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If you are a learning consultant, service provider, or  product offering, then you owe it to yourself to get listed on one of the biggest e-learning directories on the internet today.  The E-Learning Atlas, brought to you by Rustici Software, is home to anything and everything that has to due with e-learning (or the learning industry in general).

Adding your business or service doesn’t cost anything, so give it a go.  And hey, maybe you’ll come across a business you’ve never heard of in the process (networking perhaps?)… I for one found it interesting that there are 562 Learning Management Systems (not one true WordPress LMS 😉 )… LearnDash will be making its way to the list in the near future to change that!

But wow, 562 LMS options?  (And that’s only on this one directory site)…   I think that’s a little much to be honest, but when looking at the options I noticed a couple of things:  First, some of the companies are double-dipping here.  They aren’t truly an LMS provider, but instead create custom e-learning solutions.  Some companies are listed multiple times to account for their different “versions” of their LMS.  Secondly, the list is a little stale.  Some of the companies listed result in dead links when trying to visit their site.

As we want to bring something of value to this industry, I couldn’t help but look at the LearnDash WordPress learning management system with some objectivity.  Are we just adding more noise to a crowded space?

In the end, I really believe in the product and service we are bringing to market.  There are many people and institutions out there that prefer the WordPress platform given its flexibility and unique way to grow or shrink in regards to functionality as necessary – but it goes beyond the technology.  We have a passion for setting up, bolstering, and helping organizations get the most from their LMS.  Our ultimate goal is to put the human aspect back into our product and service.  With these things in mind, and taking into consideration the emails of interest and encouragement we receive daily, I strongly believe the LearnDash LMS platform is “value” added to this list of 562.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us (or even suggest a feature).  We always enjoy feedback from the community.

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Justin Ferriman started LearnDash, the WordPress LMS trusted by Fortune 500 companies, major universities, training organizations, and entrepreneurs worldwide for creating (and selling) their online courses. Justin's Homepage | Twitter

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Another good list of LMS Providers is Craig Weiss’s eLearning 24/7 blog. The industry moves fast, so there are always shifts, and no list can truly keep up real-time, but it is very well maintained.

Craig also provides some superb reviews. When LearnDash goes live (or even when it is in beta), you may want to have him peek. He’s very honest with his feedback. I know 2 vendors in the LMS space personally who have worked with Craig and found his reviews of their services valuable.

You definitely have hit a need in the market- I have seen 2 LMS vendors (but only two) provide direct WordPress integration (and honestly, not either is terrible- they add the LMS functions – “lite” IMO- to your site without making it appear that your site is battling interfaces with an embedded LMS).

Can’t wait to see what really happens when someone starts with WordPress as the start vs “an LMS that can do a decent handshake with WordPress”- I think those are VERY different value propositions.

Hi David-
Thanks for stopping by again. I have saved your comment to revisit (specifically your recommendation of Craig Weiss) when we get to a good point. I’ll jump on over to his blog to check it out as well.

Avatar Justin

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