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  • 5 Reasons Mobile Learning Rocks


    Mobile learning use is quickly on the rise and with good reason: we use mobile devices more than traditional laptops. This essentially means that the elearning market needs to adapt and begin catering to the mobile learning experience. Some may even contend that elearning should be developed with a “mobile learning first” approach. It makes […]

  • Check Out The Features In Version 2.3!


    Today we have released a major LearnDash core update designed specifically with two things in mind. Our first priority was to improve the reporting performance and data storage. This is the last major step needed prior to the anticipated ProPanel v2.0 release. Secondly, we wanted to give all of you maximum flexibility for how you present course material […]

  • 6 Game Types for Learning


    Incorporating gaming methodology into formal learning events is a great way to help learners grasp complex concepts. It can be used in nearly every context including the educational sector, corporate setting, and non-profit industry. What might not be as well known is that the use of games for teaching initiatives is more than just throwing up […]

  • What is the Future of Udemy?


    Though it has its critics, Udemy has proven to be an extremely popular platform for anyone looking to create and sell an online course. It is probably no surprise that since they came out with their offering there have been plenty of “copy-cat” services sprouting up all over. We often get potential LearnDash customers writing to ask how […]

  • When to Hire an LMS Developer


    One thing that I learned very early on in my career within elearning is that everyone defines a learning management slightly differently. When you are selling a learning management system this can pose quite a challenge! For proprietary LMS options you often see one of two approaches: Tons of built-in features Ultra-narrow market vertical Naturally there […]

  • LMS Industry Snapshot


    Learning management systems have been around for quite some time now, constantly morphing to fit the current demands and trends of today. At one time it was just a “tracking engine” (more or less) and now the market demands that the LMS has to be sleek and feature packed. The growth in online education is growing […]

  • Game-Based Learning Investments


    Investment into the education sector has become a hot trend in recent years, especially as it relates to education technology. You need to look no further than the multiple million dollar investments secured by the popular massive open online course (MOOC) platform Coursera. From an investor standpoint it seems like win-win. They get to invest […]

  • How To Use Slack With LearnDash


    No matter what your line of work, communication is essential. It’s why we rely so much on tools like email and messenger apps. One such app to rise to prominence recently in this area is Slack. In a sentence, Slack is a free messaging app for teams and companies and its popularity is growing at a staggering […]

  • WordPress Makes an Impact in ELearning


    If you would have asked an elearning professional a few years ago whether they considered WordPress a viable option for an online learning program they probably would have asked you: “What’s WordPress?” I know this to be true as I asked the question back in 2012 to one of my colleagues while working on an elearning […]

  • IDEA: Crowdsourcing Course Content


    One of the biggest obstacles people face when creating an online course is actually creating the content. The process takes months, and it’s easy to underestimate the time it will take so it’s easy to “burn out”. Take into consideration that you also have to be actively marketing your program and the entire project can […]

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