February 10th, 2016 Announcements

LearnDash Updates latestWe are pleased to let you know about the new features in the latest version of LearnDash, officially made available today.

Many of these features are the direct result of conversations we have had with all of you as you use LearnDash for your online learning programs.

Below are some of the highlights of this new version.

To see all of the updates, please reference the changlog.

Easy Custom Labels


As you likely already know, by default LearnDash courses have the following terminology:

  • Courses
  • Lessons
  • Topics
  • Quizzes

However, sometimes it makes sense to call them something else.

While this was always possible, it was a bit more cumbersome than we liked.

Your feedback echoed this sentiment. As a result, we have added a settings page so that it is a lot easier to change these labels.

In addition to the items listed above, you can also change the labels for the following buttons:

  • Mark Complete
  • Take This Course
  • Click Here to Continue

After making your desired terminology changes and updating, your permalinks (URLs) will all update as well.

For example, if you wanted to change “Courses” to “Modules”, then this:


…automatically becomes:


You can find this new settings page under LEARNDASH LMS > SETTINGS > CUSTOM LABELS.

Hide Course Content Option

Currently when you visit a LearnDash course you can see a list of the course content (lessons, topics, and quizzes) in the Course Content table.

However, some of you mentioned that you would prefer to hide this information, and only make it visible after someone enrolls (or purchases) the course.

Well now you can!

On the EDIT COURSE page there is an option where you can choose to hide the Course Content table.

When selected, the course content will only be visible to someone who is both signed into their account and enrolled into the course.

Certificate Layout Options


As we continue our make-over of certificates we decided to provide you early access to two new settings.

When you edit your certificate you now have the option to select the the layout (US Letter or A4) and the orientation (Landscape or Portrait).

Speedier Courses

To round out this update, we reworked the loading of courses and course content to be faster.

If you have a large course with many lessons, topics, and quizzes then you will immediately notice quicker course load-times after updating to this latest version.

To ensure optimum performance of your courses make sure that you update so that you are running the latest versions of both LearnDash and WordPress.

The Year Rolls On…

As promised, we are forging ahead with an eventful 2016 – packed full of new features, functionality, add-ons, and enhancements.

So as always, thank you so much for the continuous dialogue, patience, and overall enthusiasm for LearnDash.

Until next time!

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About Justin Ferriman

Justin Ferriman started LearnDash, the WordPress LMS trusted by Fortune 500 companies, major universities, training organizations, and entrepreneurs worldwide for creating (and selling) their online courses. Justin's Homepage | Twitter


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Really excellent – so great to be on board with a product that is forward thinking!

Avatar Vik

Thank you Vik, we’re happy that you’re on board too! 🙂

I agree. These are really great improvements. Thanks Justin.

Avatar Lakhu Keshvara

Another great update Justin! I can’t wait to try these out on our courses.

Great stuff. Particularly like the option to change the names of course, lesson, topic, etc.

Avatar Donal

Excellent. Keep up the great work Justin!

Very much appreciate the support Ed, thank you!


Many sincere thanks- it just keeps getting better and better


Avatar Ryan

This is great! Quick question. I’m using POEditor to update the learndash naming conventions…should I back out those changes before updating to this version?

Avatar Brian Reid

Hi Brian – I’d recommend saving a copy of your updated language files prior to any update just-in-case.

Hi Justin,

We have quite a lot of naming conventions and text to overwrite. Can I accomplish this by updates within learndash.pot?



Avatar Declan McKeown

Very useful update!!

Avatar Michael

This is awesome Justin, we are going to make a learning platform for a big company, and I’m so glad that we have chosen to work with LearnDash. I’ve tried almost all the WordPress LMS plugins and yours is by far the best.

Thank you so much for the kind words Giulio!

Avatar Carlos

As always, Justin, I am truly impressed by how you and your team at LearnDash refuse to stand still and are always trying to add new features and functionality to an already great product. And, as my recent experience has demonstrated, your customer support is also brilliant. I’m so glad I selected LearnDash for my online learning website.

Avatar HowardH

Thank you Howard, it really means a lot to us that you’re enjoying your experience with LearnDash.

Very practical and useful upgrades – thanks!

I have currently the Beta 2.2 version (with assignment option) installed. Are the beta features included in this version as well or will this version interfere with the beta version?

Avatar Jasper

Hi Jasper!

The v2.2 Beta features are not included in this update. That said, it won’t be long until those features are in the current version.

Is there any updated beta that includes the renaming feature? We’re close to launch and we’d prefer to have some things renamed… but are also using the 2.2.0 beta features. Thanks!

Hi Rick-
Our next update will be merging beta features into the current LD version. Send support a note and we can walk you through how to change the labels in an alternative way until then.

When do you expect to add functionality that supports variable pints for a question on the quiz? My understanding is currently I can’t have more than 100 questions in a quiz because I can’t give a value less than one point for questions.

Hi Chris-
You can have more than 100 questions on a quiz, but indeed awarding negative points is not a feature. If you’d care to discuss further, send us a quick note and I’ll personally keep an eye out for it.

Great updates! Thanks Justin & Team!

Avatar Dennis

Well done Justin and Learndash Team! We love your product and your constant efforts to make it better. Thank you for these upgrades and all of your excellent customer support. We are going on our third year with you and just can’t believe the great upgrades and you constantly listen to our needs. Good job and THANK YOU!

Happy 3 year anniversary Anne! 🙂

Very nice work!!! I am using Learn Dash with complex elearning product in Brazil and works very well. Better than others expensives and fancies e-learning plattaforms. Worpress + learndash you can do everything!

Great update! Thanks again for listening to your customers.

Avatar Wil

Well done Justin. I hope, some day, LearnDash can work with Optimizepress and make it easier for us to make the interface look like a web page rather than a post, while simultaneously allowing the use of tags.. I don’t even know if this is possible as I am not technical, but I continue to hope.. 🙂

Thanks Sonny, there is some ability to connect to OptimizePress, and templates can be altered so they don’t adopt your blog post template – but I’ve noted your feedback!

Awesome! Keeps getting better.

Avatar Ivy Hesse

Nice job Justin and the Team.

Making the changes was a breeze. I get super excited after each update.

Avatar Ryk Melck

You know, I’ve never been so happy to be a LearnDash customer. I recommend it every time I get a chance!

Avatar Jorge Atempa

So happy to hear it Jorge, thank you!

I keep getting this error: An error occurred while updating LearnDash LMS: Download failed. Forbidden

Happy to help Morr, please contact support and we can have a look.

Hi Justin,
thank you for the update. I appreciate your working on speed. Most modern themes are way overloaded with features and tons of scripts, blocking rendering of the page. That having said, “learndash_template_script.js” is loaded on every page. We use GONZALES to finetune script-loading only on pages where the scripts are needed. But even this tool is not stopping “learndash_template_script.js” from loading on the front page where there are no courses. Any idea? JAN

Avatar Jan

Hi Jan-
Thanks for the note. Totally agree about your comments on themes, though I know everyone is trying their best to provide both features and speed :). Regarding your other comment, feel free to contact support if you wish to provide more detail or discuss further what you see on your end.

Thank you for all your updates and that you listen to your customers!
I would really really like to be able to switch the Mark Complete on or off, so that I can chose not to have it at all on a course, or only use it on each lesson and not the topics, and so on. Because many of my students thinks its hard to get it right.
So Please consider that function in your next update work.

Thanks Lina, appreciate the feedback!

The auto-mark complete is a much needed feature. Hope to see it in the next release

Avatar Chris

I love Learn Dash. Thanks for your good work!

Avatar Tracy Taylor

Excellent news on the update and some really good features in this release.

Really looking forward to seeing the development of LearnDash over the coming months and wish you the best of luck in building the most advanced LMS for WordPress!

Avatar Phil

I love reading about this. I’m new to LearnDash and haven’t actually built my first course yet, but I will be soon, and I can easily see how these new features would be beneficial. Also encouraging to see how responsive you are to your customer’s feedback. Can’t wait to dive in!

Thanks for stopping by Daniel and for using LearnDash!

Hi, Justin
sorry for my english.
Now I’m still using the Version 2.1.7

Where i can find my update (Version 2.1.8)?
On wordpress now there isn’t

Hi Angelo-
See this article for some additional instructions. If you still cannot update, please do contact support and we can assist you further.

To be honest, in the past I had built my site around a competing product and it was SO cumbersome to use, edit and it took FOREVER for new features to be added. But since I rebuilt my site using Learndash as the LMS I’m really happy with the results. You guys are awesome. Thanks for the update, exactly what I needed.

Avatar Mims

Thank you for this feedback Mims, and we’re happy to hear that you are enjoying using LearnDash!

Thank you for the update!

Thanks Justin for the updates. Keep up the great work you guys are doing!

Avatar Walter

It’s our pleasure Walter, thanks for choosing and using LearnDash 🙂

GREAT update Justin, I’ve shared this post with all our users! And now I can remove the Memberium tweak for page sizes 🙂

– Dave

Justin , the update sounds awesome, I am using the beta with essay questions, and I would like to use the new features with the beta can you release the beta with the new updates.

Avatar Michael

Hi Justin
Just got my new version of Learndash, only been using it for about a week now, and finding it so easy to use. Have completed all courses that I am looking to have available. have yet to set up the final quizzes for each course end, but with the ease that I have managed to put the course data together, I don’t think this will be too much of a problem.
Quick question are you working on a feature that will allow a course to be ‘dripped’, as in first lesson is available, but the second lesson will not be available to the user for a period of days?

Avatar Bob

Hi Bob-
Thank you Bob! To answer your question, drip-feeding lessons is a feature (both by specific date and after “x” amount of time). You can find this option when you edit a lesson.

Hi Justin, after updating to the new version I have uploaded my edited language file via FTP and now I get a mix of English and German displayed.

It seems to me that the variable terms (course, topic, lesson, quiz – with all combinations) are no longer come from the language file under the new label option. Is that possible?

It would actually also logical, since now translations take place at two different locations.

How can I solve this problem?

Avatar Hendrik

Hi Hendrik-
We’d be happy to have a look – please open a support ticket with any extra detail you can provide.


Same here (mix of English and Dutch). It seems as though LearnDash now ignores the language settings for common words like next and previous.

I’ll open a support ticket too.

Thanks Patricia, these are in the .pot file as ‘next %s’ and ‘previous %s’, ‘%s status’, etc. Please open a ticket and we’ll gladly assist.

thank you – these are great!

Great update and just in time. This labeling issue was a big factor for an organization I’m developing an LMS project for. It’s hard to make change to a labeling structure when its been around for 40 years and convincing them otherwise was a losing battle. Then one frustrating night as I considered my options, I received news of this update and the world was back in order. Ha.
Ok a little exaggeration but it almost became a deal breaker.

Avatar Jay

Glad you like it Jay, thanks!

Hi Justin,

The custom labels feature is a great idea, and exactly what I need. Are these settings global for all courses, or can you customize the labels for each course?

PS/ please advise what the latest version of learndash is, I can’t find the custom labels function in my LD settings.



Avatar Sarah

Thanks Sarah, you can see the latest version here.

Hi Justin,

With larger courses resulting in slower loading times (or so I’ve heard), do you have a recommendation for a max number of pages in 1 course before it begins to slow down the loading times? My courses could have over 100 pages each. Your recommendation (in regards to total pages) would be extremely helpful to know, before I start organizing all my content (I have about 700 pages). Thanks!

Hi Jeff-
Probably best to create multiple courses (i.e. Part 1, Part 2, etc.) if you have one massive course as you describe. Besides performance benefits, this is more conducive to online learning.

I think the Learndash system is great. Is it possible with, these new changes, to email the certificate to a student after completion? Either automatically or even just an email that congratulates them on course completion and contains a link to download their cert?

Avatar bstone

Hi bstone-
Thank you for the comment! The latter can be done pretty easily and you can include a link to the page that contains the LD profile, or to the course page since the certificate will always be available for printing once it is earned.

Unfortunately when I tried to change the label to Online Courses instead of Courses all of the permalinks remain /courses which wouldn’t be a problem except we have a custom post named Courses which is causing all courses to be redirected to. Any thoughts on what I can do to fix this?

You can change permalinks under SETTINGS > PERMALINKS. There is a section for LearnDash content.

This last tip from Justin makes it work great (might require in edit in this initial article to make it more solution-oriented ;))

Avatar David

Yeah. The article didn’t make it clear to update the permalinks. I happened to stumble upon it.

I’ve read a lot about Learndash and I’ll be making my purchase soonest

Whenever I change “Courses” to my local language “Kursai” in LearnDash LMS – custom labels I get error in my “Social Learner – BuddyBoss” panel. Not sure why.

Error means that my menu tab “My Courses” is not displayed.

Try re-saving your permalinks.

Hey Justin,

Is there a way to disable the Course Content Table from being displayed for all users, including ones that are logged in an enrolled in a course? I prefer inserting it via a shortcode so I have more flexibility with the layout instead of just having it automatically inserted by default.

Avatar Cam

Hi Cam, The course content table will always display unless you select the option for it to be hidden until enrolled.

Hi Justin, Thanks for this awesome article. Is it possible to change Lesson Label PER COURSE ?

For some courses it makes sense to call them LESSONS, and for other courses it makes more sense to call them MODULES. is this possible ?

Thanks in advance

Avatar nicolaos

Hi: how can I translate “enrolled” string that appear inside the course?

Avatar Asier

I changed Lessons to Modules but the buttons that say Start Lesson or Revisit Lesson still sat Lesson. How do I make sure that changes to Module.

There isn’t a “start lesson” or “revisit lesson” button in LearnDash. Likely that is from another plugin.

Thanks for this Justin,

I am currently using the visitor and student shortcodes to achieve this, but i think this will help alot moving forward. But i was wondering if there is any specific way to hide the course header?


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