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  • A Word On Taking Shortcuts


    Much of what is written about on this site has to do with the elearning industry, and in some ways this article is no exception. However, it probably goes without saying that this topic can apply to many other parts of life, not just elearning. But since we’re on an elearning site, we’ll keep it […]

  • Build a Network to Grow Course Sales


    If you are selling online courses or are thinking about selling them, then you probably wonder how you are going to market them. Many of you probably know this but it’s worth saying: there is no magic-bullet for online (internet) marketing. You will find people who tell you otherwise, but it simply isn’t true. In […]

  • Gamification or Game-Based Learning?


    If you have been around the elearning world long enough you have probably heard of using games in learning. You have probably heard of gamification. Chances are you have also heard of game-based learning. In the situations where you heard these terms being used you likely thought that they were referring to the same thing. […]

  • 5 Must-Read ELearning ROI Articles


    Any successful organization tracks the return on investment (ROI) for any initiative they implement. If the returns are negative then there is a good chance that the program will not be in place very long. While most people think of ROI in terms of products (or services) being offered, it also applies to internal programs like […]

  • 5 Course Pricing Models Explained


    Deciding you want to sell a course is the easy part – harder of course is actually getting the course creating, your marketing material in place, and settling on pricing. I have found that during my conversations with people who are interested in selling courses that they often want to start with the price. This […]

  • ELearning and MLearning Differences


    There was a time roughly 10 years ago or so when the concept of elearning was pretty straight-forward. Whenever someone mentioned “elearning” you generally knew what they were referring to. Today it’s not so black and white. Mobile devices like smartphones and tablets have had a significant influence on the elearning industry – in some […]

  • How To Create a MOOC Using LearnDash


    Massive open online courses (or MOOCs for short) have been changing the landscape for education in recent years. Perhaps the most famous of these platforms is Coursera. Through their platform they offer higher-education courses from world-renowned universities. The success of Coursera is undeniable as it seems like each year investors are pouring more and more money […]

  • Word of Warning When Selling Courses


    I often write about the benefits of creating an online course and selling them. It’s a fantastic way to build a passive income and potentially a full-time business. However, this business model is a double-edged sword. In fact, it can be dangerous. Specifically, dangerous to your credibility. The business model for creating and selling online courses […]

  • 10 Quick Tips For Effective ELearning


    Anyone who creates elearning courses is constantly looking for ways to improve at their craft. Instructional designers aren’t ones to settle, continuously looking for ways to do what they do even better. In some cases this means adopting the new tools. Various APIs and social learning technology has introduced an entirely new way to engage a learner […]