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Unless you have been living under a rock lately, you know that mobile learning (or mlearning) is on the rise.  New technology is making mobile learning a realty, and the decrease in mlearning device prices is helping with overall adoption.  Every day there are more and more learning apps hitting the market.  The infographic below, provided by the Social Learning Project, provides some interesting facts about these mobile ed tech apps.

For instance, I found it quite interesting that nearly 15% of all Google Play apps are categorized as educational and Books & Reference.  In terms of numbers, that means roughly 90,000 apps fall into this category (as of May this year, there were roughly 600,000 total Google Play apps). I am curious to know the number of these apps that go without a single download 🙂 … still, the demand is there as 48 billion downloads of Google Play apps in May 2013.

Mobile learning is likely to become a main method of learning in the near future. As indicated in the infographic below, according to one survey, 70% of organizations plan to implement some form of mlearning in the next two years.  Public opinion is following, as 48% view mlearning as having a positive impact on education.

What is really eye-opening is that these figures are only reporting on Google apps. More people are likely familiar with Apple’s app store, the most popular store of its kind in the world.  I would be interested to see a similar infographic that evaluates the available edu tech mlearning apps and their popularity from itunes.



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Hello Justin, nice post, I work in an e-elearning project and we would like to implement m-learning too, I would like to use the data about the amount of google apps about education that there are so far, I looked for them in sociallearningproject.com but I could not find the page, could you send the link please?


Milton Navarro

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