October 27th, 2020 Announcements

Getting started with a fully functional online course website just got easier!

If you are currently using LearnDash, or are thinking about choosing us for your LMS, then I have great news to share!

The folks at Astra have released four new starter site templates designed specifically for LearnDash—giving you five amazing options to help you get started quickly with your online courses!

Click to see Demos!

These templates are 100% free for anyone with a valid LearnDash license. No pro-upgrades are required to get started with these great resources. At present, the new layouts can be used with Elementor and Gutenberg. Soon they will also be available for BeaverBuilder.

Who is Astra and why are they good?

If you have been around WordPress for any amount of time, then you have heard of the Astra theme.

Astra is one of the most popular WordPress themes available with over 1,000,000 active installations. One of the main reasons people choose Astra is because of its speed, and also because of their massive library of starter site templates that allow you to get started with your website quickly.

Last year, Astra released their first LearnDash-specific template (which can be seen on our demo site). This latest update from Astra adds four additional options at your disposal—all completely customizable to your liking!

How you can get started with the new templates.

When you install Astra theme and their Starter Site plugin, you now have these great templates available!

STEP 1: Installing Astra & Starter Templates Plugin

  1. From your WordPress dashboard, navigate to APPEARANCE > THEMES and install Astra
  2. Under PLUGINS > ADD NEW, search for and add Astra Starter Templates

Once these are installed you should activate them. Note that both of these are free.

STEP 2: Install and Activate LearnDash, Course Grid, and the WooCommerce integration

  1. Install and activate LearnDash (Don’t have it? Get it!)
  2. Install and activate the Course Grid add-on
  3. Install and activate the LearnDash-WooCommerce integration

STEP 3: Import the LearnDash-Ready Template

  2. In the search bar, enter “LearnDash”
  3. Select the desired template and click Import Site
  4. Follow the prompts and wait patiently ?

Give the importer time to do its job and you’re all set! You will have a professional, quick, and robust online course website powered by LearnDash and Astra!

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About Justin Ferriman

Justin Ferriman started LearnDash, the WordPress LMS trusted by Fortune 500 companies, major universities, training organizations, and entrepreneurs worldwide for creating (and selling) their online courses. Justin's Homepage | Twitter


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Hi, I try to see a course but I cannot login… What are the dummy username and password for viewing a lesson template?
Thanks in advance

Avatar Alessio

Do you mean on the demo site? Those are demos by Astra so unfortunately I cannot say, but you can see an example on our own demo site which is using one of the templates.

Is there any way to switch the existing starter site template to a new one?

You should just be able to import the new one if you’re currently running an Astra template. Just take a back-up of your site prior to doing it though so you can revert if needed.

These look great! Are the starter templates customizable or would I have to upgrade to their pro version? Thank you.

Avatar Johnny G

You can customize them – no upgrades are required 🙂

Besides backing up my site, what else should I do before activating Astra? Are all my courses and content safe during this process?

Courses are created in LearnDash so Astra won’t have an impact on those as long as LearnDash is still active.

Is is only Astra Themes, LearnDash works with.
I cant I Install LearnDash on my Site


LearnDash works with any theme.

I have just imported the starter template Learndash Acadamy, and it looks nice 🙂
But I have some problems with Elementor.
I can´t find the Learndash Block Tools.
I would like to insert the Learndash Course List on the course page, but it seems, I can only choose Elementor Blocks / widgets.
Can I use the Learndash Academy template without Elementor?

Yes you can use it with Gutenberg as well.

Another problem with Elementor.
On the one page – completely designed with Elementor – I have a SSL-security error.
Why is that?
On the other pages – not yet designed with Elementor – I have no security-issues.

Hi Elsebeth – this might be a good question for Elementor. For what it is worth, there are no SSL errors on my end visiting those links.

I do not see any of these new templates under Starter Templates, just the LearnDash Academy but none of the new ones. They are not populating. All steps above have been followed, plugins are installed, etc, etc.

If you don’t see them, try (1) syncing the templates, then (2) clear your browser/server cache. Then you can search for LearnDash and they will appear. If you don’t see them still, shoot a note to Astra and they can help further.

The sync did the trick. Thank you!

So excited!

Hi!, I’ve recently purchased Learndash and when I installed at my site I couldn’t create a course because WordPress gave an error on ERR_HTTP2_PROTOCOL_ERROR | post.php, I cound’t even create a post on my blog. After several hours trying to figure what the problem was I realized that Woocommerce version 4.6 was it. I installed an older version 3.9 of it and now my site run correctly and I could create new posts and new courses. Is there any problem with this version of Woocommerce and Learndash?. I would like a hepful answer. Thanks in advance. Gian

Hi, first make sure you’re running the necessary tech requirements. If you are, open a ticket with support and we can assist.

So, I have to use Woo Commerce to use these themes?
I can’t use Paid Membership Pro?

You may use PMPro as well (the installation may require Woo but you can uninstall it after).

Avatar Buddy Hannon

Hi I’m using that theme, but I have a problem I can’t edit the design and content elements. I cant change the logo on my site. How to fix this?

Make sure to update the logo for transparent header as normal, primary header.

This video might help.

If you still encounter issues, Astra’s support is available at:


I downloaded the LearnDash Academy theme from Astra without the LearnDash plugin just yet. I’m now customizing the website and everything seems fine except for the button on the bottom right corner. I have no way to edit the button. It says “Register Now” and goes to “#”. How do I edit it to add a link where I want people to register? Or, how do I delete that button altogether as I don’t think I need it.

Avatar Dina

That’s not a LD setting but maybe just something in Elementor — or a menu in WP. I’d start there and just update the URL accordingly. Astra support can point you in the right direction if you can’t locate it specifically.

Hi Dina, have fix it? Could you share your way. I just found a problem same with you, thank you.

Avatar Zeeya

I have the LearnDash Academy Astra Theme installed and i want to switch to the Online Courses Astra Theme. Will all my custom settings be intact after switching?

I’ve downloaded Astra and activated it, but when I click on Elementor for the page builder it never gives me the ability to import the starter themes. I’ve got the latest LD, Elementor, etc. I tried syncing themes from the link upthread and it was broken? What am I missing. Nothing appears like the instructions indicate it should.

Avatar Renee

Hi Renee, think you’ll want to raise this with Astra – but likely it’s just cache. You can resync their templates on the import page that should bring them in.

Hi –
I have LearnDash installed. I also have installed Astra + one of these new starter templates (Online Programming Course). I see the template when I am building the Home Page. But when I go into LearnDash, to set up course page, it does not adopt the template – it keeps showing the course page in the old defauult tempplate. I synced the templates + I cleared my cache. Still can’t the Courses page to render in the new template. What do you advise? Also, what link do I access to contact Astra support? Thanks.

Please reach out to Astra – they can assist in getting their templates to appear for you.

Hi Justin,

I just bought the learndash with propanel. My questions are as follows:

– I’d like to have an English/Arabic language option on my website. Can the provided Astra theme will support it?

– I want to customize my design. Do I have to buy the Elementor PRO separately?

– I wanted to use PayFort(https://paymentservices.amazon.com/pricing/) as my payment gateway, will your system will allow it? Payfort provides WooCommerce integration plugin

Awaiting reply.


Do I have to use WooCommerce if i wish to use the templates?

I have purchased the Elementor Pro and I have purchased LearnDash. How can I removed the initial theme that I first chose with another LMS theme in Elementor? The old stuff in the initial theme keeps appearing.

Avatar Pete

Hello, is it possible to use course pages templates but with my own theme? I’m having some problems and I don’t know if it’s because of the WordPress Theme I’m using (is not specific for a e-learning site). I can’t see the menu with all course lessons on each lesson page.

As you can see here: https://websitedemos.net/online-health-coach-02/lessons/effective-ways-of-building-stamina/

On that demo from Astra you can see on the left all course content, right? On my website, that doesn’t show up

Avatar Maria Gonçalves

Yes, I am using them as well. It would be cool to have one that also includes WooCommerce. Also, I am working with Elementor and I am still figuring out, how the Astra Customizer and Elementor complement each other.
My biggest question: what is the best solution to have a Login/Avatar/Logout in the header and should the login refer to the Default Account or Woocommerce…

What is Woocommerce needed for?

That plugin is huge, can we skip the Woocommerce if we prefer EDD?

Avatar lucio

Hello! Can I use ASTRA THEME in combination with BUDDYBOSS premium plataform?

Avatar Leticia Pimentel

What is Woocommerce needed for?

Do I have to use WooCommerce if i wish to use the templates?

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