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  • New User Reporting in ProPanel!


    Today marks the release of LearnDash ProPanel version 1.5! When we first introduced ProPanel last year, it was designed to present an easier way to view user activity and to download the reports from the WordPress admin dashboard. In addition, it came with three unique admin templates. Since our major 2.0 update to the LearnDash core, […]

  • 10 Benefits of Using ELearning


    Elearning’s staggering growth has started to replace many traditional teaching methods over the years. It is being used in both standard education environments as well as in the corporate sector. Below are 10 reasons why the elearning continues to grow in influence. 1. Elearning can reduce the costs of education. Traditional education costfor transportation to […]

  • 5 Psychological Factors in ELearning


    Creating effective elearning is more than putting together fancy graphics and animations – there is also a psychological element involved with the development process. Instructional designers, the profession dedicated to creating effective live and online training, has known this for quite some time. Over the years there have been countless development models and general design […]

  • 3 Critical LMS Selection Questions


    Choosing a learning management system (LMS) is an extremely important decision for any organization, and with so many options available, it can sometimes be difficult to determine which one is best for your needs. The reality is that there is not a “one-size-fits-all” approach to LMS selection. Every organization will have a different set of objectives […]

  • ELearning in Healthcare is on the Rise


    Many industries are using elearning because of its general low cost and ease-of-use compared to traditional methods of training. In the corporate sector, elearning is usually intended for employee training, and in some professions for continuing education purposes. No where is this most apparent than in healthcare. Healthcare professionals are often required to take obtain […]

  • Understanding The Benefits of CEUs


    Many occupations require continuing education so as to help people keep abreast of updates, and the latest information in their fields. Continuing education units have been established to verify that a person has completed the required program to get their professional certificates, which in turn allow them to continue practicing. CEUs provide a good way […]

  • Using ELearning to Generate Leads


    ELearning can be applied to almost any industry. In fact, your area of profession likely has some elearning available for learning new skills, receiving accreditation, or certification. Most of us have taken an elearning course related to our profession at some point. But have you ever thought about leveraging elearning to boost your credibility, bring in […]

  • 7 Random Mobile Learning Stats


    If you have been around elearning for any amount of time, you have likely heard about mobile learning (also referred to as “mlearning”). Elearning and mlearning kind of go hand-in-hand. Essentially, elearning is “mobile”, but we define the two differently primarily when it comes to the device being used to view course content. For simplicity […]

  • The Rapid Growth of Online Education


    Many people today are attracted to an online education because of its inherent benefits. In fact, the growing trend is to take formal elearning courses since it allows professionals to gain new skills (and sometimes certifications) at their own convenience while still pursing a career. The advantages of distance elearning for education goes beyond the corporate […]

  • Gamification: Why It’s Good


    It may sound like something a kid may have termed, and in part it is something that appeals to the kid in all of us. The increasing popularity of using game mechanics to enhance various concepts, companies, services and goods has grown substantially over the past decade. With the continuing growth and development of the […]