August 7th, 2017 Business

If someone wants to purchase your course then make the process as simple as possible. Adding extra steps will result in lower conversions.

A large portion of LearnDash users sell their courses using one of the many methods we have available. You can use a shopping cart, built-in options like Stripe or PayPal, membership plugins, custom forms, and so on.

On their own, each one of these options makes it pretty simple to get up-and-running with accepting payments. Also, the purchase process is straightforward.

For example, when using a shopping cart like WooCommerce users can add a course to their cart, create their account during checkout (this is a nice touch), make payment, then be routed directly to the course they purchased. Simple, easy, and intuitive.

If using a built-in payment gateway like PayPal then your customer clicks “Take This Course”, enters their PayPal information, and after purchase they get a username & password sent to them. Again, a simple process flow.

Don’t Muddy The Waters

Removing friction in the purchasing process should be your goal when setting up the payment method for your online courses. Don’t add unnecessary steps.

For instance, sometimes our support receives questions on how to add contingencies to the purchase journey – such as requiring customers to first enroll into a free course before they are able to purchase the full version.

Can you do this? Yes, absolutely.

But do you really want to make it harder for people to give you money?

I understand that extra steps sometimes make sense depending on the use-case. I can see under certain scenarios why a member organization would want courses only available to for purchase to their members.

However, even in these instances I would ask that you really ask yourself if this is a requirement, because as more requirements are added to the purchasing process then the conversation rate will certainly be impacted.

The last place where you want people to be confused is when they are trying to purchase your products.

I suppose this is my public service announcement to those who are selling (or plan on selling) courses.

Just keep it simple and don’t overthink the matter.

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Justin Ferriman started LearnDash, the WordPress LMS trusted by Fortune 500 companies, major universities, training organizations, and entrepreneurs worldwide for creating (and selling) their online courses. Justin's Homepage | Twitter


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What if one already has an account but forgets to login before paying for a course? Do they get a new username??

Avatar Andres

No not if they use the same email.

there must be another way to handle these cases when one pays but uses different email address for their paypal than for the course site. is there a way to make sure users are first registered and logged in before they are send to paypal?

Hi dear
I am have course selling site so in that site when user purchase course then they are not able to see their courses and their transaction details also not saving in admin site. So please help me it’s very urgent

If you’re using LearnDash then please open a support ticket so someone can assist. Thanks!

Hi there,
I love Learndash and have made a few changes and would love a simplified explanation on how to do the following that I could not find in the blog:
I recently ditched Memberium for Infused woo and am using Infusionsoft as the CRM and woocommerce for the shopping cart and payment gateway, and learndash for courses. I also changed my website theme and domain. Is there a way to upload users who made previous course purchases into the new domain and learndash courses?

While using LD an Woocommerce, after clicking on REGISTER AND PAY on the course page, normally it takes it to the product page with add to cart option, and then to the checkout page. Is it possible to directly add the course into the cart and go to the checkout page after clicking on the REGISTER AND PAY button?

Avatar H Nath

The LearnDash shortcode and LearnDash WP Blocks do not display the add-to-cart button when they are on the course page of the same number. Is there a workaround to add ‘add to cart’ buttons on the course page?

Avatar Lacey

How do my customers get the email as described here?: “If using a built-in payment gateway like PayPal then your customer clicks “Take This Course”, enters their PayPal information, and after purchase they get a username & password sent to them. Again, a simple process flow”. Currently this is not happening. I am sure I missed a step somewhere in the setup.

I am having the same issue using the learndash buy now option with no other add ons or shopping carts and would also like to know what steps I have missed or need to check 🙂

Avatar carol

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