Even MORE LearnDash Enhancements are Coming!

It has been two months since LearnDash first launched the premier WordPress LMS plugin.  We want to thank all of you who have jumped on board with LearnDash – we sincerely appreciate your support.

You may recall, but no less than one month from our originally launch, we released version 1.1.0 based on feedback we received from our customers.  Also with version 1.1.0, we released the LearnDash library – a growing list of FREE addons for LearnDash customers.  Today, we are preparing for the next round of updates, and we think you’ll be very pleased with what’s ahead.

2013-03-19 14_00_06-New Test _ Ferriman.orgFirst, in the upcoming version you will notice some added visuals next to the lessons you create for the courses.  Next to each lesson and quiz will appear a check box.  When a lesson is “marked complete” this check box turns from gray to green to signify its completion.  This gives your users the ability to instantly see where they are within the courses they are taking on your LMS.

In addition, we have added a nifty Course Status feature that changes depending on if the user has started to take a course.  Here users will see either “Not Started”, “In Progress”, or “Completed”.  The “Completed” status can only be obtained once the final quiz has been successfully passed.

2013-03-19 14_01_06-New Test _ Ferriman.orgBesides these cosmetics, we of course cleaned up some of the code, and increased the entire user experience by streamlining the lesson/quiz navigation.  With a click of a button, users will now mark a lesson complete, increase the progress bar, and instantly be taken to the Next Lesson.

Improved Support Site and LearnDash Plus

cropped-LearnDash-Support-LogoWith all these great changes, we decided that the support and documentation we offer also needs a face-lift. Around the same time as these updates, we will be launching the LearnDash support portal, to be full of scripts, videos, documentation, and tips for getting the most out of your WordPress LMS. In time, you can fully expect this to be the home of a customer only forum as well.

Last but certainly not least in the line of updates is LearnDash Plus. We are going through some beta testing at the moment but expect this bad-boy to be coming down the line as we enter into spring – by the way it’s not too late to sign-up for LearnDash Plus beta testing (if you are a current LearnDash customer, you are already on the potential tester list).

Commitment to Continuous Improvement

Our goal with LearnDash is to make it a product for the learners, as envisioned by our customers. We are dedicated to this product because we believe in it. If you have any questions or suggestions, we encourage you to contact us. It is going to be an exciting year for all of us.


Justin Ferriman is the co-founder and CEO of LearnDash, the WordPress LMS trusted by Fortune 500 companies, major universities, training organizations, and entrepreneurs worldwide for creating (and selling) their online courses. Twitter | LinkedIn

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  1. hi justin.
    i love learndasha and still busy setting up my first 3 courses. I have a request though: we offer courses to low income groups in poor countries. most of these students access their course material and complete exams from mobile devices. my requestes/suggstions are:

    1. learndash should be 100% mobile friendly (not required for the backend though)
    2. the option to charge per lesson and not per course so that our students can literally “pay as they go”. obviously auto proceed to the next lesson must be deactivated in this case till payment is received ( we charge minimal amounts per lesson: $1-$3)
    3. incorporate a built in forum where students can sign up and interact, like with vanilla or buddypress, but especially designed to work with learndash
    4. additional payment gateways, eg. paypal, google, payfast (South Africa), or possibly activating alternative payment gateways by inserting the code generated by your payment gateway of choice.

    thank you for considering my requests!

    1. Great thanks Izelle- just as a side comment, send me a note if you are unable to get your LMS to work on mobile devices (LearnDash is mobile compatible, so happy to help get you up and running).

  2. Evaluating LearnDash, What do you mean by “LearnDash is mobile compatible”? I have a need to create a Native app so the students can access the courses in the LMS thru the mobile app.

    1. Meaning it can work on mobile devices when LD is installed on a responsive theme. Native app not yet available.

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