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  • LMS Plugin, Membership Plugin, or Both?


    When people look into creating an online course using WordPress they often find themselves trying to decide between a variety of solutions. Perhaps you are currently in this situation. Assuming you are going to self-host your WordPress site, you will ultimately face the following decision: Use a WordPress LMS like LearnDash Use a membership plugin […]

  • Times When ELearning Isn’t Needed


    As instructional designers we are all eager to whip up an online course for just about any topic – putting our course development skills to work. While this enthusiasm is often appreciated, sometimes a complete elearning module isn’t necessarily needed. In fact, there are times when building a complete course is actually counterproductive. So how […]

  • 5 Rapidly Growing ELearning Sectors


    The outlook for the elearning industry is a positive one. In fact, there has never been a better time to be involved with elearning than ever before given its growing influence. Technological trends are driving innovation across a variety of sectors. Specifically, we are seeing increased use (and growth) in areas like: Mobile learning Learning […]

  • EdTech That Teachers Use In Classrooms


    The classroom is a different place than it was 10 to 15 years ago. Once the home of green chalkboards and pencils, there has been a transformation in recent times fusing today’s technology with classrooms across the world. A variety of technology is used to enhance the student’s learning. Teachers indicate that the following technology […]

  • 12 Mobile Learning Trends On The Rise


    In the elearning industry there is sometimes confusion as to the difference between elearning and “mobile learning”. In many respects elearning is mobile – so why make a distinction? The mobile learning boom started to come about when people began to rely upon mobile technology on a more regular basis. Specifically, this referes to tablets […]

  • WordPress Learning Management Systems Are Growing Up


    If you could rewind the internet back to January 2012, you wouldn’t find much on WordPress learning management systems. In fact, you wouldn’t find anything. During that time I was working on an elearning consulting engagement for a client and was researching possible learning management options. Having experience with systems across a large variety of […]

  • Are You Making This ELearning Mistake?


    ELearning has evolved quite a bit over the past decade. In the beginning it was confined to a desktop. Since then though, it has become more mobile in nature. Today we are connected to all kinds of devices. As such, we find ourselves engaged in learning activities, both formal and informal, throughout various points in our […]

  • How To Insert Any Widget Into Your LearnDash Course Content


    When creating an online course using LearnDash, the default layout includes a sidebar on the course, lesson, topic, and quiz pages. As mentioned in a previous article, this is a useful layout as it allows you to display course progress, navigation, and any other custom information so as to enrich the online course experience for […]

  • 5 Must-Read Articles On Selling Courses


    Chances are you have at thought about the possibility of selling an online course. There are thousands of people doing this today, and many are earning a decent income from it. Selling course content has never been easier with today’s tools, but getting started can be overwhelming. There are many platforms and business models to […]