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  • Should You Use an “All-In-One” LMS?


    I have seen it countless of times. People and organizations searching for the learning management system that checks every possible box for their unique organizational needs – and since one doesn’t exist they continue an increasingly frustrating search that lasts months. In a day and age where software can seemingly do “everything”, it is easy […]

  • 3 Tips For Online Learner Engagement


    Taking an online course can be boring. In many cases you sign-up for the course, go to the first lesson, and begin watching a video. If you’re lucky then there is a transcript included, but that’s not always the case. So there you are staring at your computer screen absorbing as much information as you […]

  • Latest Add-On Enables Learner Notes!


    You now have an entire new way to encourage your learners to interact with your course content. We are excited to be the first WordPress LMS to give your learners the ability to easily take real-time course notes! One of the most important aspects of successful online courses is learner engagement. It’s a major reason why you see courses […]

  • Online Course Creation Summit!


    Every week I have the pleasure of speaking to people who are creating online courses. It really is an exciting process and it’s so rewarding to see people do well when they finish their course and begin making sales. However, I would by lying if I said that everyone experiences success selling their course. As you […]

  • Are You Selling Courses, or Community?


    Everywhere you look online today there are people selling courses. Bloggers offer courses on their subject of expertise. Training organizations are selling courses for continuing education credits. Universities are selling online courses for degree requirements. The list goes on and on. Course marketplaces like Udemy attract thousands of course creators in hopes that they too […]

  • Sell First, Build Later


    Recently I had the pleasure of attending a webinar by Clay Collins, the founder of the ultra-popular LeadPages platform. The topic of presentation was on selling products (something that I am naturally interested in given what we do at LearnDash). While there was a lot discussed on the call the main premise was this: Sell […]

  • Evaluating ELearning ROI with Kirkpatrick


    Most business make decisions based on how it will impact their bottom-line. Specifically they will want to know if what they decide to pursue will increase revenue or decrease expenses thus resulting in a net positive return on investment. Businesses that do this well stay in business. Plain and simple. With this in mind you […]

  • Easy Way To Increase Course Revenues


    When you start your own business selling online courses there is nothing more exciting than making those first few sales. You will be motivated to gather feedback and continue to refine your course. You will also get a better understanding of your target audience and therefore improve upon your marketing efforts. But after your course […]

  • 8 Tips When Creating Online Courses


    If you have never created an online course then it is important to know a few “best practices” to maximize its impact. A simple Google search will yield all kinds of advice and strategies, but these can over-complicate the process. Sure, these methods work but you don’t want to get “lost in the weeds”. If […]

  • Best Beginner ELearning Software


    Quite often I am asked for an opinion on which rapid elearning development program I think is best for beginners to use. And nearly time I am asked this question I struggle finding the right answer. I think I have difficulty answering this because I don’t really know what is meant by “beginner”. It is a pretty subjective term. One […]

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