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A few weeks ago I wrote about the ongoing difficulties this project was having with SCORM protocol, specifically the new Tin-Can API that is on the cusp of changing the industry (albeit slowly). Nonetheless, this whole endeavor has been a thorn in our side, until now! I am happy to say that the Tin-Can API, specifically the Learning Record Store (or LRS) will be integrated into the initial release of LearnDash!

For those of you who don’t care either way, then I can see how this news isn’t all that revolutionary. Let me put it another way.

Today anyone can build a program and say, “this is an LMS” – and in many respects it probably is, but if it lacks SCORM standards, then the learning industry doesn’t view it as a truly valid LMS. Being a Learning & Collaboration consultant, I was having a hard time justifying bringing something to the market that lacked these standards. Of all the features I was interested in, this was probably the one that I cared about the most.

Which is why it pained me a while ago to report that we were considering releasing the first version without SCORM/Tin-Can. We had hit a dead end but knew that we still had something of great value to those of you who don’t necessarily care about the standardization. I’m so glad that I wrote my original post. As a result, we were flooded with people offering tips, advice, help, and resources, and after sifting through it all we finally found a way forward – one that includes Tin-Can API for the initial release.

As always, feel free to ask any questions or leave comments.

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congrats Justin!!! I am glad! U guys gonna be at DevLearn in Vegas?

Many thanks Alessio… unfortunately will not be at DevLearn this year. By the way, really like the redesign of the Docebo site – well done!

Avatar Justin


OK- so tease us… given this remarkable change of direction and breakthru… when might we be seeing an alpha or beta of learndash?

This is VERY exciting news. Congrats. Cannot wait to see what you can do with this.

And… huge shout out to the TinCan community. I am a fan of Rustici and the work they do, but the smartest move with all of TinCan was empowering the community to actively participate and drive this (ADL, Aaron, Rustici- they all took part in encouraging this). This move propelled TinCan’s breadth, depth, and speed to market tremendously.

And, the community is truly a great group of folks committed to the cause and committed to helping everyone out to leverage the opportunities.

Hi David-

Ugh, I wish I had a definitive answer for you, but there are many different factors (two major ones) impacting the alpha/beta schedule. First, we are analyzing the market carefully to determine the best way to position LearnDash – as such, functionality could be impacted.

Secondly, I am getting married this December, and I don’t think the better half will take kindly to a full on alpha/beta testing around that time 😉

I’ll be sure to share with the mailing list as soon as I know more in this area though, and as always, just drop me a line via the contact tab if you have any other questions.

Avatar Justin

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