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  • Tin Can API Changing Names… Again?


    In 2012, there was some excellent news that a new elearning standard was going to replace the clunky SCORM protocol from years earlier. The somewhat perplexing part was that the entire initiative has had two names ever since (something that I have always pointed out as being an unnecessary burden). Some call it Tin Can […]

  • 2015 Global ELearning Salary Report


    Every year, the ELearning Guild releases an elearning industry salary report. They collect the data through an association-wide survey and through the membership data. While there is a respectable variety in the report, it’s important to remember that the sample-size is limited to the ELearning Guild members and doesn’t include other associations and non-associated professionals. […]

  • Add-On Brings Infusionsoft to LearnDash


    Recently we announced that we had opened the doors for other app developers to create add-ons and integrations for LearnDash WordPress LMS. Today, the folks at Memberium have officially announced their integration with LearnDash. The biggest advantage of their integration is that you can now leverage the powerful Infusionsoft platform with your online courses. But […]

  • Why You Should Run From All-In-One


    As technology becomes more advanced, it is often well-received when there is a solution that comes along that attempts to make things a little bit easier. Whether it’s easier to use, manage, or understand, it tends to be an attractive option at some level. In the world of learning management systems, this is often in […]

  • Your LMS Selection Checklist


    Selecting an LMS for yourself or organization is not an easy task. In fact, the process can be so overwhelming that there are even companies that specialize in helping you to choose an LMS that is best for you (Capterra comes to mind). There is a lot of information out there in the LMS industry. If you […]

  • Training Strategy for Changing Behavior


    If you need to change the current behavior of an organization through education on new policies and practices, then you need to have a proven training strategy. These kind of training initiatives are always challenging. People generally don’t like change. Most would prefer to continue doing things the way they know how, so changing a procedure often […]

  • Why You Shouldn’t Use Udemy


    Have you ever thought about selling a course online? If so, then chances are that you also considered using Udemy. If you’re not familiar with Udemy, it is a program that allows you to create and sell courses. When you create a course, it is added to their course library. Visitors can then choose to […]

  • 5 Must-Read LMS Articles


    Learning management is an important component to any online training program. If you choose a solution that isn’t right for your goals, the entire learning program suffers. There was once a time when organizations could get away with not using an LMS at all for their training. Those days have long passed as now learning […]

  • Why Infographics are Good for ELearning


    Graphics can often make or beak an online course. Rarely today do you see a course that doesn’t contain any relevant images – although I have unfortunately come across some. Luckily most elearning will make use of graphics, but sometimes they are not implemented properly. For example, you may come across pictures or graphics that don’t necessarily relate […]

  • Easy Way to Monetize Online Courses


    Almost anyone who is creating an online course thinks about the possibility of selling it for profit. The elearning industry is booming and there is plenty of room for people to get in on the action. However, even though it sounds straight-forward, selling courses is actually quite difficult. You could consider selling on Udemy, but […]