment, both financially and with regards to time. Heck, a single elearning course can take hundreds of hours to create! If an organization doesn’t have the […]

  • Success Tip: Give Yourself a Break!


    The main commentary on this site is around the elearning industry’s latest happenings and trends, but every now and again I like to touch on subjects that apply to any sector. Whether you are an instructional designer, an accountant, or a salesman you are constantly hearing about new tips and strategies to help you master […]

  • 5 Tips For Keeping ELearning Interesting


    Not every elearning course that you take is going to hold your attention. If the content is boring or delivered poorly then your mind will wander. It certainly does not help that we often take these courses using our personal laptops or mobile device which means the internet (and our email) are only one click […]

  • Selling Courses? Check Out These Tips!


    Selling online courses is all the rage today despite being a viable business venture for quite some time now. It seems that every other week there is another piece of software hitting the market with “the best” way for you to create and sell courses. Certainly a lot of noise out there! That is not […]

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