Improve Your Course Experience with LearnDash Email Notifications
November 15th, 2021 Announcements

Whether you’re an online creator or an employer providing eLearning to your employees, sending out user registration emails is critical to your learner’s future success.

The post-registration experience is just as crucial as getting your learners to register in the first place. Sending out purchase success and user registration emails are just a few examples of how you can improve your course experience. In our upcoming 3.6 release, you’ll be able to implement both from the LearnDash settings panel.

What Happens After Learners Register?

Imagine your ideal learner searching online for a course you offer. Their search leads them to your website, where they learn about your course, complete the registration, and submit their payment. The next page your learners see is your confirmation page with the next steps, but they didn’t receive an email confirmation.

Although confirmations such as purchase success or new user registration emails seem insignificant, they can actually impact your learner’s experience and engagement negatively.

Here are a few reasons why post-purchase emails are essential;

  • Confirm payment was successful
  • Increase learner engagement with your course
  • Provides an easy way to come back again
  • Relay any pertinent information that appeared on your website’s confirmation page

Improving Your Course Experience

Before our upcoming 3.6 release, you needed to use a plugin like WP SMTP connected with Send Grid and possibly an email autoresponder to send confirmation emails.

However, now you can set up LearnDash email notifications to keep your learners in the loop and engaged. 

As soon as someone completes the registration process, your site can automatically send out the following emails:

  • Course Purchase Success
  • Group Purchase Success
  • New User Registration

Each email type allows you to customize the message and even use smart tags to personalize the information in your emails. You also have the option to turn these emails on or off.

How to Setup LearnDash Email Notifications

We’ve made this easy for you by adding a tab for “Emails” right to the LearnDash settings areas. You can even set your own from name and email address so learners can instantly recognize you in their inbox.

The new built-in email notifications won’t replace your autoresponder CRM or the LearnDash Notifications add-on. However, it is a solid starting point for keeping learners engaged and what to do next. 

You Don’t Want to Miss the 3.6 Release

This week we’ll be releasing LearnDash 3.6 with features like this plus subscription payments without the need for WooCommerce and even a way to protect your course content with Integrity. If you’re a current LearnDash customer, you can now try out the beta release from your account. In the meantime, be sure to join our newsletter to stay in the know about what’s to come.

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About Karmen Kendrick

Karmen is a product marketing manager here at LearnDash. She holds almost a decade of experience running an eCommerce site, a digital agency, and a WordPress course for beginners.

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Hi Karmen,

I find this statement somewhat misleading/confusing:

“Before our upcoming 3.6 release, you needed to use a plugin like WP SMTP connected with SendGrid and possibly an email autoresponder to send confirmation emails.”

WP SMTP & SendGrid have nothing to do with which emails your site sends to its users. They help you change WHICH SERVER sends those emails, but they don’t choose which emails go out. You can’t tell WP SMTP that you want to send email A when thing B occurs.

I just want to point this out for others reading the article, especially beginners. Email stuff in WordPress can be really confusing even before you add LearnDash to the mix.

Hi Dave! Thanks for catching this. I’ll update this point and make it more concise. Thanks for reading!

Avatar Karmen Kendrick

Great update! Could you possibly explain the function of each email (Course Purchase, Group Purchase, etc.)?

Avatar Casey Smith

It is possible to add an option where we can see what is going out with a testing email? For example, for LearnDash notification emails, I select the option to have a copy go to admin so I can see what my users are reading when they sign up (used to be a test feature there but it disappeared). I think it’s important for us to have ways to test our emails so we can create a better onboarding and course guiding experience. Right now, I use a fake profile to test everything and it’s time-consuming. I have to remove myself from programs, cancel subscriptions, and create coupon codes so I can go back in and retest the whole process. It’s a pain in the butt. Also, one last request – can we have better email formatting options. When I design them in the visual tab, they don’t display like that in the real email. So I have to go under the HTML tab and carefully format it. Now that we don’t have the test email button anymore, I either have to test using my fake account or wait for a new user to sign up to see what it looks like. I really feel like this feature is super important and glad you guys are working on improving it. BTW, I LOVE LearnDash!

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