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  • What Do You Look For In ELearning?


    Most people have taken an online course at some point in time. Whether it is for academic purposes or for workplace compliance, elearning very much has a presence in our lives. Which got me thinking: what do you look for in elearning? To be more specific, what makes an elearning course that you take good? As […]

  • Why Use WordPress For ELearning


    Given my elearning industry background I have had the opportunity to interact with the leading elearning development and management tools that are available. Everything from rapid elearning creation programs, instructional design theories and best-practice, and countless learning management systems. I remember working with Moodle, Oracle LMS, modified versions of eFront, and homegrown systems developed from […]

  • Instructional Designers Need a Thick Skin


    From the outside looking in, instructional designers look like they have it made! They have the freedom to be creative with course development, access to cool technology, and often some degree of flexibility in their work schedule. Those of us who have been in this industry for a few weeks learn a reality very quickly […]

  • ELearning Association Local Chapters


    If you are involved in the elearning industry then chances are you wouldn’t mind connecting with other professionals who share the same passion. Finding online forums is a great start, but there are benefits in networking opportunities that take place off of the computer. Perhaps you are new to the industry or maybe you just […]

  • ELearning Stats Show Industry Growth


    With every year comes new and exciting figures in the elearning field. As to be expected, the data is showing a continued rise in elearning use among a variety of industries. Not surprisingly, mobile learning is also on the rise – with some reports indicating that by 2017 the market will be roughly $12 billion. […]

  • #1 Forgotten Step When Selling Courses


    Don’t let anyone fool you: selling online courses takes a considerable amount of effort. Still, there is a misconception that you can simply put together a few videos, set-up a payment system, and you will soon be counting your money. I think we all wish it were that simple, but I also think we all […]

  • Why Blended Learning Works


    Nearly every classroom today has some form of blended learning opportunity. Universities have learning management systems in place so that students can access course content, participate in discussions, and perform various class activities outside of the classroom. Blended learning is even taking place in schools for adolescents with online segments and assignments. On the surface, […]

  • Course Grid Add-On Now Available!


    First, let me start by wishing everyone a happy new year! With today’s latest update we are introducing one of the new directions we will be taking going forward. Specifically, this year we are going to be supplementing our core LearnDash development with free and premium add-ons so that you can now choose the functionality […]

  • Is Your ELearning Going Stale?


    Creating quality online courses takes a lot of time. Even the most seasoned elearning professionals spend hours upon hours creating (and testing) their courses. This is why there is always a great sense of accomplishment when the course is finally released. One major misconception about elearning is that once it is complete you can use […]

  • Online Education Saves You BIG Money


    One of the more well-known benefits of using elearning is that it saves an organization money. This is a primary reason why many companies leverage elearning for portions of employee training – it is cost effective. Companies aren’t the only ones that can benefit from the cost savings of elearning. Students can save a lot […]