November 15th, 2016 Announcements

It is with great pleasure that I get to inform you that ProPanel Version 2.0 has now been released and is available for immediate use!

This release has been in the making nearly all year and we are exited to finally get it into your hands.

We have a lot to cover in this announcement, but before jumping into the details I want to sincerely thank all of you who have helped shape the new direction of ProPanel by sharing your ideas with us.

You will find that ProPanel v2.0 includes new (and quicker) reporting functionality. We tested it on sites with upwards of 40,000 learners and the performance improvements were significant!

So without further ado, let’s get into it!

Drag-and-Drop Dashboard

Many of you expressed the desire to have more flexibility over where and how the user reports were displayed in your WordPress dashboard. With this in mind, you will be pleased to see that ProPanel provides you with four dashboard data widgets.

They are as follows:

  1. Overview
  2. Progress Chart
  3. Reports
  4. Activity

The position of the reporting widgets is completely up to you. Simply drag-and-drop them to where you want and you’re all set. If you don’t want a certain widget then you can easily remove it using the Screen Options tab in the upper right corner of the screen.

This new layout structure of ProPanel means that  you can arrange your course data in a way that makes the most sense for your learning program.

Visible to Admins & Group Leaders

When you have ProPanel installed it is visible to both Admins and any user who is assigned as a Group Leader.

Admins can see all information while Group Leaders will only see data of any group they manage.

Speaking of “data”, let’s discuss the reporting metrics you have available…

Overview Widget


As you would expect, the overview widget provides you with quick stats relating to your learning management system. The top-level metrics displayed are:

  • Total Students
  • Number of Courses
  • Assignments Pending
  • Essays Pending

Selecting any one of these items will take you to the management page.

So, if you click Total Students then you will be brought to the Users administration dashboard, while selecting Courses will bring you to your LearnDash Courses.

Clicking on either the Assignments Pending or Essays Pending items will take you to their respective management pages so that you can quickly review and score the submissions.

Reporting Widget


This is where the magic happens.

With this widget you use filters to dig into your course and user data. Choose to view users and progress by course or even look up a specific user’s activities in a matter of seconds!

This section also allows you to email a selected group of users. For example, you could email anyone who has not yet finished a course, or you could choose to email one specific user.

As you choose your filters you will be presented with the relevant data, and the other two widgets (Progress Chart and Activity) will adjust according to the filters selected.

Once you have the data you want, the Download button gathers that information and exports it to a CSV file.

Want a little more room to dig into the data? No problem – just click the FULL PAGE button. This will take you to a dedicated ProPanel dashboard page that includes more space for the reports that you generate.

Progress Chart


The progress chart dynamically shows the break-down for user progress based on the course you select in the Reporting widget.

The first chart is the course Progress Distribution.

This graphically displays Not Started, In Progress, and Completed statuses. Hovering your mouse over the sections of the graph will give you the exact number.

The second chart is the In Progress Breakdown.

This provides a granular look at those users who are listed as having an “In Progress” status.

This is incredibly useful because you now have the ability to see exactly how far along your users are in the course.

For example, if the majority of your users are less than 20% through the course, then you can be proactive and send them a reminder email to nudge them along!

Real-Time Activity


The Activity widget will show you real time data relating to your LearnDash courses as users enroll, complete lessons & topics, and finish quizzes.

As you select a specific course from the Reports widget, the Activity stream will update accordingly to display the most recent activity for that particular course!

Want to see what a specific user has been up to? Easy – just select that user and the Activity stream will display only their activity!

Also located on this widget is the ability to quickly export all LearnDash course and quiz data.

You can put this activity stream on the front-end by using the [ld_propanel_activity] shortcode on any page and any user with an Admin or Group Leader role can view the activity. Group Leaders will only see activity of users who are in their group(s).

Easily Modify Reports

For the developers out there, you will be pleased to see that the recent updates we have made to both LearnDash and ProPanel make it possible for you to modify the default reports.

In fact, it has never been easier to modify course and quiz reports with LearnDash!

Download & Upgrade Data

ProPanel v2.0 requires LearnDash v2.3.0.4 (or higher).

Once you have this version of LearnDash installed it is very important that you go to LEARNDASH LMS > SETTINGS > UPGRADE DATA and perform an upgrade for both your course and quiz data by selecting the upgrade buttons.

If you already own ProPanel then this update is available today. If you don’t see a notice to update from your admin dashboard, please reference this support article for some guidance on updating.

Full ProPanel documentation is available on the support site.

If you do not have ProPanel, you can purchase it from your account page.

Thank You!

Again we want to express how grateful we are to all of you that have participated in submitting ProPanel ideas, helped with beta testing, and to all of you who use LearnDash to power your online courses.

As always, our sole intention is to serve you.

To do this our focus is now on planning the coming year’s developments. You can continue to expect a steady stream of relevant updates to the LearnDash and ProPanel. We will also supplement LearnDash by continuing to make relevant free & premium add-ons available.

But that’s really just the tip of the iceberg for what we have planned. 😉

Until next time!

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About Justin Ferriman

Justin Ferriman started LearnDash, the WordPress LMS trusted by Fortune 500 companies, major universities, training organizations, and entrepreneurs worldwide for creating (and selling) their online courses. Justin's Homepage | Twitter


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Avatar Robert

Hi Robert,
Not sure I understand the question, my apologies. This update is for ProPanel (no changes were made to the quizzes).

Wow, this is phenomenal! Congratulations.

Wow… just wow! This… looks… incredible! You are *ALWAYS* pushing the envelope and coming up with new, killer features. I’m blown away. Nicely done.

Avatar Johnathan Ross

Congratulations on the release! I know a lot of our clients will be excited to get their hands on this.

Great to hear Ryan, I hope they like the new functionality 🙂

Great Justin, really !

Avatar mohamed kamal

I can’t wait to implement this on of our client sites to help with better reporting. The new features look great. Good work!

Happy to hear you like them Jeff!

Just updated, but the “ProPanel reporting” widget is hanging and I cant do anything….. any ideas?

Make sure you have the latest version of LD running and then update your course/quiz data as well under LDLMS>Settings>Upgrade Data

Thanks, I did that, but no luck….

Awesome man! Thanks for the continued development. We’re so happy we switch to LearnDash from Sensei.

We’re happy to hear that you are enjoying LearnDash Kyler, thanks!

Thanks Justin,

Great again! I have no words to express the great service you and your team deliver. You keep building Learndash and giving us updates to make it better and better and better. Man, I’m so happy I bought Learndash right from the start years ago.

Avatar Wilco

Where in my account do I go to download the most recent version of the ProPanel plugin? I don’t see it in there?
I have the older version installed and don’t see any automatic upgrade notifications inside WordPress prompting me to upgrade to the latest version.
Thanks and looking forward to using the awesome features you talked about today!

Thanks Trent, just send support a note if you don’t see it in your profile.

Looking forward to getting my hands on this update. However, where is the link to download?

Avatar Stephen

Hi Stephen-
If you have your ProPanel credentials entered in the LearnDash settings then you’ll be notified of the update. If you already have ProPanel, then you can download from your account. If you don’t see it just send support a note and we can assist.

Thanks Justin. I was looking at the wrong pages. It’s been a long day. ^_^

Avatar Stephen

Hi Justin,

Will the propanel be able to pull in the course analytics for a course hosted using LD and woocommerce? I can’t use paypal to collect payments due to some local regulations and wc is the only way.

Please advise.

Avatar Uday

Hi Uday-
ProPanel will work no matter how you facilitate enrollment (be it WooCommerce, PayPal, or any other method).

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE LEARNDASH – 1 Question, how do I get my courses to be arranged in a certain order. They are ordered in the order I created them as opposed to the “Order #” I put when I created the course.

Thanks Alex! You can order them by publish date, or use the course list shortcode on a page to specify how you want them ordered. Send a note to support if you’d like more guidance.

I can find all my users but when I go to courses it says “No results found” even though we have user groups enrolled in courses? Any suggestions?

Avatar Christopher

To be clear, I’m talking about the ProPanel Reporting “Filters” for Courses.

Avatar Christopher

Make sure you’re using the latest version of LD and upgrade your course/quiz data from the ‘data upgrade’ tab (under settings). If you still encounter the same issue then raise a ticket with support. Thanks!

Would love to see this extended a little further regards functionality to additional user groups.

We have made a user group called Super Admin using normal wordpress code, this user group can ‘almost’ do anything an administrator can do.

However the new update with these great dashboard widgets we cannot get them to show for the usergroup we have created.

It would be great to have an option in the settings where you can tick/untick the usergroups wordpress picks up so that usergoup can then see the widgets for the usergroup you assign them to.

Avatar Louise Wilson

Nice, ProPanel is becoming more and more useful!

Will it be possible to filter by Groups (from Learndash) in the near future?

Thanks and keep up the good work!


Thanks Artur, we do plan on continuing to build-out functionality – and that’s a great suggestion!

Yes, Filter by Groups will be huge for us.

Please add this feature when possible.

Avatar Rik

This is really amazing. Tons of new possibilities and much needed reporting flexibility granted to the admins. It will really work out well for all the LearnDash users. Thanks for this awesome update Justin 🙂

Avatar adeel raza

Thanks so much Adeel, glad you like it!

Hello Justin. Any idea if there could be voice recording capabilities in the future? In my industry we Role play with our new sales professionals especially the initial conversation. If we had a way to have them record their initial phone call with a client ( one sided of course) it would really help us with coaching tonality and the language used.

The idea is that me sales manager or I can listen to the recording on our time.

Hi Pasquale-
We don’t have voice recording on our roadmap. Likely there is a third party platform that can do this and work with WordPress.

This looks great and all, but my site says i have 2.02 propanel installed but I do not see any of these widgets. It looks like this would be even better than the gradebook add-on or at least equitable to it, so which is the way to go? I’m guessing gradebook since pro panel doesn’t show up in wordpress dashboard or learn dash portion of dashboard. Really should be some sort of video guide like other aspects of learn dash, I’m having trouble justifying buying another year of propanel which expires next month since it hasn’t functioned after reinstalling wordpress and restarting all courses after deleting their content for my college students. Am I missing something here?

Avatar Andrew Terrell

Hi Andrew-

If you can’t get ProPanel to display on your dashboard then we’ll gladly assist. Open a ticket with some details about your site (admin/ftp credentials would be useful) and one of our reps will look into it for you.

Hi, I can see that propanel can report on individuals and separate courses and I can export that, is it possible for me to have a full training report for the whole organisation. If I was asked to be able to show who has done what in one report…is that possible?

I.E all the courses are listed in alphabetical order and the students that have passed or failed are shown under those headings in one long report…


Avatar Jason

Group reports are possible for group leaders (via Excel export)

How do we remove the word “Propanel” from all of the widgets so we can create a more customize branded experience for our clients? The same question goes for other parts of LearnDash as well…we need to be able to offer a white label backend to clients where we can change wording or at minimum remove references to LD.


Avatar Rob

You’ll need to update the English language files in order to change these labels.

Is there any way or shortcode to put propanel to wordpress page? not at dashboard? since dashboard mixed with other information not related with course.

Avatar Dilar Darmawan

Hi Justin

Please confirm price.


Avatar Angelique Watkins

Hi Justin,

I have been using learndash for a year. Unfortunately the license got expired and I didn’t noticed it earlier. But when I am trying to purchase new license I can’t see propanel included in for single site license. I would like to know how it goes. As I have both learndash and propanel plugin in the site. Does it renew both or single.

Mohammed Rafique

Avatar Mohammed Rafique

Hi Mohammed-
When you renew LearnDash, ProPanel renews as well.


I have installed LearnDash and PropPanel. I have added the license key for both but I can’t find ProPanel anywhere in my WordPress admin dashboard.

I have also designated a group leader and logged in on their account and again I can’t see ProPanel in the admin dashboard.

Any help will be much appreciated.


Avatar Tom

is LearnDash white-labeled? And how can we request to add new country specific payment gateways?
Please give an email address where we could ask her concerns.

Avatar Ashwin

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