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  • Measuring Training Program ROI


    When it comes to training and elearning, one of the biggest concerns for organizations is if they will realize a return on their investment. In the United States, roughly $164.2 billion is spent per year on employee training and learning programs. Per employee, around $1500 is spent on annual training and learning initiatives. These are […]

  • Social Learning’s Corporate Impact


    For a long time companies have known the benefits that come with implementing an elearning program to train their employees. Be it for employee on-boarding (which is said to result in $80,000 ROI per employee) or for teaching new skills to the workforce, robust elearning implementations have the potential to make a significant positive impact […]

  • Genesis WordPress University Theme


    When you’re creating online courses offering you understand that it’s important to have a site that not only looks great but is well put together “under the hood” as well. For years, the Genesis framework has provided people with a solid foundation to build websites. It is SEO friendly, properly coded, and offer extra features without much […]

  • Why IT Shouldn’t Manage Your LMS


    When someone takes an online course they often only experience the end result of countless hours of work and configuration. Creating elearning courses takes a considerable amount of time, but that’s only part of the equation. The other component is the learning management system in place. The LMS makes sure that courses are delivered and […]

  • Downsides To The “Course Marketplace”


    I often get the opportunity to speak to people from a variety of backgrounds about their ambitions to sell their own online courses. Most of the time their courses have something to do with their professional background or personal experience. This makes it easy for them to get started since they are very familiar with […]

  • Use ELearning for Employee On-boarding


    Many people don’t realize this, but one of the more expensive activities any organization goes through is recruiting and on-boarding of new employees. This process becomes even more costly when the on-boarding process isn’t executed very well because new employees will perform tasks incorrectly and potentially cost your organization even more money. However, if you do […]

  • Study: Corporate Opinions of ELearning


    Today nearly every major company uses some form of elearning. What started off as an experiment has proven to have tremendous value. Despite the great gains elearning has made in the corporate sector, it isn’t uncommon to find a mix of opinions about elearning, mobile learning, and the latest advancements in the field. Some people […]

  • Is Corporate Gamification Worth It?


    I have noticed that when it comes to gamification people usually fall into one of two camps: They love it and see positive effects. They hate it and think it’s a waste of time. Interestingly, both opinions under certain circumstances are true. Gamfication may very well be a waste of time if it is not […]

  • 46 Noteworthy ELearning Industry Facts


    When most people hear the word “elearning”, they usually picture some form of online course. To the professionals in this feild, “elearning” is just the tip of the iceberg. Truth is that the elearning industry is enormous. While many people only think of courses when they hear the word “elearning”, it actually is better used […]

  • Mobile Learning’s Upward Trend


    The elearning industry isn’t the only area that’s experiencing growth. Mobile learning is on the rise as well. While it can be easy to attribute the growth of mobile learning to one or two things, the reality is that a combination of factors are driving the upward trend. Cultural norms around mobile technology, learning remotely, […]