Characteristics of a Virtual Classroom

classroom-blended-learningThe ed tech landscape is full of various buzzwords that sometimes it can be hard to really grasp the concepts that are being discussed. For example, one popular movement today being used in the education industry is the virtual classroom, but what exactly does this mean?

The idea itself is not that hard to conceptualize, but often the characteristics regarding a virtual classroom are not discussed.

Below are some of the key components of a virtual classroom. I am sure that this could be expanded upon further, but for the sake of simplicity I have only included what I believe are the most defining ones.


A virtual classroom is an online classroom that allows participants to communicate with one another, view presentations or videos, interact with other participants, and engage with resources in work groups.


A virtual classroom allows both learners and instructors around the world to participate in live classes to collaborate and interact. MOOC programs like Coursera are a great example of this concept in action.


The low costs of virtual classrooms are considered to be a major advantage. Learners can save money by not having to worry about travel expenses. Participants also save time since all that is needed is an internet connection.

Flexible Learning

Online classes also allow for the ability to record class as it happens, including any presentation audio and visuals. This means that the content is accessible even after being delivered, an added benefit for those who want a quick refresher, or perhaps did not fully understand the first time.

Practical and Proven

Synchronous learning is a learning environment where everyone takes part in the learning at the same time. A traditional lecture is an example of this type of learning, and has been used for hundreds of years. Online learning enables this same type of experience, but with far more conveniences and tools.


Virtual classrooms can be used to deliver lectures, or even tutorials online. They are also great options for impromptu meetings and group projects where members need to check-in on progress and bounce ideas of one-another. With the virtual environment, ideas and collaborators are never far away.


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Justin Ferriman is the co-founder and CEO of LearnDash, the WordPress LMS trusted by Fortune 500 companies, major universities, training organizations, and entrepreneurs worldwide for creating (and selling) their online courses. Twitter | LinkedIn

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  1. This is a great, concise summary of the virtual classroom. One characteristic/advantage I’d add is that the virtual classroom is also environmentally friendly. Unlike traditional classroom training where participants may travel to a location to join a training session, virtual classroom participants get together online from wherever they happen to be. And since virtual classroom materials are digital, paper use is reduced as well.

  2. Great overview, the only point I would like to add is the use of Virtual Classrooms to solve a skills shortage, or connect to a remote expert.

    A good example is with languages, China and Latin America have a big shortage of native speaking English teachers, virtual classrooms make it easy to connect native speaking teachers.

    The current push for computer programming to be part of school curriculums is another example, many schools are struggling to find the expertise to teach these subjects.

  3. Anything about LMS I search on google, I end up with your blog 🙂 You sure have covered most of the aspects surrounding an LMS.

    I now need suggestions for a Virtual Classroom plugin that integrates with LearnDash please.

    Thanks a lot.

  4. Virtual class or online education are effects that technology of e-learning is easy to do that cannot be done in a regular school and colleges, such as the operation and use of animation and self confident increase in learning ’’

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  6. Justin, Are you able to recommend any VC platforms? I’ve used Webex is a corporate setting, but it’s just too expensive for a micro business.

    1. Hi Tina-
      There are many options as you probably know. AnyMeeting might be worth looking into – last I checked they had a free plan (supported by ads) that seemed to be pretty robust.

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