November 16th, 2016 E-Learning

board-room-trainingA major part of learning management is reporting.

For many organizations it is important for them to see if their employees have compelted certain training. Without reporting this wouldn’t be possible.

This is why the learning management options out there today all have some degree of reporting. It is why we spent the last 10 months enhancing the LearnDash ProPanel reporting. Learner data matters and can carry significant ramifications.

All that said, what good is learner data if you do not take action based on it? The information your learning management system gathers is meant as a tool. It provides you with some insight so that you can leverage it to make decisions on your learning program to improve its effectiveness.

Let’s consider for a moment some possible actions you can take based on learner reports that you gather.

Number of Users that have yet to Start a Course

Enrollment into a course is one thing, but actually taking the course is another. You may at first be encouraged to see that you have 100 students, but if only three have started taking the course then there is something wrong.

This would be a good opportunity to examine the on-boarding process for your course to see where people are falling-off. You can even inquire with a few of the students directly to get their feedback.

Progress within the Course

In progress statistics are powerful. Sure it is nice to know who has started taking the content but what is even more insightful is how far along the majority of learners actually are in the course.

Are they only 20% through, or 50%? More importantly, are the metrics in-line with your expectation of how far along these learners should be within the course? Again, this helps you determine where learners are losing momentum, or possibly validates that your content is properly delivered.

Individual Activity in All Courses

As you filter through your course data you may decide to investigate some learners that are not started or behind compared to the others.

Pull up their individual information to see how they are performing across multiple courses. Are they only behind in one course or in all of them? Are they consistently failing quizzes?

Send these individuals a personal message to offer assistance or to just solicit feedback. You may discover that your courses can be improved, or that there are individuals who just need some extra help but were afraid to ask.

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Optimizing eLearning outcome while using a flexible LMS is a process of constant adjustment. It’s like: trial -> feedback -> adjustment -> trial #2 -> feedback and so on.
Only after some time you might get a little easier on feedback mining, but never ever just leave it be.
Corporate eLearning implementation is process in itself.

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