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Don’t maket he mistake of having a poor purchase process. Use this tip to ensure they get the content that they purchased immediately!

There is nothing worse than making a decision to purchase an online product and then after purchasing not knowing what to do next. If you are selling online courses then this means you need to guide your new customer as to how they can access your content.

In LearnDash there are many ways to sell content. You can use the built-in PayPal/Stripe options, a membership plugin, or a shopping cart (to name a few). The shopping cart option provides the most flexibility in how you decide to offer your courses and therefore is a popular choice.

The good news is that if you choose to use WooCommerce then you can create a pretty intuitive post-purchase experience for your customers by adding a simple redirect after successful payment.

As with anything in WordPress there are a few ways to accomplish this. In the video above you will see a couple of the options you have to configure a post-purchase flow that takes your new customer from the purchase process directly into the course content.

The nice thing about this method is that you are taking your customer by the hand and showing them where to go next. This will decrease your support inquiries in the long run. It also puts your customers right into the course so that they can begin taking the content that they paid for and therefore increasing your course engagement.

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Justin Ferriman started LearnDash, the WordPress LMS trusted by Fortune 500 companies, major universities, training organizations, and entrepreneurs worldwide for creating (and selling) their online courses. Justin's Homepage | Twitter


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I’m trying to use this method now, but the problem is, Learndash courses price listing doesn’t allow for Sale price(and scheduling of sale); which means I need to use WooCommerce method of product listing. But when I put a product with a sale price on WooCommerce, that slashed price is not reflected in the Learndash course list. So customers will not know it is discounted until they reach WooCommerce product page.

Avatar christopher

LearnDash Course List add-on pricing isn’t connected to Woo. Most will just use the shop/product listing instead of the LD course list in this context.

Hi Justin, I installed the snippets plugin, but I cannot understand from where you get the code. I watch and watch again and again your video and it is not clear where are you going to get the functions.php to copy and paste this code…I am talking of the minute 1:35 of your video. Could you, please, explain where are you going to get this code? Thanks !

Hi Justin again,
I copied the code, but anyway it is not working. Also I tried to follow the directions about the another options and I did not find the product called “Woo Products Tools” . Finally, in the video are talking about one course, that means, I need to put the link of just one course. What it happen if I have a lot of courses? Do I need to create one page by course? No make sense for me. Is it possible to create a variable field to pass different courses’ name?

Avatar Ximena Thurman

This “tip” does not work. Also, I think the after the client pays must be redirect to the course he/she bought for default.

Avatar kelly

Yes it works ๐Ÿ™‚ — just open a support ticket and we can help you get it configured.

Hello Justin,
I am very disappointed with you…the code is not working. I copied exactly as you show in the video, but it is not working. I have tested thousands of times. It give me errors ๐Ÿ™

Avatar Ximena Thurman

We would be happy to help, please open a ticket with support.

How do you display the cost of the course on the front end? I’d rather not use Woocommerce. It seems odd to me that users have no idea what the course costs, until they hit the payment page.

What am I missing???

Avatar John Romaine

Just put the price on the course page, and use the “visitor” shortcode so that it disappears after someone enrolls.

Please where can i add this visitor shortcode and where can i find the shortcode?

Avatar Sam

I am writing on behalf of my client.. I am setting up his Course site..

I have set 1 course to use LearnDash own Paypal setting.. (no Woocommerce integration). I purchased a course (with recurring subscriptions), paid it successfully.. but I don’t know where to check the sales/subscriptions at backend. I also did not receive my registration details. Where to check ? If with Woocommerce integration, sales is recorded and registration details are emailed.. However, I am leaning on to LearnDash own Paypal setting as you have a built in recurring payment..

Can you help me where to check? Thanks

Where can you find the woo product tools download

Avatar Thomas Kamplain

I’m offering more than one class at a time. how do make sure the redirect is going to the appropriate class?

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