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  • ‘Ninja’ Trick For Finding Course Topics


    You may know that you want to sell an online course but maybe you’re not quite sure what the course should cover. In general, I think it’s best to create a course on something you care about or where you already have a solid foundation. In the long run it will be easier. You can leverage […]

  • 5 Must-Read Instructional Design Articles


    Every now and again I look back at the articles that have been written on this site. In a way it acts as a snapshot in time to what was relevant in the elearning industry. I have covered a wide-range of topics over the years, and when I look at these topics I have noticed a slight […]

  • When To Use Services Like Lynda.com


    At this point it’s probably safe to say that every organization knows that having an elearning program in place is beneficial to their employees and to the bottom-line. Still, not everyone has “taken the plunge”. There could be a few reasons why this is the case but probably the most cited reason is cost of […]

  • Success Tips for Virtual-Led Training


    I have found that there are times when elearning is not the ideal method for training a large group of users. The natural alternative is live-training events (also known as instructor-led training). However, those too have their limitations. First, they are quite expensive. You will need to find a physical location for the training, instructors, […]

  • Where ELearning is Headed


    In a recent interview I was asked where I think the elearning industry is headed in the years to come. While I would never claim to be all knowing about the movements in the elearning industry, I do have an eye for spotting trends over time. Now, the elearning industry is pretty massive. Answering a […]

  • When You Should Build Your Own LMS


    The learning management system has grown up quite a bit over the past decade. What used to be a rather dull workhorse operating in the background is now an exciting, feature packed offering. This evolution in the LMS has resulted in people raising their expectations on what it can (and should) do for their elearning programs. […]

  • 6 Popular Trends in ELearning


    The elearning industry is constantly in flux. Some trends come and they stay with us while others are merely passing through. While it is hard to say which trends will stay and for how long, it is always interesting to take a look at what is “hot right now” in the field. When it comes […]

  • Should You Create an Online Course?


    Here at LearnDash we have the pleasure of speaking to people from a variety of backgrounds and cultures all looking to implement some form of online course management. Some people want to setup a training portal for their franchise. Others are interested in selling certification courses to corporations. Schools want to deliver online training components to their […]

  • SEO Doesn’t Have to be Expensive


    If you are selling an online course then you know the importance of making your offering visible. You can go about this a few ways but the most rewarding (and beneficial to your bottom line) way is to put in the time to maximize your website for the search engines. But here’s the thing: search […]

  • The Ultimate LearnDash Toolkit!


    Today we are pleased to let you know about an add-on that has been created to save you time and effort when setting up your online courses. Truly, this really is the ultimate LearnDash toolkit! Created by the Toronto based elearning firm Uncanny Owl, this toolkit was originally created for use on their internal LearnDash client sites. […]

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