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  • 2 Critical Components of Selling Courses


    Selling an online course is a lot easier than you may think, but there is also a misconception that all you have to do is create a course one-time and begin collecting payments. While this is true to some extent, your job is not done when the course starts selling. In fact, quite the opposite! […]

  • Proven Online Course Framework


    While every course has its own unique content and audience, there are frameworks that remain the same across all elearning courses that are created (at least the good ones). The infographic below, created by SHIFT ELearning, displays one framework you could potentially use when creating your courses. Just know that this should be a starting […]

  • 5 Tips for ELearning Success


    Not all elearning is created equally. In fact, there are many programs out there that lack fundamental instructional design techniques. As a result, the courses lack in effectiveness. In order to create truly effective courses, there is much to learn about the best practices in instructional design, learning theory, and other areas like gamification. Someone […]

  • The Explosive Growth of ELearning


    ELearning has been enjoying unprecedented growth in the last decade, and that growth is expected to accelerate for the foreseeable future. Analysts have estimated that elearning accounted for over $27 billion in 2009, and has risen to over $50 billion in 2014. These figures include money spent on self-paced online learning, which includes both packaged and custom […]

  • SCORM Still Dominating ELearning?


    For a very long time, SCORM was the go-to protocol for tracking and recording elearning. All the major elearning development platforms made it possible to publish to a version of SCORM so that the courses could be uploaded to the learning management system of your choice. SCORM dominated the landscape for over a decade, used […]

  • Must Read Instructional Design Articles


    On the surface, instructional design seems pretty straight-forward. However, as you begin to dig a bit more into best practices and principles it quickly becomes overwhelming. As with any industry, there are nuances that you pick up on the more you hone your craft. If you are new to this field, then the learning curve […]

  • Building an Audience For Your Courses


    Many people have great ideas for online courses that they could sell, but when they start digging a bit further, they all encounter a similar situation: how do you build an audience? A simple internet search will bring you to a large variety of opinions with complex strategies and multiple considerations. The truth is, this […]

  • Typography Tips for ELearning


    One of the most important aspects of an online course is the design. Without the presence of a physical classroom and instructor, the elearning templates and design becomes the learning environment. If this environment is poor, then one can probably assume that the learning will not be optimal either. While it is fun to play […]

  • Course Expiration and Custom Routing!


    The latest version of LearnDash has been released today, and with it comes some powerful features to give you some more options with your course delivery. Before getting into the details, we first want to thank all of you for your continued support and trust in the LearnDash WordPress LMS. It is motivating to hear and […]

  • Be Original: Differentiate Your Courses


    If you are creating courses with the intention to sell them, then you undoubtedly come to the point where you wonder if you’ll be able to compete in your market, perhaps with a bit of anxiety as you won’t know for sure until you make the course available for sale. While I wish there was a […]