November 17th, 2021 Announcements
LearnDash 3.6 announcement video.

Over the last several months we’ve been talking internally about this release as one of the most exciting ones ever. You may recall that in September, the ownership of LearnDash changed hands. That’s normally when you see things slow down. But for us, that was the opposite. It was our chance to focus on a fantastic release and firmly declare that we’re just getting started!

As the title of this post suggests, this release covers a lot of ground. We’ve worked hard to make sure there’s something in it for everyone. It doesn’t matter if you’re just getting started and want to make sure your site looks amazing, or if you’ve been in a game a while and really are looking for a way to protect your content. We have you covered!

The Customer Experience Is Everything

The first experience a customer has with your course is critical. It often makes the difference between them being engaged and them walking away. We have two features to help you manage the experience more directly.

Post-Purchase Redirection

For the longest time, the way LearnDash did redirections was either globally (like where do you want the customer to be returned to after a successful PayPal transaction), or just automatically (like back to the course).

What we’ve done now is make it so that each course can have its own unique course enrollment URL that overrides the new post-registration redirection. So we’ve given you a standard redirect, and a course-specific one.

This is a powerful way to drive certain customers of certain courses to upsell opportunities (but not everyone.

Post-Purchase Emails

Until now, you were likely using other solutions to send emails when a customer made a purchase or when a student registered for a course. Now with LearnDash 3.6 you’ll be able to toggle those emails on/off and customize their content. Given that we’ve already written about that feature, I’ll let you go check out that article to see what we’ve rolled into this version. And I’m positive we’ll be adding more with each release.

LearnDash Subscriptions Will Delight Your Wallet

I am a big fan of WooCommerce and all that it allows you to do. It’s flexibility is its power, and the number of extensions available for it are incredible. That said, they’re not inexpensive. And the subscription extension is one of the most expensive.

LearnDash has supported lightweight subscriptions before. But never what we’ve rolled out now, and you’re going to love it. Especially the price. It’s included in our core offering at no extra cost.

Now LearnDash Subscriptions supports actual billing periods and trials. It’s a full subscription solution that means you don’t need additional extensions to make things work. It works with both PayPal and Stripe.

LearnDash Integrity Protects Your Content

If you’ve sold online courses for any period of time, you know how frustrating it is when customers start sharing their passwords, or when competitors copy your content or simply link back to your videos in their course.

Well all of that is in the past now with LearnDash Integrity – a clean way to protect your site by letting you toggle on several protection features. You can limit concurrent logins, stop people from linking directly to your hosted content, and stop people from copying and pasting your content.

If you’re already solving reCaptcha another way, you can toggle our support for it in Integrity. But if you haven’t had it, turning it on is as simple as flipping the toggle and adding your reCaptcha keys from Google


You’ve Been Waiting for CourseGrid 2.0

The final feature to tell you about is the one you’ve been hearing about for a bit now. It’s our efforts on CourseGrid 2.0 and it comes with pre-made layouts for grids, mosaics, and more. You can also easily turn on and turn off data elements to make your course grid look exactly as you like. And you won’t need any additional page builder support to turn your course grid into a 2 or 3 column layout.

It’s never been this easy to make your course grid look this good.

Our Gutenberg block is easy to find, easy to drop onto a page, and easy to configure. No programming needed, and no additional plugins needed to present your courses in the best light possible.

Check Out LearnDash 3.6

I started by telling you we were just getting started. I’m not lying when I tell you that our team has already worked on our plans for 4.0 which will arrive early next year. 

We’re hiring more developers, getting things ramped up, and are excited about all the features and performance, along with integrations that you’ll see.

If you’re a customer, pull down 3.6 and take it for a ride. If you’re new here, get a license and I promise you, you’ll love what we’re building here. There’s a little something for everyone in this release.

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About Chris Lema

Chris Lema got started with online learning in 1995 in the first transition from computer-based training to moving things on the web. He's been building online courses and membership sites ever since.

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Learndash subscriptions sound fantastic. Will they need to integrate with a membership system or can they stand alone?

Hey Abby! They can stand alone, no need for a membership plugin or an eCommerce plugin like WooCommerce. 🙂

Avatar Jack Kitterhing

Great new features!
I wonder if the redirect also works if people pay thru Woocommerce. Most people in Benelux market use Mollie for payments, so we need to use woocommerce for enrollment.
I installed today a 200$ subscribtion plugin to make this happen what you now announce…

Hi Tania!

Right now it doesn’t, because it’s a bit of a different process with how WooCommerce transactions work and a lot of people use plugins like cartflows for custom redirects.

I’ll add a feature idea for it though, thanks!

Avatar Jack Kitterhing


that would be very useful. The same goes for the post-purchase emails as if they run through e-commerce that will also not work.

And speaking of features, Automatically reminding students that they have not completed their course is an important missing email feature.

Avatar Guy Traiber

Wow wow wow! These are the features I’ve been anxiously awaiting. Thank you so much for including these critical features of subscriptions, pay per post, the protections in the core of LearnDash. You guys/team are fantastic.

Thanks Trent! 🙂

Avatar Jack Kitterhing

Hi Chris,

Thanks for your enthusiasm. Love Learndash, and love every single one of these updates. Thank you!

Thanks so much! We’re glad you love the updates as much as we do and we’re just getting started. 🙂

Avatar Jack Kitterhing

I am looking forward to digging into the course grid option a bit more. The mosaic option sounds great.

I like that we don’t need to get woo or woo subscriptions to charge a reoccurring fee.

Thanks Melodie! If you have any questions about the new features be sure to reach out to our team who’ll be happy to help. 🙂

Avatar Jack Kitterhing

Please update the link, it still is showing as 1.7 and NOT 2.0 when downloading from the Course Grid 2.0 page on your site.

Avatar Tim

Hey Tim!

We keep it this way for 24-48hrs post release so users can downgrade if required. We’ll be updating that link later today. 🙂

Avatar Jack Kitterhing

Hi Chris, and the team at LearnDash!

LD is an amazing product that just keeps getting better.. I use woo, and wooSubs, and I have a number of questions about the new release…

1. We use: non-recurring subscriptions that simply expire. Does the new “subscription integration” have an option for this?

2. Does the new subscription have the capability of showing “expiration by student” to the student based on when they are enrolled?

3. We use LD Groups – all students are granted access to courses through groups, and groups are attached to subscriptions. Is there any tie to the subscription meta assigned at the group level (to display for the individual student?)

4. how well integrated is the new Subscription functionality with wooSubscriptions? any docs you can point me to?

5. Integrity! AWESOME!! but does this cover “uploads” attached to a course in the wordpress uploads folder? or do I still need something like Prevent Direct Access Gold? or Download Manager?

6. Integrity protection: should I disable other plugins (ie: any known conflicts?)

7. Course Grid looks INCREDIBLE, did LearnDash build an elementor styling widget for it?

Hey Dan!

1. It sure does. You can set the number of billing times much like a payment plan, so you can have say 6 payments and then the subscription expires.

2. Not right now! But we have future planned improvements for the students account and how everything will work together. 🙂

3. The new subscription functionality also works with groups but much like the above there isn’t currently a front-end output to indicate subscription expiry.

4. With the new subscription functionality unless you want super complex subs you wouldn’t need Woo Subscriptions, because of this there is no direct integration as they perform the same function.

5. If you want to completely stop the image being accessed then most probably you’d be best using Download manager still, however we do include hot link protection and will be making future improvements.

6. No known conflicts at this time. 🙂

7. Thanks! At this time only Gutenberg but you can use the shortcode instead with Elementor.

Avatar Jack Kitterhing

For those of us using different builders than Gutenberg, will we be using different shortcodes than before? I am eager to implement a more modern look. Any help is much appreciated.

Thank you for making an already great product, better.
I had no idea that Chris Lema was the LD GM, this is an added bonus 🙂

Glad you like the updates Amr! 🙂

Avatar Jack Kitterhing

Are the new features in 3.6 explained in any updated or new tutorials on your site, so we can understand how to use?

Avatar Steve W Henwood

Hi Steve,

The docs have been updated over at and we’re working on even further docs as well.

If you get stuck or have any questions feel free to reach out to our support team who’d be happy to assist.


Avatar Jack Kitterhing

I am excited about the new features! Great short video too. Very clear.

Thanks Jamie! 🙂

Avatar Jack Kitterhing

Hello and thanks for this amazing upgrade.

Did you build out the Grid2.0 for Elementor?


Hi Carlos!

The Course Grid block is for Gutenberg but you can use the shortcode with Elementor. 🙂


Avatar Jack Kitterhing

Awesome update! It would be great if in the future updates, it would possible to add quizzes or surveys directly to the lessons without any redirections or plugins. The answers users submit can be either stored as part of the quizzes, or standalone questions within the question bank.

Avatar Peter K

Thanks for your feedback, Peter! 🙂

Avatar Jack Kitterhing

I use Woo Subscriptions. When a user postpones or cancels their subscription I have to manually remove their group access on the expiration date.
Are there any plans to make this automatic?

Hey Helen!

Please reach out to our support team as there should be a filter they can provide you for that.


Avatar Jack Kitterhing

Hi Chris,

thank you for the exciting work and this big new update. We like the approach of yours to make LearnDash more of a stand-alone solution.

A lot of our clients ask for subscriptions and other complex features for their learndash sites, so naturally we use LearnDash + WooCommerce.

I am happy to test the new update with a new project soon!

Andreas Prinz
Projectmanagement | LearnDash agency

Thanks for your feedback Andreas! Pleased to hear you like the new updates. 🙂

Avatar Jack Kitterhing

There should be an Instructor dashboard from where Instructors/ teachers can login and start/resume courses. Particularly if Instructors/Teachers do video lectures, they should have an option to start the video lecture from the Instructor/ teacher dashboard and not from zoom or other portals etc. this is a major security concern.

Avatar Kanak Chakraborty

Thanks for your feedback Kanak!

Avatar Jack Kitterhing

yes, thank you for that.

Avatar Gil

Glad to see you’re liking the new update, Gil! 🙂

Avatar Jack Kitterhing

Very excited to try out the course grid through Gutenberg and the post purchase emails. Keep doing the good work guys.

Thanks Nikhil! 🙂

Avatar Jack Kitterhing


LD Subscriptions works with invoicing?

Because this is the only thinh that holds me back from using it instead of Woo Commerce Subscriptions.

Avatar Florin

Hi Florin,

At the moment no, but we do have future improvements planned for that functionality. 🙂


Avatar Jack Kitterhing

Good Job.
When you will a course filter?
Like filter by price, author, categories etc…

Avatar Caidor

Hey Caidor!

You can do all that in the brand new Course Grid 2.0 🙂

Avatar Jack Kitterhing

I’d love it if the LearnDash stripe integration was improved. Then I could get rid off woocommerce altogether and make my site much lighter.

Subscriptions with trials are great, but I would love a pre-order payment option where folks can order in advance, try the course, but payment drops on a specific date. So it is slightly different than a free trial, because everyone who pre-orders will have their payment clear on the same date.

Hi – This all sounds great. I have purchased LearnDash, and will start building courses, but I have a question about membership levels and wondered if you would be able to give some advice and whether this update cover this?

I would like a parent to purchase the course through my website, and create an overarching parental account and then be able to create child accounts themselves. I would like the parental account to have an overview of what their child has done so they can observe progress etc…but with the child being able to log in independently. I hope that makes sense?

For the course grid, for those of us using different builders than Gutenberg, will we be using different shortcodes than before? I am eager to implement a more modern look. Any help is much appreciated.

Does integrity also specifically protect video streaming content and downloadable files? Such as expiration for download links and embedded video content?

Avatar Fred

It would be awesome if Learndash had the option to charge taxes without the need of WooCommerce. This would really be a game changer

Avatar Kevin

Hi! What about others payment gateways? PayPal and Stripe: they are not options for us in south america and therefore we use woocommerce subscriptions to process payments through wocommerce.

In the 3.6 version, is it possible to prorate upon upgrading or downgrading a subscription?

Avatar Stefania Eleni Charitou

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