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  • Insert a Course Onto Any Page or Post!


    Things have been a bit quiet on the LearnDash update front, but it isn’t without good reason. We have been carefully planning a phased revamp of the LearnDash admin experience by analyzing the feedback we have received since first launching. Today marks Phase 1 of this process. Many of the updates in Phase 1 are […]

  • Improve Learning By Using Gamification


    In one form or another, gamification can be found in many virtual course settings, primarily because it has the potential to positively impact education. Learners often demonstrate various levels of persistence, risk-taking, attention to detail, and problem solving abilities when games supplement the course content. Why is Gamification Popular? Today, virtual games are a very […]

  • Blended Learning Becoming Standard


    Blended learning is on the rise, at least that is what the reports tell us. The use of mobile technology in nearly every facet of life today makes blended learning a natural choice. In fact, ignoring the benefits of today’s tech tools appears to be plain irresponsible. If you are not familiar with blended learning, […]

  • Manual Methods Still Dominate Training


    Despite an era of apps, online training methods, and learning management system automation, there are still a large number of organizations that rely upon manual methods for delivery and tracking. Not just small companies, but large ones! According to one study conducted by the folks at SoftwareAdvice.com, roughly 36% of LMS purchasers they encounter reported that they […]

  • Improve Live Training By Doing This


    When you design a live learning event, it is always a good idea to utilize the best practices in instructional design. There are good reasons to do this, but mainly because you will be saving yourself the headache of rework, and the content will be optimized for learning from day-one. You can make your life […]

  • ELearning and Cheating a Big Deal?


    Elearning is great in that it allows you to teach new skills despite geographic boundaries. That said, one of the common complaints with elearning is how easy it can be for the users to cheat. But does it matter? While none of us want people to cheat on our elearning courses, we have to really […]

  • 7 Ed-Tech Tools You Can Use Today


    There are an abundance of education technology tools available today, it may be unclear as to which is best. While I cannot answer this question, I can share some of the more popular tools that are available (most of which are free). You may have heard of most of these, but others may surprise you. 7 […]

  • 7 Key ELearning Feedback Points


    Whenever you create an elearning program it is important to solicit feedback from a portion of your target audience. It goes a long way in helping you to shape your learning so that it is optimal for the audience. While feedback is a good thing, it can often be misinterpreted for criticism. It is important […]

  • EdTech in K-12 Facts [INFOGRAPHIC]


    Technology has always played an important role in education, but today it seems like the role of the various tech tools is greater than ever. There are likely a variety of reasons for this. I would venture to say that the influence of mobile devices is a major driving factor. There really isn’t a time […]

  • Critical Steps for Interactive E-Books


    One of the first forms of elearning was the ebook. It its simplest form, this was just a book that had been transposed and delivered online. Today, the landscape is a bit different. As our elearning tools have evolved, so has the ability to add interactive components to the static ebooks of the past. No more […]