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Not too long ago I wrote an article relating to SCORM, what it is and how it works on a high level. I found it a bit odd to be writing about such an old standard in elearning, but it is indeed still being used around the world.

One of the reasons why talking about SCORM seems archaic is because of the newly commissioned elearning standard, Tin Can API (also referred to as Experience API). This light-weight protocol opens up new possibilities in learning documentation and tracking that we previously could not do with SCORM.

The official version of Tin Can API hasn’t even been out a year (as of this article), so adoption is still taking place. Part of increasing the adoption rate of Tin Can is educating users on what it is and what it can do.

The infographic below (created by LearningPool) does just that.

If you are new to the entire Tin Can landscape, then this will help you get a grasp on this new technology (at least at a high level).

Once you get a basic understanding about what Tin Can is and the possibilities it enables with elearning, then you will be better prepared to read more about what it can do for your particular situation.

I think at first it is reasonable to expect that adoption will be slow, and the use-cases will likely resemble a typical SCORM implementation. But, over time, we will start to see the real power of Tin Can API, especially as we take learning “off the browser” (so to speak).

Once you are done with the infographic below, have a look at the official Tin Can website for more examples of it in use and how to leverage it to its full potential.

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hi Justin, I got a project for a company and I wanna implement your learning management system but I need to know if we can integrate this with tin can api and if you can guide us in every step of the development and if this form a part of the product without any additional payment

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