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  • Selling Courses? Check Out These Tips!


    Selling online courses is all the rage today despite being a viable business venture for quite some time now. It seems that every other week there is another piece of software hitting the market with “the best” way for you to create and sell courses. Certainly a lot of noise out there! That is not […]

  • How To Ask For Software Support


    As much as I would like to say that our software works perfectly for every single person, that simply is not the realty. Believe it or not, software sometimes doesn’t work as intended – and that’s where support comes in! Over the years we have answered thousands of support requests from people all over the […]

  • 3 Ways To Sell Your Courses


    Once you have finished your online course you are probably eager to start making sales. If you have been starting the marketing process early then your initial sales will be easy to come by, but not everyone is in this position. While it certainly is ideal to begin getting the word out about your eventual […]

  • Create Engaging Multi-Device ELearning


    Two important factors for successful elearning implementations include cross-device support and overall course engagement. The first of these is pretty self-explanatory. When you create an elearning course it needs to be accessible from a variety of devices. This usually includes laptops, desktops, smartphones, and tablets (at the very least). As you create your course content you […]

  • How To Deal With Course Refunds


    Making an online course takes a lot of time and energy. You have to research your topic, create your storyboard, develop the actual course, test out its effectiveness, and launch it. During this process you also have to be marketing it. But if you do this correctly then the hard work is rewarded when you […]

  • Do You Have a Mobile Learning Strategy?


    Many organizations have an elearning strategy, but do they have one for mobile learning? The rise of mobile technology has made elearning professionals re-think how we view elearning. What was once considered to be a part of elearning has now grown into its own industry. There are now tools and techniques specific to the mobile learning […]

  • New Admin and Performance Capabilities!


    Today we are happy to announce that we have pushed out the latest LearnDash core update. The focus of these updates are mostly “under the hood”, but we also made sure to throw-in some new functionality for you to use when managing your LearnDash courses. These enhancements are a direct result of the feedback you all have […]

  • Online Education Isn’t Always Glamorous


    Despite its advantages there are still many people who are skeptical of online education. It is hard to imagine that the same learning experience can occur from a 100% online (or virtual) course. I would tend to agree with this sentiment as I am not a believer in “one method is better than another”. Personally […]

  • The Good and Bad of Support Forums


    If you are selling a product then you will need a way to support your customers. This decision often comes down to one of two choices: forums or a help desk – but which is best? First, I feel it worth mentioning that you should never use standard email. That can get messy in a hurry. […]

  • 7 ELearning Traps to Avoid


    Anyone who sets out to create an elearning course does so with the best intentions. They want the course to be both fun and effective. But this does not always happen. I am sure that at some point you have had a poor elearning experience. Sometimes it is because the course lacks interactions, and sometimes […]

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