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LearnDash PlusOne thing is for sure, a learning management system means different things to different people.  Since our launch in January, we have helped our customers get the most out of LearnDash based on their specific project needs by leveraging our deep experience in the learning industry.

Throughout this process, we realized that some projects just require more – as such, we have been hard at work planning and building out a new offering by LearnDash, to be called LearnDash PLUS. With LearnDash PLUS, you’ll be able to get even more out of your LMS.  Here are just SOME of the features to look forward to:

  1. Advanced User Management – Group and display users based on their LMS access privledges
  2. Time Sensitive Access – Permit your LMS users access to course material for a limited amount of time
  3. Drip-Feed Course Content – Sequentially allow users to see certain course content (in days) after they register for your LMS
  4. Accept Subscription Payments – Charge a daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly fee for access to your LMS

One major part of any development project is beta testing. Generally, a subset of interested parties from various backgrounds who put the software “through its paces”, so to say – LearnDash PLUS is ready for such testing!

If you are interested in being a potential beta tester for this project, please sign-up using the form below. (Note: Because of the large interest in this project, we cannot guarantee that you will be selected as a tester).

If you are a current LearnDash customer, then you are already on the list of potential testers.

Yes, I want to be a Beta Tester for LearnDash PLUS (enter your email address) No-Spam Guarantee

[notification style=”tip” font_size=”12px” closeable=”false”] Use the form above to express your interest in being a potential BETA tester for LearnDash PLUS. [/notification]

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The 4 improvements listed above are exactly what I need to make my course administration more functional, efficient, and useful. Bring on the changes! Great work!

In addition to the above items, it is important to have the option of a user login area without relying on another plugin.

Hi I have LearnDash already (as you know 🙂 it’s working great! But I would like to second ‘Fernando’s’ suggestion of a user login area if possible. The issue of changing password always arises in WordPress doesn’t it? Without a plugin, and usually a paid one (I have profile pro), the user must navigate around the back end to change the password, then find how to get back to the site. If your students are school children, and in my case ESL school children, that might not be intuitive. I haven’t installed Profile Pro on my test site yet hoping there would be one in LDPlus. With Profile Pro, there’s no way to have a maintenance mode page. Thanks!

Avatar Mike Langley

This sounds really good. It’s what I need for my LMS. I’m looking forward to using it.

I think these developments are great however, personally I would prefer that you simply provided much tighter integration with an existing member plugin that already performs all of these functions and much more such as Wishlist Member e.g. perhaps moving students to certain levels within wishlist member after they have passed a quiz. This way you can stay focused on providing more and better Learning Management specific features and tools rather than trying to also cover the “membership” arena, which is ground well and truly trodden to a high level already.

This is not a criticism as you’re doing a truly great job with LearnDash, but my worry here is that you are going off focus and expending precious resources in the wrong areas.

Hi Neil-
Thanks for your comments and thoughts. I am in total agreement in that we don’t want to be stretching ourselves too thin. WishList Member will always be far more robust and expansive than any similar development here. That said, this is the reason why people DON’T want WLM (or similar plugins). They want something that is clean, simple, and just works within the LearnDash framework… and LD+ affords us that ability. We have our eye on the ball, don’t worry 🙂

I am looking forward to Advanced User Management and Time Sensitive Access.

Avatar Mir Huque

Just so I’m understanding this correctly – will LearnDash Plus remove the need for a membership plugin to protect pages e.g. Wishlist Member?

If so, please hurry up – I need this like yesterday!

Avatar Marko

Hi Marko-
It will be a light-weight integration that provides additional membership like qualities. We have a beta version we are testing. If you decide to purchase LearnDash, send our support desk a note and we can get it to you.

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