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At this point it isn’t a secret that mobile learning (also referred to as ‘mlearning’) is projected to grow over the foreseeable future.

A simple trip the store will provide all the evidence you need that people prefer mobile devices for entertainment and learning. Kids are playing with apps as their parents push them in their stroller. At the same time, the parents are checking their email.

All over the world mobile learning is growing in popularity. Below are some facts, originally shared by Docebo, that demonstrate the boom that is occurring in the world of mobile learning, particular in Africa:

  • In 2013, the African mobile telecom market was $60 billion.
  • By 2020, the African mobile market is expected to grow to roughly $234 billion (a CAGR of 21.27%).
  • The mobile learning market in Africa is projected to reach $530 million by the year 2017.
  • Rural populations in Africa are reporting greater usage of mobile learning technology.
  • Self-paced elearning on a PC is not as prominent as mobile learning.

The mobile learning climate in Africa is indicative of growing preference for learning programs that are easily accessed.

More than ever, organizations can now track this learning activity effectively by leveraging the benefits of Tin-Can (Experience) API.

Unlike its older brother “SCORM”, Tin-Can API isn’t limited by the device used for delivering the course content. Whether it is a tablet or smartphone, the data is sent to the learning record store and relevant learning metrics can be further analyzed.

Interested in knowing more about Tin-Can API? Click here for some additional information.

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Absolutely agree, mobile Learning is the way we can finally reach the millions of children that can not go to school or the more than 650 million children that can only attend severely inadequate schools. We ‘Dev4X’ are a non-profit community project that is developing a self-schooling platform for low cost smart phones and tablets that will be able to teach these children even if they have no access to schools, the internet or traditional support. Mobility is key here, as many of these children find themselves unable to go to school, or need personalized, self paced instruction, instead of what they are receiving now. We are also looking at Tin-Can API as the key way we will be tracking learning progress, and utilizing its offline capability to do so.

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