WooCommerce is the most popular shopping cart software for WordPress. Most WordPress themes are compatible with WooCommerce. This add-on allows you to sell your LearnDash created courses with the WooCommerce shopping cart.

Add-On Features

Easily map courses
When creating a product in WooCommerce, simply select the courses you want to associate to the product.

Associate one, or multiple courses
Supports one or multiple courses being mapped to a product which allows you to create course bundles.

Works with any payment gateway
Choose any payment gateway offered by WooCommerce and your customers will be enrolled into the course after successful payment.

Works with WooCommerce Subscriptions
Charge customers a recurring fee for course access.

Automatic course access removal
Removes users from courses when refunded or canceling a subscription.


February 17, 2021 – V1.9.1

  • Added a setting to skip disabling course access on subscription expiry
  • Added an action hook to remove course access for failed and cancelled subscriptions
  • Fixed subscription renewal changing the course enrollment date
  • Fixed pricing fields missing on the product edit page

October 22, 2020 – V1.9.0

  • Added dependencies check
  • Added WPML multi language course selector support
  • Added background course enrollment warning above course selector field
  • Added WC subscription switching feature support
  • Updated allow retroactive tool to process course enrollment directly instead of storing the queue in DB
  • Updated remove old code that process retroactive tool using cron
  • Updated change learndash_woocommerce_silent_course_enrollment_queue option to be non autoload to improve performance
  • Updated Use custom label if set
  • Fixed renewal process unenroll and reenroll users to courses
  • Fixed PHP notice error because of deprecated class property
  • Fixed retroactive tool reset enrollment date to the tool run date

June 25, 2020 – V1.8.0

  • Added group access update functions
  • Added group selector field in WooCommerce edit product page
  • Added filter hook to reset subscription course access from
  • Added filter hook to configure silent course enrollment queue processing count
  • Fixed add array typed variable to prevent PHP warning error
  • Fixed param check logic to prevent fatal error

April 15, 2020 – V1.7.0

  • Added subscription parameter to remove course on billing cycle completion filter hook
  • Added filter hook to customize retroactive tool per batch value so users can change it depending on their server specifications
  • Added process enrollment queue 1 at a time to prevent timemout error
  • Added WC requires and tested headers
  • Added silent course enrollment feature to prevent long loading time in products with many associated courses
  • Added reduce minimum products count for background course enrollment because it caused timeout error
  • Updated plugin name and description to match with other addons
  • Updated change assoicated course field label
  • Fixed fatal error WC_Order_Refund object not having get_customer_id() method use get_user_id() instead
  • Fixed CSS issue where select2 dropdown is missing
  • Fixed learndash WooCommerce cron hook not registered

October 9, 2019 – V1.6.0

  • Added COD payment method to manual payment method
  • Added filter hook for course selector class name
  • Added convert retroactive tool cron job to AJAX batch processing
  • Added filter hook for auto complete order
  • Added payment_complete hook to auto complete transaction
  • Added reset course access counter function and reset access counter when user is already enrolled
  • Added set course access from value from the start of a subscription instead of resetting it
  • Added “any” param to subscription function to get all subscription orders
  • Added make tax fields visible for course product type
  • Updated adjust select2 JS and CSS to hide select field on initial load
  • Updated change courses selector to use select2 to allow search and select UI
  • Updated change variable name for subscriptions related hook function
  • Updated virtual and downloadable product as auto-complete item
  • Updated slug in translation class
  • Updated lower per batch tools value to 10
  • Updated null coalescing operator to make the plugin compatible with PHP < 7
  • Updated check if order has been paid before being auto completed
  • Updated load text domain function
  • Updated skip order that is part of subscription in retroactive tool
  • Fixed add course selector border CSS to override LD core styles
  • Fixed hook for learndash_delete_user_data function
  • Fixed variation product subscription cancellation didn’t unenroll users from courses
  • Fixed undefined index error warning
  • Fixed remove access on order refund for variable product
  • Fixed variation product autocomplete bug
  • Fixed AJAX retroactive tool
  • Fixed change text domain
  • Fixed fatal error because wcs_order_contains_subscription() only accepts WC_Order object

July 16, 2018 – V1.5.0

  • Added version arg to the enqueue scripts function
  • Added retroactive course access checker tool
  • Added filter hook for manual payment methods check
  • Added filter hook for subscription_course_access functions
  • Added enroll users on payment complete hook
  • Added un-autocomplete transaction if it has physical product
  • Added filter and function to allow user to remove course access on subscription billing cycle completion
  • Added new translations and update class
  • Added ‘is user enrolled to course’ check before enroll new course access
  • Added related courses on variation products
  • Added related courses field to product variation and included a save data hook function
  • Added autocomplete for course orders
  • Updated functions naming
  • Updated to prevent order auto-completion for bacs and check payments
  • Updated to make add-on compatible with WC 3.x.

February 28, 2017 – V1.4.0

  • Added unenroll user from a course when order is refunded
  • Added force user to log-in or create account if LearnDash course is in cart
  • Added WooCommerce subscription check before verifying the transaction is a subscription
  • Added LearnDash course mapping meta fields to subscription tab on WooCommerce product
  • Added support to unselect WooCommerce product related courses
  • Added load_translation function
  • Added .pot translation file
  • Updated unenroll user from a course only if user doesn’t have access from any purchase or subscription
  • Updated translation strings
  • Fixed WooCommerce subscription integration by adding new hooks
  • Fixed send_receipt function
  • Fixed missing argument for learndash_woocommerce_::add_product_type()
  • Fixed missing variables

November 20, 2015 – V1.3.1

  • Fixed error message when add-on is activated without WooCommerce installed

September 9, 2015 – V1.3.0

  • Updated WC_Product to create WC_Product_Course that is a virtual product
  • Updated ‘Add to Cart’ text for Course Product to be ‘Add to Cart’ instead of the default ‘Read More’ text

October 10, 2014 – V1.2.0 

  • Fixed missing argument bugs

March 25, 2014 – V1.1.0

  • Fixed product to course mapping to ensure compatibility with current WooCommerce version

January 15, 2014 – V1.0

  • Initial Release

  • Pricing
  • Author
  • Terms

    Unlimited support & upgrades for active LearnDash licenses.


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