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  • Demand for Online Proctoring is Growing


    The rapid growth the elearning industry has created opportunities in many segments. Today we see a ton of learning management systems, social learning program, course retailers, online course marketplaces, mobile learning platforms, and so on. There is quite a bit of innovation in the elearning space, especially evident in the last five years. With more […]

  • Why Online Course Completion Matters


    Probably the most important aspect of any online course is the completion rate. You can make a case for more meaningful metrics (and I would agree) but the bottom-line is that if people don’t finish the course then the other metrics become useless in a way. Step one is course completion, and in the world […]

  • #1 Consideration When Migrating an LMS


    Making changes in the software that runs your business can be a very stressful decision. The larger your organization, the bigger the project. This is particular true with learning management systems. If you are in a company with thousands of employees and they all have to access the LMS at some point then you are looking […]

  • Remembering that People (Not Machines) Power the Internet


    Have you ever been involved in a business transaction online that didn’t work out to your expectations? Maybe the seller never delivered your product. Maybe it came late. Or broken. Maybe you ordered a piece of software and it didn’t work properly. I think we all have had a “less-than-perfect” online shopping experience at some point […]

  • 3 Ways To Use LearnDash Notifications


    Last week we released the new LearnDash Notifications add-on and so far the reception has been quite positive. The add-on makes it possible to send automatic emails via specific user activity based triggers. For example, when someone completes a quiz you can send a congratulatory message. For a complete feature description have a read through the official […]

  • Is Your Brand Killing Course Sales?


    You want to know what is just as important as the content in the online course you sell? Your brand. Whether your brand is you or it is your company, having a strong brand can be a game-changer for your business. But here’s the thing: just as your brand can bring about positive results it can […]

  • Blended Learning 101


    You have probably heard about the benefits of blended learning but you may need to understand more about it before attempting to implement this approach. Blended learning is a method that involves mixing content delivery in a way that often includes live instruction and digital learning. Online courses, quizzes, and various resources supplement the live […]

  • Introducing LearnDash Notifications!


    Today we are happy to tell you about new LearnDash learner engagement features now available to you for your courses via a free add-on. Specifically, you now have the ability to trigger notifications based on a wide-variety of actions your learners take (or do not take) in your courses. Before jumping into the features, let me take a […]

  • Refreshing Your Stale Courses


    If you have created your own online course then you know that it takes a tremendous amount of work. The content has to be accurate, but you also have to make sure that you are reaching your target audience (especially if you plan on selling it). The latter is an ongoing process that requires constant […]

  • 5 Micro-Learning Articles Worth Reading


    Micro-learning is somewhat of a newcomer in everyday elearning vernacular. Sure, instructional designers have always known about delivering content in small, manageable chunks but it was never as much of a necessity as it is today. The rise of mobile devices and elearning has resulted in greater demand for micro-content. It is now a must-have […]

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