November 3rd, 2022 Grow with LearnDash

Let your learners skip the shopping cart and check out quickly with the Stripe integration for LearnDash for selling courses on WordPress sites. 

LearnDash’s Stripe integration is the perfect solution for course creators with only a few courses that need a quick and easy payment system. It’s not just another payment gateway, it comes with features like automatic user creation and enrollment, Paypal compatibility, and lightbox overlays. Plus, we’ve added a few more necessary features to make selling your courses simpler than ever. 

Benefits of Using Stripe With LearnDash

There was a time when you could only use Stripe with LearnDash if you had a third-party shopping cart, like WooCommerce. But we’re always growing and making our products better to give you and your learners the best course platform experience. We’ve added a few new features to make using Stripe more beneficial to you.

Here’s a quick look at some of the best reasons to use Stripe to sell your LearnDash courses. 

Automatic user creation and enrollment

Your learners can get started faster with the automatic user creation and enrollment feature. Once payment is complete, a user account is automatically created and your learner is enrolled in the course.

Coupon support

Coupon support is one of the latest features. You can now create coupons for checkout without using one of the four major shopping cart add-ons. 

Free trial support

Free trial offerings are a great way to increase your number of signups. Let prospective learners try now and pay later by simply checking out with the Stripe integration. 

Automatically retries and recaptures payments

Never worry about failed payments again. Stripe will automatically update saved cards, send emails after a failed payment occurs, and retry the payment at various strategic times.

Sell courses in bundles via group memberships

Now you can increase your sales by offering your learners course bundles. The Stripe integration lets you group your courses while offering a seamless checkout experience. You can add courses or access to non-LearnDash pages as well.

3D Secure V2 

3D Secure V2 are new security protocols that affect payment authorizations. If you’re super techy, you can learn more about it here.

Lightbox overlay capabilities

Keeping learners on your site is super important for their learning experience. The lightbox overlay allows learners to stay on your site while making their purchases securely through Stripe.

How To Set Up Stripe Connect for LearnDash

Follow this video or step-by-step instructions below.

  1. Navigate to LEARNDASH LMS > Settings
  2. Click on the Payments Tab
  3. Click the Stripe Connect link
  4. Click on Connect Stripe
  5. You will be redirected to Stripe’s page to sign in to your Stripe Account or create a new account.
  6. After you are returned back to your WP admin dashboard, you should see a box with further instructions on how to configure the webhook in the Stripe dashboard.

Have you tried the new Stripe integration? If not, you should try it out in our course creator demo experience.

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About Karmen Kendrick

Karmen is a product marketing manager here at LearnDash. She holds almost a decade of experience running an eCommerce site, a digital agency, and a WordPress course for beginners.


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Fantastic, Justin! Thanks for your commitment to consistent improvement, innovation and service.

Thanks Justin – what’s the link to the Beta, and do you have a quick list of the additional features it contains?

You’re welcome Asim 🙂 – you can find beta details on the support site.

Just what the doctor ordered. Gracias.

Could someone give me some advice to make invoices after a new course enrollment ? I use Paypal ou Stripe with the LD direct payment method. Thanks. (no woocommerce at all)

Avatar Nauman Shahid

That’s awesome news, Justin! Thank you for all that you guys do.

Is there a way to manually create the Buy Now button, or to create a separate option? For example, I’d like to sell the course in its basic DIY format and have an upsell to include private coaching for an additional fee. How would you manage that with the Stripe addon?

Avatar Mei

Happy to hear you like it Mei! There is a shortcode that will allow you to place the ‘Take this Course’ button on any page you wish. It’s located under LEARNDASH LMS > COURSES > COURSE SHORTCODES.

This is cool. Could you explain a little more what signup for users will look like? Does it just automatically generate a username? I’d love to see a video walkthrough. Thanks!

Avatar Nick Tichawa

Thanks Nick! The user creation is automatic just like the built-in PayPal integration. Customer makes purchase, user account created & enrolled, and an email with necessary details is sent. Immediately after successful payment you can redirect the user to the page of your choice (for example, “next step” instructions to guide them through the process).

We are using the complementary stripe option. The data that is sent to the user are: Id and a link to reset the password (with the WordPress page). Then it sends to the login page that comes by default wordpress.
1. There would be some way that after paying could be logged in.
2. Or that the link to reset key, is not the page that brings by default WordPress?

Avatar Guadalupe Aguillon

Hi Justin,

What a great start to the year – I’m truly impressed by your urge to continuously improve LearnDash 🙂

What type of payment structure does this permit – one-off payment or regular subscriptions. Can you also have a one-off registration fee followed regular payments?

Best wishes!

Avatar HowardH

Hi Howard-
Thanks for your kind words, it really is appreciated. The same payment structures available for built-in PayPal are possible with the Stripe integration (one-time and recurring payments).

Your most welcome Justin – I am currently trying to decide whether to stick with PMPro (which we had opted for as we wanted to accept Stripe payments rather than PayPal) or move to Course Access Manager with Stripe addon – however we have a need for a payment structure of registration fee followed by monthly payments so may have to stick with PMPro as it permits this type of charging.
Thanks again,

Avatar HowardH

Hey Justin,

This is a wonderful new development and opens even more, amazing possibilities for the LMS community.



I have contacted support twice in the last 11 days – and no one has responded. What do I need to do to get my account query seen to.


Avatar Dennis

Hi Dennis-
I’m so sorry to hear that! I ran a report in our help desk and didn’t see anything with your name or email (so perhaps it was in the forum?). In either case, submit a ticket from here and I’ll personally keep an eye out for it.

Woohoo! Thank you VERY much Justin and Team! You ROCK! 🙂

You can’t leave us hanging like that!

Suspense keeps life exciting 😉

Hey Justin,

In a split second I almost read: “E-learning with a ‘Strap On’ ” …

However – this is much better 😉

Thank you for keeping up the pace with LearnDash and have a great day!

If the payout uses Stipe’s overlay does this mean we don’t need an SSL?

Avatar steven

Hi Steven-
You may want to reference the following:

If you have additional questions, I’d recommend reaching out to Stripe directly.

This is great development J! Congrats!
I am operating from India. I’ll check Stripe details and go ahead.

Avatar Dr Arvind

Good news Justin. Is there now or will there soon be a way to accept a single payment for access to all courses offered by my site? That would allow me to do away with an entire other membership plugin I now use.

Avatar Jonathan

Hi Jonathan-
This is already possible leveraging a shopping cart. Send our support a note if you need some additional instructions and we’d be happy to assist.

Justin, you and your team continue to amaze with your commitment to making LearnDash the most useful WordPress-based LMS out there.

We just signed up for a Stripe account yesterday, so the timing, though coincidental to this announcement, still answers the question I woke up with this morning: “How will we integrate Stripe payments into our LearnDash platform?”

You made my day.



Avatar Bill

What timing! Glad to hear it is useful for your project Bill.

Great add-on Justin. Thanks!

Can’t wait to give it a try 🙂

Keep up the great work.

Avatar Art

Hi Justin (and friends),

I’m a Learndash ‘newbie’ – does that mean I don’t need ithemes exchange membership plugin when selling single courses?

I can do with out the membership plugin, unless I am offering something bundled?

Hi John-
That’s correct – if you don’t want to use a shopping cart or membership plugin you don’t have to. You may find this article useful.

Hey Justin. Thanks for this add on. I love using Stripe. It seems simple and that is fantastic. However, when people sign up for my courses they also need to be subscribed to an autoresponder and Mailchimp list. Each of our courses has a mailing sequence and in the future we plan to have courses that drip as well.

Is it possible to use the new stripe add on and have the users email address subscribed to our Mailchimp account? Could we use a drip course system in the future using the stripe add on?

Hi Scott-
Thank you for the comment. If you use this free plugin you can add users to your mailchimp account as soon their account is created (purchase is made) on the site. Just one option that may work for you.

Just wanted to reach out and say kudos to you and your team for building such an awesome platform.

On top of that, I can really say it’s great that you are active in the learning community and make such a big effort to educate people about social and online learning. It’s the reason I purchased your platform ( I’m also using social learner from buddy boss).

I admire what your doing and just wanted to say thanks – your hard work is noted and appreciated.

Thank you for the kind words Nemo! 🙂

Justin, I love me some Stripe (yes, I just said that). And I have to tell you I’ll be adding my courses back to Learndash. Had to take a pause for a bit to get my WordPress security issues straight – lot of hack attempts going on. I can honestly say I sell more courses using Learndash than any other off WP platform I’ve tried. Now that you’ve added Stripe, that is a knockout punch to any other LMS plugins around!

Thanks Tanya, happy to hear you’re coming back 🙂

Justin, I have not yet integrated LearnDash, but what you’re doing seems great! I have a need to implement a Coupon or Gift Card option to allow people to sponsor training for others. Is there a plugin or some other mechanism to supply that functionality? Thanks for your help!

Avatar Greg Coutant

Hi Greg-
Thanks for the comment! If you need coupons then you’ll be better off going with one of the four major shopping carts that can integrate with LearnDash.

For small scale adding of free users, is it possible to simply do this manually?

Avatar Chas

Yes you can add users to courses manually.

It’s not working for me. I’ve put my strip credentials but it’s only taking me straight to paypal.

Hi, I set my course to a recurring payment for 30 days, but when I click on the Stripe option for payment it only says Pay $11, it doesn’t say that they will be billed monthly. Can you tell me how to edit the Stripe pop-up payment window.

Thanks for the time!

Thanks for the note. Happy to help, make sure to submit your support request at one of the places below so that it can be added to the queue:


This is just what I was looking for 🙂
Can I just check something though?

We’re using PMPro because of this add-on, which allows us to sell the course to companies and organisations & we’d like to continue doing so.

However I’d rather use the Stripe pop-up checkout rather than PMPro. So the questions is, can I use Learndash/Stripe for single users & PMPro Sponsored members for selling to organisations?


Hey Justin,

we just switched to learnDash as we are trying to grow better. We just installed stripe for learnDash for our payment system but we are having troubles connecting our stripe account to it. could you help?
Thank you

This is a great option that is so close to perfect, all it needs is the capability of using Discount Codes / Coupons without having to go to the extreme of setting up a full membership addon or shopping cart.

Yes, please!! Seems silly that Coupons couldn’t be added.

Avatar Steven

Can I use this Stripe integration to charge an up-front fee, followed by a monthly subscription? For example, the up-front cost of my service is $397, then beginning in month two it’s $97/mo. Is this possible? Thanks in advance

No, you’ll need to use a shopping cart for this (like WooCommerce) which is free, as is their Stripe add-on.

Hello Justin,

Is it possible to personalise the text on the “take this course” button with LD?
And is it possible to offer 3 payment levels and then personalise the button text for each level?

The text can be changed under the custom label settings in LearnDash. It’s not possible to have three different labels for each level.

Hello Justin!
I am integrating this add-on, which I find excellent.
But I have an issue:
When this add-on registers a user in WordPress, it does it without a password. That means that this user is still not usable to login into the site.

I can imagine 2 solutions:
1- Register the user with a password and then send an email to the user about this user/password information
2- If the user is already logged in, then reuse in the stripe form the user´s email, in order to be coincident with the current user and be able to connect the course with the logged in user.

Many thanks for your answer!

Avatar Diego

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