July 17th, 2013 E-Learning

Keeping up with all of the latest trends in technology can be quite exhausting. It seems as if every other week there is another new device, term, or concept that is sweeping through Twitter, Facebook, and industry publications.  Heck, even on LearnDash’s Learning & Collaboration blog, we write about many of the ed-tech trends… gamification, blended learning, flipped classrooms, instructional technology, learning management systems… the list goes on and on.

Given that it can become easy to get lost in the chatter, we wanted to take a moment and share this infographic by Boundless.  Using this “cheat sheet”, you will come up-to-speed with the latest and greatest in the ed-tech world.  In fact, it might be a good idea to save this one to your computer for future reference, just in case ;)!

One of the terms that I found most interesting was “Virtual Learning Environment”.  I am a firm believer that there is a fuzzy line between VLEs and LMSs, and the definition including on this cheat sheet could, in my opinion, very easily be applied to an LMS – especially in our case given that we have added the ability to manage/administer assignments and award badges in recent weeks.

Sure, there is a strong possibility that this will go out of date in six-months, but it will ensure that you have all the basics covered for quite some time!  And hey, if you feel that some are missing, feel free to post a comment below and share the term/concept with everyone else – this way we can at least have a current list going on the LearnDash site!



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Great Infographic!

Would you mind slapping a CC logo on that? I’d be more comfortable downloading it to use in the Ed Tech class I teach this fall. Otherwise I’ll just link to the post.

Avatar Corrie

Hi Corrie,
Thanks for the note. You’ll want to contact Boundless (@goboundless), the original creators of the infographic, to see if they will add the CC logo.

Thank you! This will be useful for my lifelong learner friends who have slowed-down a bit!

Avatar Nancy

Hi Nancy,
Thanks for the note, happy to hear you find the article/infographic useful!

This is really great. The only comments I have are that elearning is often associated with self-paced computer based learning whilst the virtual classroom is the synchronous learning environment for learners and facilitators. Also, I’m not sure how Virtual Classroom can possibly be confused with a computer game?? CMS – this is actually Content Management System. What you’re referring to above is an LMS, Learning Management System.

Avatar Marie

This is a fun synthesis of the many different ways people can learn. The use of simple terminology allows this information to transcend employee training, academic programs, parents trying to figure out what their kids are doing! This document also serves as a good start for someone at the pre-planning stage of developing a course. ..”Do I want to do this, or do that…?” If considering workplace learning, I would partner this document with the ASTD InfoLine “Creative Facilitation Techniques for Training.” With similar methodologies covered here, the Infoline outlines pros and cons and recommendations for exercises and assessments.

All good stuff!

Avatar Susan Edwards

Gorgeous infographic.
Only tiny ouch for me is because I’ve spent 2 years trying to sell the idea of a LEARNING Management System (LMS).
BTW*, CMS also stands for a concept I finally have my management understanding to mean CONTENT Management System for our website content.
*Like how I slipped in the acronym. 😉

Avatar Candace

This is a terrific infographic!. We’d like to share it with our LEARNINGSTARTS.org readers. Is it possible to get an embedding code for our CMS? We would, of course, credit you and the originator. (I emailed them but my email bounced back.) Please advise. Thanks!

Thanks Kristin, glad you like it. Feel free to use it but be sure to credit the original author (mentioned in the article).

That was great! Your infograph was very helpful. I will definitely be sharing this with coworkers. Thanks for ending all the confusion about what’s what these days.

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