May 28th, 2019 Announcements

LearnDash 3.0 is more than just an update, it’s an entirely new standard for online courses.

In the world of software, there are updates, and then there are game-changers.

This is the latter.

After many months of research, design, and development – you now have access to the most cutting-edge online course platform on the market. Not just in WordPress, but across the entire e-learning industry.

LearnDash 3.0 (or LD3) is a fundamental shift in how online courses are both delivered and created. Long overdue for this industry in my opinion.

It would be near impossible for me to discuss everything that is new in LD3 (and let’s face it, you probably would rather just experience it yourself). But join me as I show you some of its highlights! 🙂

Visually impressive courses that learners will love and that give your brand a professional, polished image.

Beautiful & Effective Course Templates

Here’s a hard truth: you can have amazing course content but if its presentation is lack-luster then it doesn’t really matter. Online course plugins and hosted course offerings are lazy (and sometimes reckless) in this area.

Either the visual experience is too minimal with just plain-text, and therefore not contributing to an engaging learning experience.

Or, the templates are over-designed. Clashing with the rest of the website and becoming too distracting.

Both scenarios are lose-lose. Your students have a poor learning experience and your brand suffers for lack of professionalism. If you are selling courses then this could even lead to higher refund rates.

LD3 solves this delicate balance for you.

We partnered with instructional design experts 3.7Designs to bring you a course experience like no other.

Clean and Informative Profiles

Every template is purposely designed to make your content shine, but at the same time help keep your learners engaged in the course.

The polished presentation gives you credibility and strengthens your brand. What will separate your courses from others is a culmination of the “little things”, like:

  • Optimal course content display
  • Intuitive and informative profiles
  • Clear navigation tracking
  • Multiple progress status points
  • Clear success, information, and warning notifications
  • Simple materials presentation

We have taken care of these (and so much more) for you!

Literally every visual aspect in LD3 has an intentional, thoughtful design so that you and your learners both benefit.

If you are currently using LearnDash, then after updating you can activate the new styles by navigating to LEARNDASH LMS > SETTINGS and selecting the LearnDash 3.0 template.

It is time for our expectations of online courses to evolve. The new LearnDash Focus Mode sets the bar higher.

My entire professional career has been in the e-learning industry. It has been thrilling to see the evolution in this space over the years, and I strongly believe this next feature to be the new direction for online course delivery.

We spent weeks analyzing every single popular course platform out there, from hosted solutions like Coursera and Teachable to other WordPress LMS plugins. We documented what they were doing right, and compared this against today’s e-learning trends. Through this research we found a tremendous opportunity area that everyone has been missing.

The result?

A dedicated virtual learning environment that is unmatched across the e-learning industry. Your learners will love it (and it will make you look really good).

Introducing LearnDash Focus Mode!

The Evolution of Online Courses

By simply activating a single setting you enable this distraction-free experience that looks great and is easy to use. LearnDash Focus Mode has been specifically designed to help increase both learner retention and course completion rates.

LearnDash Focus Mode looks great on mobile!

And given the ever increasing role that mobile learning has in online education, we took the time to make sure that your courses look just as good on mobile devices – giving your learners a consistent experience no matter how they decide to access your content.

Your learners can start the course on their laptop and pick-up where they left off on their phone. Your content will continue to shine because of the LearnDash Focus Mode delivery method.

But it’s more than just optimal content delivery, the user-experience of Focus Mode is on another level. Your learners can jump in-and-out of Focus Mode for an enjoyable and seamless course experience.

We even made sure that the LearnDash Focus Mode works with your favorite WordPress page builders, such as Elementor and BeaverBuilder!

Best of all, you can customize everything to match your brand!

Your courses are an extension of you and your brand, we get that. You will be happy to know that you can customize Focus Mode so that it fits right into your business!

Oh, and your styling changes don’t just impact Focus Mode, they will apply to every LearnDash template.

This includes the content table, progress bars, course navigation, Profiles, certificate downloads, and more!

Choose your colors, upload a logo, and in minutes you have a branded learning experience. No developer needed. 😉

We didn’t just focus on the course experience, but also the process involved with getting to the course.

The WordPress plugin and theme ecosystem make it incredibly well-suited for online learning. Though despite all of the advantages to WordPress, there are still some pain-points.

One of those obstacles can be user registration and login. We have taken care of this in LD3 with a better login and registration process. If you prefer to use the LearnDash login & registration capabilities, then users will get the following experience:

LearnDash Custom Login & Registration Feature

A simple, straight-forward method for logging into your site (or registering) to take a course. You can customize the colors and logo for this as well so that you present a consistent user-experience.

The learner experience in LD3 is on another level, and so too is the course creation process!

When we started the LD3 journey we reached out to you, our customers, to hear exactly what areas you thought could be improved with LearnDash. A huge thank-you to all of you who jumped on the phone with us!

We didn’t want the new LearnDash interface to just be good. We wanted it to be the best, so we brought in the best UX/UI designers out there: 10up.

They took your feedback and used it to shape the entire admin experience of LearnDash.

While almost all of the settings have been reorganized and updated with more contextual information, the most obvious changes come to the course and quiz creation process. We have rewritten our course and quiz builders so that they are not only the most advanced on the market, but very easy to use.

Drag, Drop, and Move-on

The clean interface of the LD3 course builder will have you spinning-up courses in minutes. If you have never created an online course before, then our course building experience will have you feeling like pro in no time!

Reuse Your Content

LearnDash is the only course builder that allows you to re-use your existing course content. No need to continually copy lessons or quizzes just to use them in other courses. Just select what you need and drag it over.

Add Lessons, Topics, and Quizzes with Ease

The LearnDash course builder has many layers. This gives you the ability to add depth to your course content in ways that many platforms overlook.

Divide Course Content into Sections

A LearnDash course has always had lessons, topics, and quizzes. In LD3 you now have the option to further organize your course by dividing your lessons up into sections.

The most advanced quizzing engine just got even better!

Assessments play a core part in online courses. If your quizzing capabilities are limited then so too is your course. But what good are advanced quiz settings if you don’t know how to use them?

The LearnDash quiz capabilities are in a class of their own, but your feedback rightfully pointed out that using these features needed to be easier. The new LearnDash quiz builder is the result of this feedback!

Drag & Drop Quiz Builder

Once you use the course builder, you will know immediately how to use the quiz builder in LearnDash as the interface is exactly the same – significantly decreasing the learning curve!

Reuse Questions from the Question Bank

Just like the course builder allows you to re-use lessons, the quiz builder allows you to re-use questions. But if you need to create new questions then don’t worry, we have your back!

Create Questions Directly in the Builder

You can now quickly add new questions and configure their settings directly in the builder! First you select your desired question type:

Once your question type is selected, the available settings will adjust and you can begin configuring the question!

When your question is complete, then you can add some optional results messages before moving onto the next one!

Edit Existing Questions with Ease

Need to change something in one of your questions? No problem, the Quiz Builder makes this a breeze!

And that’s just scratching the surface…

There is so much you can do in the quiz builder that I could write an entire article on it alone. The bottom-line is that you have an extremely powerful, yet intuitive quiz engine at your fingertips!

We want you to start enjoying all of what LD3 has to offer as quick as possible. Our LearnDash Bootcamp and new documentation can help you do just that!

Whether you are a seasoned LearnDash veteran or just starting today, you will need to come up to speed with the core functionality in LD3. Fear not friends, we have you covered!

Under LEARNDASH LMS > OVERVIEW you will find the LearnDash Bootcamp, quick and direct access to tutorials and key help articles so that you can get up and running!

That’s right, help is available directly within the software!

Below the LearnDash Bootcamp (which can be hidden if desired) you will find helpful articles, news, and access to LearnDash documentation.

Speaking of documentation…

Help Docs have you covered!

Something that is often overlooked when doing an update as big as LD3 is that immediately all of the documentation is out-of-date. The process of updating everything is a huge undertaking.

Personally, I find most software documentation to have a poor user experience. Often these sites are just a bunch of articles thrown onto a page with little to no formatting. As great as LD3 is, I didn’t want it to fall short because our help docs weren’t up to that same standard of excellence.

To bring you this new standard, we brought in LearnDash power-user (and all around great guy) Dave Warfel to re-design and re-write the LearnDash documentation.

He has an incredible talent for communication, and this is reflected in the amount of detail in our help docs. Seriously, go check it out →

LearnDash is not possible without you!

We wouldn’t be here if you all didn’t trust LearnDash as your WordPress LMS provider. I am continually amazed at the courses you create and ideas you share. Thank you for choosing us and for making LearnDash what it is today!

Additionally, I want to take a quick moment to thank the talented folks who contributed to LD3 over these months:

  • 10up for their UI/UX expertise
  • 3.7Designs for their innovative (and downright incredible) designs
  • Dave Warfel for his amazing documentation
  • Joe Casabona for creating the LearnDash Bootcamp
  • Muhammad Muhsin for helping to further customize the new builders
  • LD3 beta testers for helping us get LD3 ready for launch
  • And a shout-out to our core devs for their continued effort and dedication

Ready to level-up your online courses?

If you currently have a valid LearnDash license then you can update from your dashboard to get access to LD3 today.

Not a LearnDash user yet? What are you waiting for? JOIN US!

It doesn’t end with LD3. Now that it is released, we have a number of additional updates that will be coming in the near-future! Join the LearnDash Facebook group where we often share this news in advance!

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About Justin Ferriman

Justin started LearnDash, the WordPress LMS trusted by Fortune 500 companies, major universities, training organizations, and entrepreneurs worldwide. He is currently founder & CEO of GapScout. Justin's Homepage | GapScout | Twitter


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Wow, this IS a game changer! I’m absolutely blown away, I can’t wait to dig in and give all the new features a shot!

Avatar John Ross

This is great, guys! Thanks

Avatar Dee

Amazing! I’ll try in a couple of weeks! Justin I have 2 questions:

1) Is now Scorm and/or Tin Can Api compatible, or we still need to add some plug in’s in order to get the data and also remove the “complete” button?

2) Regarding the Plug In’s like Uncanny, Grassblade, etc… are they going o still work immediately or will need some time to update?


Alfonso Rodríguez (Spain)

Avatar Alfonso Rodríguez

Yes, also, are BuddyPress and Social Learner compatible with LD 3? Thanks!

Avatar Dee

Exactly my question! 🙂 I guess that’s on the side of BuddyPress. But would be good to know if BuddyPress has been kept in the loop about LD 3.0 as quite a few of BB front-end features seem to have become obsolete with this LD update. Justin, would you be so kind and comment on this? Thanks.

Hi Alfonso,

I can’t speak to other vendor plugins, but on the Uncanny side, Toolkit, Pro and Groups definitely needed updates (and they were all published last week), Tin Canny shouldn’t need an update and neither should our other plugins. The main compatibility issues we had were with fields that hooked into and extended LearnDash settings.

You will still need plugins like Tin Canny, GrassBlade or others if you need to use SCORM/xAPI modules.

I have two questions:
1 – Can LD3.0 export courses in SCORM/xAPI formats to be hosted on other LMSes?
2 – Can external SCORM/xAPI courses be uploaded to LD3.0?

Avatar Sandeep Deorukhakar

1. No, this is not supported
2. See this article for SCORM/xAPI support.

Well done, this is a massive upgrade. I’ll be upgrading my LMS as soon as my WordPress platform allows me 🙂

Hi, great job!
I have just one question: why a student cannot fail an assignment? As group leader I have only the “approve” function for a student’s assignment, and not the “fail” function too. Is there a particular reason for that? Thanks

Avatar Jes

I have just created a course using Learndash & Divi. Will I have issues if I upgrade?

I am wondering this too.

That’s my case! Learndash + Divi. Should the upgrade be without headaches?

Avatar Everson K

Users are reporting LD3 and Divi to be working well.

Hy Justin. Sorry but this is NOT true.

First of all: I have 3-4 open tickets now. All in case of Divi. I installed Version 2.X.X of LernDash, then made the update from 2.X.X to 3.X.X. Since then, everything is messed up.
– Course content showed up two times
– Serious backend Issues
– Now with the 3.0.3 Update, also the color customization do not work anymore.

This makes me realy sad because I spend hours and for me a lot of money, to get started with my online Course. But now, nothing works any more.

So for real, is LearnDash compatible with the newest version of divi or not? What about the divi booster lerndash Kit? Do I need it or not? In Version 2.X.X it was necessary to work with it for a clean integration. Now your Support told me that the problems come from the divi booster site…?

Hm, we haven’t seen many reports regarding Divi/LD not working. Many people in our Facebook group use that combo. I do believve Divi Kit is needed still given the way Divi does things, but it could be possible they need to update as well. This is a massive update to LearnDash so some 3rd party vendors will need a little time to catch-up if that is indeed the case. Color customizing fixed in v3.0.3.1

Course Content is showing up twice on Elementor too

Haven’t seen that to be honest. Raise a ticket and we can have a look.

I love it love it love it, real powerful and awesome changes. Well done Leardash Team!

Avatar Christiaan

So happy you like it Christiaan!

Whom do I contact to get a reply? I emailed [email protected] a few months back and I didn’t hear back. Please note that this is not a presale query or a purchase query

Avatar Akashlal Bathe

Hi Akashlal – so sorry about that! We found it and someone is going to reply soon!

Hey, that ‘recurring’ feature, how does that work? Do I need a special Paypal Merchant account?

Also, once payment is made via credit card, do people get auto-enrolled?

Any currency converters? I sell overseas so showing USD all the time isn’t optimal.

For recurring payments, you can use any one of several different add-ons. PayPal is included in LearnDash Core. 2Checkout & Stripe can be set up very easily with add-ons (

And any one of the ecommerce or memberships plugins on that page above also offer recurring payment options.

I just updated it, and the settings screen is blank for me. Is there something that I am missing?

Avatar Vikas

Perhaps a plugin conflict Vikas? Open a support ticket and someone can assist.

Clean look, I guess so. Beautiful? Maybe in a generic, come get your information sort of way?

Avatar Lee

You have absolutely no design sense sir – this is definitely a vastly improved UI/UX. Beautiful minimalism is far more difficult and complex to achieve than dumping a bunch of shiny pseudo elements all over the screen; I would say this is nearly perfect. However, the new profiles are a bit cumbersome.

Avatar Steve Giorgi

Thanks Steve! And if you care to share feedback regarding potential improvements to the profiles then please do 🙂

Looks GR8! Seems as if a few (a lot?) of BuddyBoss Social Learner will now be redundant? Best, Stef

When you update, the LD theme will remain “Legacy” (under LEARNDASH LMS > SETTINGS) so on the front-end the BuddyBoss course styling remains the same. They’ve had a beta copy for some time, their team is well-aware of the changes.

Waaaah! What a change! Thanks LD team to open up so many possibilities, definitely a game-changer! Nice work ????

Hi Justin, congratulations, it looks fantastic!

Just 3 compatibility questions:
1) I did not enabled Question posts, as that was optional, and I manage a high volume of questions. It is easier for me keep it as it was in WP-Quiz Pro. Will work if I update to LearnDash v3?
2) Drip-content continues at the lesson level or is it now at the course level? (at the lesson level makes difficult to re-use drip-content lessons)
3) Any change at the Course Grid? (do we have to keep using a separate plugin for that?)


1. Not sure.
2. Drip content still works the same as it did in previous versions. The front-end design to indicate a lesson is not yet available is different if you switch to the “LearnDash 3.0” theme, but how it works remains the same.
3. The course grid also works the same as it has in the past. You still need to use the course grid add-on. All the same parameters are still available for customization.

Finding a solution for the drip problem is pretty critical. If I want to use the same lesson in 2 different courses, chances are the’re going to need different times when the student gets access to them.

Avatar Uri

We rely heavily on the Uncanny extensions, can we assume these will continue to work?

Avatar Adam

We sure hope so too! 🙂 But yes, Justin and his team were kind enough to give us a beta well in advance and we released compatibility updates for the Toolkit, Pro and Groups last week. If you use 3.0, you MUST update to those versions.

Looks great – is there a demo of 3.0?

Avatar Joe Williams

We will be updating our demo site soon.

Has anything changed regarding forums? I want to be able to have separate/private forums for each group taking the course. Creating an active learning community is essential in our program and forums are a critical part.

No, we didn’t make any changes to the bbPress integration.

Curious about a few things:
1. Are there built-in rewards (certificates and badges or point rewards) now or do you still use 3rd party plugins?
2. Do you have a list of plugins that are no longer compatible?
3. Do you allow for different rewarding: e.g. if they accumulate a certain number of points for completing courses they can earn discounts or gain access to other courses?

This update looks great overall. Well done team.

Following! Good questions Ed!

1. We did not change the badging options in LD3
2. Our add-ons work and 3rd party providers have had a beta version for some time. If something isn’t compatible then there support will be your best contact.
3. Interesting use-case! Unfortunately though it isn’t something we added to LD3

WOW!!! I’m so excited! Amazing work. Thanks.

Ohh! I’ve been waiting for this! Couldn’t believe my eyes that it was released! Justin and team, you all did a wonderful job! It looks beautiful right out of the box 🙂 Thank you!

Hi Justin, awesome stuff there man. Real excited to get this lms. can you also suggest community building software around my courses like Disqus

Avatar Vishesh Kumar

Popular options that integrate with LearnDash include BuddyPress, bbPress, Peepso, and UltimateMember.

Looks great- some functionality that I’d custom added now comes stock!

Is it difficult to update courses from older versions?
Are user profile features included?
Where can I find a full list updates?

Avatar ed

No need to update individual courses. When you update to LD3 all templates update as well (including profile). You can reference the changelog for update list.

Wow! The timing could have not been any better for me. After many months of research, design, and development of all the products in the marketplace, I decided to give LearnDash a test run. But I’m after this update I’m 100% sold now. LearnDash 3 will help me with my LMS development time for clients.

This is an amazing update Justin, thank you so much for all your hard work and diligence developing LearnDash into the leading LMS in the industry. Me, my staff and thousands of students I work with are all benefiting in a major way.
By the way, how would I also go about created the types of product demo gifs like you have done on this blog post?

All the best

Is the new Learn Dash compatible with the Divi wordpress builder?

This article explains how to use LearnDash with Divi.

I used divi with learndash out of the box, no custom post types etc, it just worked… :o)

Acabo de actualizar a la nueva versión LD3, está muy bien, me gusta mucho lo poco que he visto pero veo que el paquete para actualizar a idioma español continúa algo incompleto. Trabajo LD en español y la traducción no es muy buena, Espero a futuro esto se mejore.

Saludos desde Bogotá | Colombia

Hola Manuel, utilizas LD3 para alguna institución educativa, formación profesional o cursos particulares?

This is awesome! Any change on the WPML integration?

Avatar Eleni

Thanks Justin. We’ll give it a roll.

Avatar Marc Saxe

This looks awesome. I am so glad that I waited. So only two questions. Is it compatible with WPMU and when I buy now do I immediately get Learn Dash 3.0? 🙂

Avatar Claudia

Beautiful! Thanks for your hard work, exactly what I was hoping would happen!

Avatar Tim Morris

Hi Justin,

awesome update.
However, when updating the website looks really bad. I’m using the DIVI builder and theme for my design. Is there something I did wrong?

Hope to hear from you soon.


Perhaps your theme is styling the legacy LD template. Try making sure your LearnDash Theme is set to “Legacy” under settings. This will use all the pre-3.0 templates. If you’re using Divi then there isn’t much we can do for any styling implemented on their end, their support can help pinpoint what may be occurring.

Cheers Justin.
I’ll have a look.

Avatar Cheryl Porcelijn

Great job, it’s really cool!
Have you planned to add a link for the forgotten password on the login window?

Also, did you foresee that it is possible to modify his email, photo, name, first name, without going through the wordpress administration which is not very sexy?

If so, it would avoid going through a member management extension, that would be cool.


Avatar Yohan

Many thanks Yohan. Those are some really good suggestions. I have noted them as we look to add more value to LearnDash.

Great. I will monitor your feedback, hoping that these features will quickly see the light of day. This will lighten the site.

And to complete suggestions, to be able to add a link that would open the login window + link disconnection from the horizontal menu, it would be perfect.

Again thank you for your feedback, reactivities and all the great work you do!

Avatar Yohan

I was already a fan of Learndash, but this makes it even greater. Top update!

This is a beautiful update. I’ve really been hoping for something like this. Glad to see you’re dedicated to continual improvement.

Avatar Ben Butina

Congratulations! Absolutely awesome. Really great work, keep it up.

Appreciate that Amir, thanks!

When I switched to LearnDash 3.0, I unfortunately lost all of my Themes style sheets (the CSS was no longer pulled from my theme, instead it seems that LearnDash 3.0 has it’s own CSS that over-writes the CSS of the theme).

This gave the new 3.0 layout a very disconnected presence on my site. I had to switch back to Legacy again. Am I missing something here? How can I use “3.0” yet retain my themes CSS /look? Please respond.

I’m sorry to hear that Andy. First, try going to LEARNDASH LMS > SETTINGS and select the legacy theme for the LearnDash template. This will revert to the pre-3.0 templates so if your theme is calling the old files then those exist. Might be that your theme just has to update compatibility.

If you still encounter an issue please raise a ticket with support and we’ll look under the hood for you.

Thanks for the ‘amazingly fast’ reply Justin… I have already switched back to Legacy mode for the time being. But, 3.0 looks amazing! Too bad I cannot use it.

I’m using the, “Academy Pro” theme by StudioPress on the Genesis framework. Have you guys been in contact with them about your new up-date? They were the ones who actually recommended LearnDash to Me for my site re-build.

I’m sure they’d be happy to up-date their CSS so that it can properly co-exist with your new LearnDash 3.0 up-grade.

Hello Learndash-Team,
this looks really great, wow! And what a coincidence – just yesterday did my first steps with Learndash and one day later such an upgrade. Super! :o)

Which Theme are you using in the video? With my theme it looks different – not surprising as it depends on the look of “posts”, I guess. Is the image (with the computer on it) an inserted image or a header that can be used for all lessons in one module, for example?

Thanks for this interesting upgrade, I’m looking forward to playing around the next days.


Thanks Marit! The demo site in the video has Astra installed (free version).

Wow Justing, it Look insane, totally a new advance LMS plugin, well done!!!

Kinda surprised nobody has asked about Course Materials. Having to use HTML for this was very retro, I was really hoping this would be addressed in L3 but no mention … :o(

Just added now for consideration in a point release Alistair, thanks!

This is it, good job. What else does transformation means?

Avatar Abimbola

Great news Justin! Congratulations to you, your team and your partners, good job!

I’ve got a production-based question. We are currently under closed beta using the last LD before v3.

We don’t currently need the new themes and back-end tools, as we already setup most of the things using the installed version. Should we upgrade? Is there going to be a support track for the previous versions, for security and bug-fix updates?

What do you propose?

Compatible with WP 4.9 or must move to 5.0?


Avatar David Rahn

WordPress v5 is required (we guarantee compatibility with current version of WP).

But LD3 is compatible with Classic Editor if you don’t want to use Gutenberg.

Hi Justin,

I installed 3.0 and went in to put in the license. I pressed Save and nothing happened. Is that how it works or should there be some success message, like “Active” or other?


Avatar David Rahn

There should be a success message (or ‘invalid’ notice if not correct). You can enter under the Overview tab or under LEARNDASH LMS > SETTINGS > LMS LICENSE. If it’s not working we can have look.


I use Avada theme and this way all of the content of the courses and the content of the WooCommerce frontend (where I sell the courses) are displayed as the Avada look. If I should have to switch to another theme (this time to LD theme) all of my content (mainly at the courses) will be messed up and filled with Avada shortcodes. So my question is, if I do not choose the new theme of LD 3.0, will I be able to use the new release at all and the future updates?

Are you referring to LearnDash Focus Mode? I don’t think this is particularly with Avada, but rather their page-builder (I forget which one they use). You can continue using the legacy theme and still use the new builder functionality.

It is the Fusion Builder. Is there any plans for LD 3.0 to integrate with them in the near future? We also use Avada for one of our websites.

OMG. THIS is what I’ve been waiting for. Well done, J-pop and team! =)

This looks great, congratulations! I’ve made the update however when i go to focus mode the right column doesn’t disappear? So I have the menu on the right and the left. Are you able to help me with that here or should I seek support?

Hi Natalie-

Thanks! By “right column” do you mean the right sidebar (where you normally would put WordPress widgets)? If so, then this is intentional. The right sidebar won’t appear in LearnDash Focus Mode. If you want to continue using the right sidebar then just turn off the Focus Mode setting.

Great job! Cannot wait to have a try.
I have a question about the course builder and quiz builder.
We have multiple authors in my site, we don’t want a specific author to re-use lessons/topics created by other authors in the course builder.
Any suggestion to add a constrain in the builders?
Thank you!

Avatar Congcong

Thanks for the comment! In this case you should not turn on shared course steps. This will prevent lessons from one course being available for selection in another.

I’m loving the new “game changer” to LD3. Can’t wait to apply the new features, and already the focus-mode is proving amazing. HOWEVER, could you or anyone help me fix the following update issue:

Since i’m using a different profile plugin (since i don’t want users to have wordpress admin access) I was using the following bit of code to hide the Learndash profile features from the page, however with the update/gamechanger LD3 is not recognizing the code. My goal is to keep the enrolled course list table but without the Profile Header/Profile Info/Edit profile information.

/** Hide user profile info **/
#learndash_profile .profile_info {
display: none !important;
/** Hide user profile heading text **/
.learndash_profile_heading span {
display: none;
/** Show learndash profile heading text **/
span.ld_profile_course, span.ld_profile_status, span.ld_profile_certificate {
display: inline-block;

credit for the above code is from the below link in the Comments Section by “David Chambo”:

Avatar Mo

Thanks Mo! This would fall under the UncannyOwl jurisdiction – but they are incredibly quick at kicking-out updates and have had a beta copy of LD3 for some time now. I’m sure they’ll be able to provide you some pointed guidance.

Can you split big quiz to 2 part: part 1: listening, part 2: reading, when i click finish Quiz, i have result for part 1 and part 2.

Somewhat, yes. You can choose to display “x” number of questions at a time. If you have an even number of questions (say 10), then the first 5 could be listening, and the last 5 reading.

I have been using learndash for a year now. thankyo for the amazing update to LD3.

I updated just a while ago it is looking great in focus mode. however in the normal mode the right sidebar is not appearing. what could be the problem?

Try testing with another theme – could be a theme setting (you may need to activate a right sidebar, and then add widgets under APPEARANCE > WIDGETS in WordPress)

Hi Justin,

this is an awesome update. A question as a developer: did you produce or plan to issue dev documentation as well? I mean something similar to what WooCommerce already does

Avatar Giulio

Thanks so much Giulio. We are actually in the process of updating our dev docs quite a bit given the extent of the changes. There are some more basic docs available for things like database info and common hooks/filters in the interim.

My existing courses all changed to free and open after the update but all enrolled users cannot access the course. Disaster! Please fix this asap.

That’s the first I’ve heard of that Evelyn – I’m sorry that it appears to have happened. Strange that the access mode went ‘free’ for some and ‘open’ for others. Usually in cases where this would be caused by LD it would be universal in the change. Nonetheless, you can adjust the access mode under settings for the course, or open a ticket and we can assist.

Hey Justin, Just bought LearnDash and created and sold my first course. I was thinking this looks good, but there are some updates I’d like. Then today I see your email. Wow!

Blow away. The course layout and focus mode in particular.

Excellent work and thank you!

So happy I chose you guys.

Well done

Woah, congrats on the first sale Michael – amazing!! 🙂

Amazing update, I really love it!

I have a question. Would it be possible to add the new login popup to a menu link in the top bar?

Thank you for everything!


Thanks Javier! We actually have added something like you suggest for consideration in a point-release.

Hey Justin,
Amazing update!! I really like it, especially the Focus mode…congrats!

I have a request: I use Divi Theme, and now, when I try to edit topics, lessons, etc, the screen looks a little bit strange.
The space to put text , videos, etc looks too small when using the Default editor.
And Using Divi Builder, it’s not working properly. Any suggestion?

Hi, Learndash 3.0 is looking great…
Just 2 questions:
Is it working with DIVI-Template?
Is it possible to sell courses via Digistore24?
Thanks, Oliver

Avatar Oliver

Hey Oliver,

We have developed a new plugin that connects Learndash to Digistore24 and adapts it to the German system. If you are interested let me know.

Best regards

Dear Oliver,

I’d like to get more information about the Digistore24 to Leandash Plugin. Could you help me with that?

Avatar Martin

We´d also need information on that plugin please. Thanks

Avatar Christian

Fan you send me the Information about learndash and digistore24 as well, please?
Thank you, Ulrike

Avatar Ulrike


I’m very much interested in this plugin as well. Please send me some information. Thank you!


Avatar Christopher

Hi Oliver,

could you send me some information regarding that plugin as well?
Thanks a lot!

Avatar Lukas

I am also interested in the plugin. Can you please send me informations? Thanks.

Avatar Frank

Hey Oliver,
we are interested.
Please send me the information to your plugin.

Thanks a lot!

Dear Oliver,

oh yes, I need this information as well.
Thanks a lot!

Avatar Renate

I would like to also know about this plugin. Could you send me more information?

Avatar Roman

Hey Oliver

i’m interested in this plugin 🙂 please send me further information !

Best Regards

Avatar Fabian Wagner

We´d also need information on that plugin please. Thanks

Avatar Marcus

Hi Oliver,

I also want to use Digistore24. Please send me the information about the Plugin.

Thank you very much!

Best regards,

Avatar Daniel Nimz

Interested in your solution too

Avatar Mike

Hey Oliver,
I’m interested in the Plugin for Digistore24 too.
Please send me the information to your plugin.

Best Regards

Avatar Thomas

Hi, I’d like some more information about the digistore integration, too!

Avatar Michael

Hi Oliver,

would liek to at some informations about the digistore addon

Avatar Michael


I’m very much interested in this digistore plugin as well. Please send me some information. Thank you!

Avatar Lydia

Hello Oliver,

I am interested in the Digistore24 + LearnDash Plugin as well, where can I contact you?

Avatar Ole Mai

Hi I am also interested in the Digistore24 Plugin so sell digital products.
Where can we find it?
Best HK

Avatar HK

Hi Justin. I Liked this update. Tks.
I bought Learndash a couple of weeks ago and I am strugling about the best THEME I want to use.
I Liked the theme you show us in the video What is this theme name?

Avatar Eduardo Diaz

Thanks so much for joining us Eduardo, and I’m pleased to hear that you like the update! 🙂

The theme in the video is Astra.

Hi LD team!
I am successfully refreshed to this big 3.0 update. My site selling courses is live again and working. Congratulations!

But here is a very important question (and not just for me I guess):

I noticed that using LD 3.0 theme is optional now and all of my content (which is displayed by AVADA theme and hardly modified by CSS) is looking perfect with the ‘legacy’ mode. I tried to switch to LD 3.0 theme, and of course the design is not as I would like it to be.

Will you keep ‘legacy’ mode compatible and available in the future updates?
Do you plan that at a point you will force the users to use LD 3.0 theme obligatory and leave legacy mode behind?

It is a key-question for me to decide about my future developements.


I updated my Learn Dash to 3.0, but I have a very important point to share:

– All my questions were erased from my Quizes. I had to create it all again.

Anyone else had this problem? Can LearnDash tell me what happened?


Avatar Arthur

Navigate to LEARNDASH LMS > SETTINGS > DATA UPGRADES and do the following:

1. UNSELECT the “Process Mismatched Questions only?” option
2. Run the “Upgrade Quiz Questions” upgrade


This is a fantastic update. 🙂

I have two questions:

1-it is possible to build a course from the front-end? I don’t wanna give access to instructor users from the back-end.

2-it is possible to make a course offline? For a university, for example. I have some courses online, but some are just offline. When take the course button is hit, then an enrolling form should he displayed. It is possible?

Thank you!

Avatar Florin

This looks good! Can LearnDash 3.0 be installed alongside LearnDash 2.x, if I am using a multi-site environment, so I can leave 2.x enabled for existing “production” sites, as I start to migrate content to the new 3.0 site? …or is it an upgrade to the existing plugin?

Avatar Matthew Lawson

Thanks Matthew. Honestly, no I would not recommend doing that. This is an upgrade to the existing LearnDash. You don’t want to start messing about with duplicate DB tables.

This is good news, i have a question about the quiz builder.
My site is assessment heavy, and requires a large quiz database, i am taking 5000+ with rationales, images etc for every correct answer.
Can LD3 handle this question-bank type setup?

Avatar MSpark

Are you currently using LD or are you thinking about joining us? I can’t tell if your question is in relation to if the update will impact anything, or if you could use LD for that sort of assessment. In either case, you’re good BUT, if you’re updating with that much data:

1. Take a back-up
2. Do it FIRST on a dev environment to see how things go (and if issues arise, we can help troubleshoot)

I will start on LD and import data for the first time, i was looking for strong quiz/assessment functionality before starting with LD, looks like this Update will be a good baseline to start.

Avatar MSpark

Great to hear, welcome!

We rely heavily on Learndash for our online advanced trainings, and one thing that I’ve had to implement is sharing of homework and quiz answers among participants in courses. We do this now in bbpress+gravityview but is there some way to share interactively inside the courses among students within LD3?

Looking forward to updating to this new version

I’d like to use this, but we are moving to “specs grading” (specifications grading) where I need to give quizzes/homework’s/etc as many times as the student wishes to improve their score. That means I will need to be able to give the same quiz (different questions but same subject) and set a ‘passing score’ (like 70%) for them to receive credit (it’s pass/fail at that point). On top of that, I’d like to make them pass the quiz maybe 5 times to receive a bronze badge, then up the pass rate to 80% 5 times for a silver, etc. Once maxed out, they get a completion badge for that subject. These badges then add up to their course score.



Avatar Brad Herrick

Wow. A—ma—zing. Super impressive and i can’t wait to get to work to update my site. BTW…kudos for providing the update at end of school year so we have time to build before the next school year starts!

Thanks Robert! Also, glad the timing worked out well… wish I could say that was intentional! 😛

Couple more questions:

1) Are there any issues or special steps that should be taken using LearnDash visual customizer?

2) You are supplying the sidebars now so I can drop my custom sidebar plugin?


Avatar David Rahn

Congratulations. This looks epic and we can’t wait to dig in and take it for a spin. Well done.

Thanks a ton Troy! 🙂

And one more… for installation do we a) deactivate 2.x or b) deactivate and delete 2.x?

… and then upload and activate

Avatar David

Anybody else found that Astra isn’t playing videos loving update but I preview the theme on other and the videos work I then revert or preview on Astra videos don’t work…otherwise loving the update

Avatar Joe

Hi Joe, contact support – we have a fix for you 🙂

Congrats on the new release! Looks awesome. Some of the (Dutch) translations are not 100% yet, looking forward to see them improving. Is there a way to contribute to them?

Thanks, and Yes! You can submit them by emailing [email protected].

THe update looks amazing. I updated to LearnDash 3.0 theme and found out for multiple choice quiz, when I allow HTML for math expressions and at the same time use the Mathjax-latex plugin, the expressions do not render properly. When I revert back to the legacy theme, the expressions render properly again. Hope this can be fixed.

Thanks Johan! If you’d like us to have a look please open a ticket.

Your Update is creating serious problems with the Quiz… check cause at the moment is a complete mess… I’ve seen all my quizzes (around 2400) gone after updating… i tried to run the data update but nothing.

Avatar Giorgio

Thanks for the comment. Make sure to unselect the mismatch questions option when running the data upgrade. Or we can do it for you, just raise a ticket and include both admin and ftp access so we can get it squared away.

This update broke 3 of my 4 courses.

All of the lessons, topics, quizzes and quiz questions are no longer associated with the courses. Please provide a fix, or else I will have to spend hours rebuilding each course.

Avatar Angel

Hi Angle,

I am so sorry to hear that! This is the first I’ve heard of such a behavior. First, you should revert to your back-up. If you didn’t take one before updating your host probably has one. Next, set-up a dev site and our support can run the update there to see if we can replicate.

Is LearnDash 3.0 compatible with buddy boss theme + social learner?

Avatar Jason

Does LearDash have installment option for course selling?

Avatar Danish Kumar

Yes, many! See our docs for the options.

Hey Justin,
The last update (3.0.1) is perfect! I’m using Divi Theme, and now it’s working properly.
Earlier, some videos were not appearing properly on the screen of some topics in the courses. But now…it’s really good, I’m very happy with this update.
Congratulations! And thanks for the great work.
Best regards,

Great to hear Alexndre! 🙂

Hi!!! Thank you so much!!!… This update is awesome. It’s just what I was waiting for.

I just found I few little errors, but I know that they are going to disappear soon.

I can’t see courses on my category page. 🙁

There are two types of categories. WordPress and LearnDash. You probably just need to activate the right one. Reach out to support if you run into any snags!

Justin, thanks for all the work on the update. It looks good. We’ve been using LD successfully for quite awhile, and I want the transition to this new version to be as seamless as possible.
I’ve got two questions:
– Is there a list of specific settings to check/update when moving from the previous LD version to LD3 to make the transition smooth and avoid any potential gotchas?
– Has the ProPanel Reporting feature been updated to a more intuitive interface (outside of the Dashboard maybe?) where the student course data can be utilized more efficiently?

I’ve been holding back on updating to LD3 while watching the versions go up each day this week on my plugin update list. The latest plugin update says “There is a new version of LearnDash LMS available, but it doesn’t work with your version of PHP.” I don’t control my site’s PHP version. That is controlled by the host. Should I wait on updating to LD3?

That PHP notice was introduced to WordPress recently (it’s not something from LearnDash). You can inquire with your host if they can update your PHP to WordPress recommended standards and you’re all set.

Hi Justin,

I’m very new to Learn Dash and am still finding my way round/building a site – but I am having a similar problem, except that I’ve had a message from my host (SiteGround) saying it can’t update the PHP because of Learn Dash. It seems we are stuck in a stalemate – Site Ground say Learn Dash needs to be deleted from our site – can you help at all?!


Avatar Lindsay Morgan

Thank you, Justin, I was able to update PHP on my server, and LearnDash appears to have updated successfully. Re my other question, will the ProPanel Reporting feature be updated to a more intuitive interface (outside of the main Dashboard), so that student course data can be viewed and utilized more efficiently?
Thank you again,

Hi Justin,
Please how do I migrate or move all my LearnDash courses from one site to another?

Avatar HENRY

We currently use Moodle as LMS, and we are evaluating the option to migrate to LearnDash.
But nowadays, in our Moodle we have a very large quiz database.
Once downloaded the quiz database from Moodle, is there an easy and quickly way to load them into LearnDash, or we have to load the questions one by one into LearnDash?
Would we need to use some type of additional plugin to LearnDash to do it?
Best Regards


Is there a posibility to enable comments on focus mode?


Avatar Gaizka

No, not currently. The comments “take away” from the focus of the content. But we’ll monitor feedback over time. In the interim you can use forums and then create a custom menu (the profile menu in the top right) that links to the related forum.

Thanks for you reply.

I have deactivated the focus mode but the comments are not shown either, they only shown if I choose the legacy theme.

Avatar Gaizka

Hm, that doesn’t seem right! Open a ticket and we’ll look into it for you.

Is LD able to tell a potential buyer the time investment required? For example, if all of the videos in my course total up to 4 Hours, will that show automatically or would I have to manually put that in the description?

Avatar Cynthia

Hi Cynthia-

That would have to be manually added.

Looks like a lot of nice upgrades!
Have you spent any time on the certificate creator?
I have always wasted a lot of time making them.

Avatar Ron

Many thanks Ron!

This update brought new Course and Quiz Builders. Next-up is a Certificate builder 🙂


I use Astra Pro and it has an “integration” with Learndash. One of Astra’s features also is a focus-mode. Do you know of any conflicts that may occur with Astra Pro?

Kind regards,

Astra’s feature is if you’re not using our Focus Mode. I’m not sure of its compatibility with LD3, you’ll need to inquire with them.

It is a great update. Nice to be a part of this awesome tech.

1. Do you support RTL languages?
2. Is the theme customizable for each course? (the selling page for the course)

Avatar ‪Elron B‬‏

Yes, that theme supports RTL languages. I’m not sure I know exactly what you’re referring to for customizing… but for each course, but Astra theme does have features where you can add or remove a sidebar, change the width, etc. for each page/post type.

Which theme.. do you mean Astra is supporting RTL ?

And is it the best theme for RTL or there any other options ?


Avatar Mo

I’ve been happily using LD for nearly a year now but the one thing that is making me consider looking at another platform is that it would be absolutely ideal if there were some way that quiz answers (free text) could remain visible after the quiz is completed, or could populate somewhere else in the course for my users to see. The answers they give are very personal so they add up to being all their learnings by the end and would be fantastic if they could actually keep a copy (my course is not graded, so it’s the work users do along the way that matters, not a pass or fail).
Is there anything in LD3 that can allow this? I REALLY don’t want to go and find a new platform when I put so much work into learning this one, integrating with Woocommerce etc. So much work!

This update didn’t change the quiz question behavior Skye, though I noted your use-case for when we circle back to look at ways to further enhance quizzing.

I’ve been working with customer support since LearnDash 3.0 was released – regarding CSS issues with my StudioPress Academy Pro theme. There are some unique CSS bugs, but none are getting addressed in your LearnDash 3.0 up-dates…

The first is how small that LearnDash 3.0 renders the size of the themes text. And yet, LearnDash 2.0 rendered the themes proper text size perfectly.

Not so with Learndash 3.0. The text is much too small. My students are all older (mostly the over 60’s crowd), so such small text is not good for all those older eye-balls.

I’m confused as to why LearnDash 2.0 was rendering my text so nicely, but now in LD 3.0, it over-writes the themes default text size and renders such small text? The text is between 4px to 5px smaller with LearnDash 3.0.

The second issue relates to both spacing and to rendering of the themes primary and secondary buttons – exclusively on the Lesson Pages (NOTE: the Course and the Topic Pages buttons are working fine). Secondary buttons are getting their lower half cut off and the primary buttons hover glow isn’t working on Lesson Pages.

These button CSS issues also relate to both Focus Mode and Normal Course Mode. However, they are pulling in the wrong color in Focus Mode making matters worse.

Sadly, these bugs are so extreme they make LearnDash 3.0 unusable.

As stated, I’ve been working with customer support since the release of 3.0. (May 28). I even gave admin access to my WordPress theme through this past week to you guys. But, on the newest release of LearnDash (, none of the bugs have been fixed yet.

I’d really like to be able to use LearnDash 3.0, but all these CSS bugs are making things impossible. Any hope of things improving sometime soon??

Hi Andy,
Thanks for the note. We’ll continue to work with you for your unique configuration. In the near-term, you can use the legacy templates while running LD3 and nothing should change.

I think saying these are “bugs” is a tad harsh. All of our data and community response has shown us that LD3 is incredibly stable. That said, I do concede that with the thousands upon thousands of WordPress themes, we are bound to run into quirks here or there with CSS. We intend to work with you to help get them resolved. If you’re willing to keep working with support we’ll gladly keep forging ahead.

Okay, thanks for the reply to me here. I will continue to carry on with customer support, Legacy setting is what my theme is currently set on. I hope that this can be resolved sometime soon.

My theme is not from a small boiler-room business. It is made by a major player in the WordPress community (StudioPress /WP Engine). Over a quarter-million WordPress sites run on StudioPress /WP Engine.

For the reasons above, and with all due respect, that is why I had called the CSS issues that I’m encountering buggy.

Is learndeash compatible with polylang plugin for translate

Avatar Danny


The added sections headings are great – just what I wanted…

However – It would be great if I can collapse the Lessons as well as the topics. This will so much improve the navigation of courses.

Can this be done??

Best regards

Omar Khan

Avatar Omar Khan

Hi Danny,

Am still running a test site with with the new Learndash on buddyboss and social learner. LD3.0.2 was loading LD3.0 Template. updates after LD 3.0.2 is not loading LD3.0 template, Legacy template remain active nor-matter what i choose.

What could be the issue here?

Thanks you!

Avatar Dino Francis


Once again, congratulations for the work, the FOCUS mode is perfect!

Following the rise of version, the French translation was not complete. I prepared a .mo and .po file to compensate for that.

Are you interested in these files? If yes, who can I send them to?

Have a good day

Avatar Yohan

Thanks Yohan! And yes, what a great contribution that would be! You can email contact[at] 🙂

With pleasure !
I sent the files by mail.


Avatar Yohan

Is learndeash compatible with polylang plugin for translate ?

Avatar danny khreet

Hi Danny! I have not tried with that plugin but it did work with LocoTrsanslate.

Hey Justin,
With the latest versions of the plugin, my website is now slower to edit courses. It keeps loading the content, and usually I need to wait about 1 minute to edit courses.
And to drag lessons and topics in the course builder, I don´t see all the lessons and topics. Just a few of them.
Any suggestion? Should I open a ticket?

Hi, Can I test the software first for local development first without the problem of license key?

Avatar spak

Yes you can use LearnDash on a local WP environment.

I activated the “shared course steps”, and it worked.
and I also tried to edit courses using “google chrome” browser instead “safari” and cleaned ram memory…it seems that site speed is better now.

AWESOME! I can’t wait to start testing these features out. This looks like some game changing experience on the way.

Hi Justin

Can we please have a Learndash academy, where we can be taught how to use this great tool effectievly?

Even a librarian of detailed films would be great.

Thanks – Russ

Hi Russ, thanks for the suggestion! No academy at the moment, but our Bootcamp walks through everything quite nicely. It’s located under LEARNDASH LMS > OVERVIEW.

Does Learndash 3.0 work 100 % with BuddyBoss?

Avatar Anna

Believe so – they just released their new BuddyBoss platform built around LD3.

Finally got everything upgraded and installed.

All I can say is I echo the sentiments of everyone else here.

Justin and team have done an epic job on this update.

Astra theme with Learndash looks great and I am eager to start customizing my site.

The focussed pages that shuts off distractions looks terrific and similar to that of Teachable.

A real game changer indeed. So much thought put into this and it shows!

Awesome job!!

Is the latest version compatible with browsers on mobile devices?

Avatar Mohammed

Hi Justin
Does the latest version 3 support one of the Webinar platforms such as zoom, gotowebinar or Anymeeting?

Avatar Mohammed

Please Justin I am waiting for your Reply
Thank you,

I would like to create a free membership site that people need to use a Facebook account to register and login with. This would allow us to minimise fake accounts and also allow us to market better to these people on Facebook.

Is it possible to use LearnDash in this way? Or is there an additional 3rd party plugin I could use with LearnDash?


Avatar Dave

There are free plugins that allow for social login for WordPress.

Hi Justin
Does the latest version 3 support one of the Webinar platforms such as zoom, gotowebinar or Anymeeting?

Avatar Mohammed

This is great… I use an external platform for my courses. I am indeed glad to see this… But my question now, how do I migrate my students from thinkific to Learndash?

No direct way at present, but if you have a way to export users to a CSV file (email specifically), then you can mass upload users to WordPress and enroll them into applicable courses you create in LearnDash.

Hi team,

I want to implement a functionality like if reader attempts the question incorrectly then he will be told the answer is incorrect and a new question will be raised in place of the first question, and this step will repeat 2 more times if the reader continue to answer incorrectly and after third incorrect attempt the question will be check marked as complete.

Please let me know regarding this functionality.

Avatar developer

I’m sorry, this isn’t currently a feature.

Hi Justin,
I would like to see some examples of courses made with LearnDash that are ready. How do they look like? Can you give me links to some free courses that are ready?
Thanks in advance.

Is it possible to create 100 questions for a course and then create a quiz that will randomly draw 10 questions at the end of the course.
I need this feature because if several students are taking the same course, then they can record the answers and forward them to their colleagues to help them get all the right answers to the final quiz that validates the course

Dear Justin,
I am truly impressed by LD! I love it for the ease of use and the nice aesthetics.
The one thing I really want LD to integrate would be video conference facility. A Prof being able to have a one-on-one with his students through video.
Looking forward and best wishes!
vasuki belavadi

Avatar vasuki belavadi

After buying the Learndash plug in we discovered that you can’t really do much of anything in this without a million other plug ins . H5P is an abortion of an attempt at e-learning development – so in an effort to make these two compatible (visually) we were inserting text in Learndash – now with 3.1.1 Learndash is just formatting the text any old way it feels like – even if we remove all formatting and copy and paste from a .txt file. I was forced to use html formatting to get the text to look like I wanted it to only to have Learndash render it two different ways when the course is updated – this despite clearing the cache of the page etc. Very disappointing and frustrating. I’ll leave this on my review of the plugin on WordPress but as an extra service thought I might post it here on learndash so you can see what a non-fanboy thinks of the value for spend on your product.

Avatar Goster

Thanks for the comment and describing your unique use-case. I went to look into this more but no tickets are raised (at least none associated with your name/email listed here). I know that many folks use H5P in conjunction with LearnDash quite successfully. While we don’t have a direct integration, you may find it worth mentioning in our Facebook Group where people are using LD and H5P together for very specific scenarios as you described.

Is there a gradebook embedded in the LD 3.0?

Avatar Adam G.

Hey, we are currently using H5P and Learndash which is fine but I am keen to know if there are any other authoring tools that work well with Learndash?

The reason Rise, Captivate and iSpring don’t match our needs is the way the content looks in Learndash when published/embedded. It is either boxed in with no option to expand to full screen or you have to create a launch button to have it open in a new browser. The reason I like H5P is that all their elements have an expand option which works well on mobile. I wonder if you have come across similar authoring tools? I am looking into Koantic to see what that would look like.



How do I translate courses content so users can switch language ? I would use it with LearnDash Grid. Thanks

Avatar Dave

Is there any plugin/add on to set learning path for a group of courses ?
under Learndash/wordpress

Avatar Deva

Hello, I just wanted to ask you how I can download all the answers for each of the questions that I have included in my Course?

Avatar Rosita Koleva

1.Each user will need to create an account as a member before processing any order
2.After log it, user will be able to check their order status
3.Products are available for unlimited access within one year period after the purchase date.
4.Users will need to renew payment after the 1 year expiration.
5.There is No download and No print service for all products.

6.Teacher (User) will be able to upload digit book in PDF file and MP3 music file
7.Each book has about 20 PDF files
8.Each PDF will have 1 MP3 file
9.User will be able to edit the products after they uploade such as title, pricing, description, image

10.Payment setup
User will be able to setup payment either PayPal or credit card

11.User can email to administrator for any IT issue

Will i learn Dash supports all the features i mentioned here?

Avatar Siat

Please sir how to display the other course videos next to the current one as in youtube to facilitate navigation. I use the Divi theme

I created a system a long time ago using MembershipPro. It desperately needs a redesign. Is your system compatible with the users I already have in my system.

I see no reason why it wouldn’t be – but write us with more detail and we’ll be better able to answer your question.


If I have a course lesson with 10 topics in it, I need to add topic by topic when adding this lesson to a new course? It sounds strange to me. I should at least have the option to add the lesson with or without its topics, right?

Avatar Mauro

Hi all,
Will really appreciate your comments and advice here.
My company is about to embark on a LMS migration project and if we use LearnDash we will invest at least $10,000 on development to integrate and customize LearnDash to our website. And many months of time from many staff will be used to configure and upload our courses.
So my concerns are below:
1-> Why is the license of LearnDash so cheap – around $300 ??
2-> LearnDash support have declined to tell me: How long they are have been in existence for, how many developers they employ, where they are located, how many customers they have.
Any opinions or advice for me about my above concerns are really welcome.
Many thanks in advance!

Avatar Farooq

Hello, I found a bug that prevents the creation of quizzes in my language (in Polish) in which there are “characters with petioles”. But the problem is certainly with most latin-extended characters. In my case, the problem arises, for example, if the answer contains the word z: ł ł. After constructing such a quiz answers that contain such characters are not saved.
Is this a known problem?

Avatar Greg

Hi Greg, please open a ticket with support and we can assist.

Fixed myself, wrong coding in database for quiz tables after install.

Avatar Greg

I went through your current demo sites and found them not responsive, I was like, really…?. I am glad the LD3 version solves that problem. I will look no further for another LMS plugin. Good job.

One more worry. I find Elumine a great theme to use with LearnDash. However the demo Elumine site does not seem to be responsive. Is the responsiveness controlled by the theme or the LearndDash plugin? Or can you suggest some other responsive theme? Thanks.

Hi – I am an artist and while this course looks great for academic courses- my courses are video based and mostly visual.

Will this work?

Avatar Dominique Sutton

Hey I just Want to confirm before purchasing LearnDash
Should I able to Show videos or lessons in course Day wise
Suppose I have 30 lessons a month and I want a user to show one lesson per day,Rest of the lessons would remain locked for Next Days. After Finishing 1st day or 24 hours Course will Automatically show 2nd lessons and other lessons will remain lock.

Was there a reply to this question?

I am new in this eLearning software but I do like what I see. However, my question is about accessibility for those who are blind or visually impaired. Is it fully accessible with JAWS and NVDA screen readers and also ZoomText (w/JAWS or better know as Fusion)? Thank you.

Avatar Eddie Kasper

What are the plans with taking this from the world of a Learning Management System and into the world of a Learning Experience Platform (LXP)?
I know the LXP is still an emerging method of teaching and learning, but it is the next evolution.

Avatar Chad

Hi Chad, keeping an eye on that but right now we are continuing towards refining LD with an eye towards the LMS space.

It is an excellent plugin the only thing I ask for the next updates is that it is possible to use protected videos from amazon s3 in the videos section.

Avatar efrain

Hi, i’m interesting in the LearnDash, is for offering to multiple highschhols and schools in Colombia, for this i’m searching for the better cost-benefit relation in a LMS. I’ve see some features in a youtube videos and think that the product can be useful for the purpose that many schools has been searching. I would like to know if the LearnDash has been installed in a highschool and how the parents can track the progress of his childs. Congratulations for this update and all the awesome new features.

Avatar Juan Pablo Osorio

Great features, can I migrate from Learnpress with students, enrollments, course and lessons and completion level?

Avatar Lan

How do I know if a theme works in LearnDash?
Can i integrate other payment methods in that specific country other then Zapier, PayPal or master and visa cards?

Thank you

Avatar Prokash

If it’s coded to WP standards, then it will work. WooCommerce is the way to go for most options for payment.

Hello, is it possible to migrate the Sensei LMS to this one?

Avatar Ryu

Hello Justin, pre-sale question:
Is possible wordpress comments in lessons and topics pages in Focus Mode??

Thank you.

Avatar Daniel

Hello justin,
i would like to customize focus mode page, i use divi builder, please can you help me on that ?steps and files that i need to update or plugins.

i clicked on course_content on cours page
how can i get a lesson id in my customized lesson page(that i built on divi builder)?

many thanks,

Avatar adil

Good day,

1.I have a plan to build a Online course like Udemy, Skillshare. it can be done by using Learndash 3?
2. Is learndash 3 able to be integrated with Bigbluebutton platform ?
If not, when it will be done ?

Please kindly answer these questions to my email as well

Best regards,

Avatar Firman

Does learndash support 2 factor authentication? Not able to get this question answered.

Looks awesome, will need to give it a crack. Does DIVI support LearnDash?

Avatar Allan

Hi. I would like to setup my WordPress website with course on temporary domain and hosting. Then move it to the final one, which is now in use. Will it be possible, with BASIC plan and therefore 1 Site License? I haven’t used the plugin yet so I don’t know about authentication process, and I’m afraid of wasteing my license on a website that will not be in use.

Avatar Greg

Hola, hay una promesa cómo parte de la compra de la licencia de learndash “Cursos de muestra con un aspecto moderno utilizando el modo de enfoque LearnDash”, podrian por favor indicarme en donde los encuentro??

Is the course URL customizable?

Avatar Solomon Ezoguan

If you are running a WordPress multisite installation then you can use both LearnDash and ProPanel across your network. All you have to do is click “Activate”.

Where is the “Activate” button?

Avatar Iain McLean

Also, If it is multi-site enabled, why does it not allow me to put my license in without getting an error?

Seem’s that it is not in fact multi-site capable and the license doesn’t work at all when installed on a subsite, what a waste of money and a terrible case of false advertising.

Avatar Iain McLean

Greetings for the day!
I add a question in a quiz with “Matrix Sorting”. Here i facing the problem in mobile is when i am trying to drag the answer and want to put it to the beside the question which is bottom of the mobile screen, i can not scroll down in mobile with drag the answer. Please give the feedback ASAP.

Thank you.

Avatar Tech Ark

Hello Team,
Need your contact number

Avatar Nau Pel

We don’t have a phone support – you can write us here.

Thanks Justin…can u extend the refund period to 60 days… as need time to understand the system…since you don’t have free trails version of Learndash.

Avatar Nau Pel

I am planning on hosting my site on Do I need the WordPress Pro hosting for LearnDash Plug-in? Is the standard/basic WordPress hosting package sufficient? When I login into WordPress to manage my site and go to add new plug-in and search for LearnDash I get more the 25 different LearnDash Plug-ins. Which one is the correct one for me to use if I am planning on getting the Basic or Plus LearnDash package for now as I am beginner.

Avatar Dayanand Kondabathini

is it possible for me to connect the Learndash with my website, in case of any any query or technical issue related with API, how I will get the help from your team. Do I have to raise the Ticket for each issue or you have API related help is available in system.

Avatar Nau Pel

hi there, can i add some tabs in lesson page
i watch Course and Materials
can i add 2 or 3 new tab?

what if we have 3 plans, and when a student registered in one of them, we assign 3 consultants to that student,
how can we make commission for these 3 consultants? 20% consultant A, 30% consultant B, 15% consultant C, 35% manager of site.

Avatar Dr Ershad


I cannot figure out if I can sell courses in my local currency which is Romanian Leu. What settings/integrations should I use. Where in LearnDash the currency is set?



Avatar Mircea

Yes, i also have the same usecase, even on 2 currency. So the course can be sell on USD and IDR (Indonesian) currencies. Is it supported?

Avatar Ananda Priyahita

The goal with automatic pricing is to allow us the flexibility to increase the price of registering for a course based on certain variables. One of those would be time until the workshop begins – ie the workshop is one week away it could be X% off but as it approaches that price increases up to an instructor-set maximum, providing an “early bird discount”. Another could be adjustments depending on how many students are enrolled, so the first student registering pays less than the tenth for example.
can i do automatic pricing of course in learndash?

Avatar Ruji

A consultation. Learndash is compatible with the University zone?

I have a small concern – I want to add a file to every course and that file (pptx file) should only be allowed to be downloaded by the enrolled user.

This is a simple thing which I want to accomplish with proper security.

I have been told that it is not possible.

Please help.


First, let me congratulate you on your nice and impressive work. The plugin will become ultimate if you could add a PRACTICE feature or make an add-on for this. In this feature, practice questions can be arranged topic-wise. After solving the question user may be able to see the written solution or video solution.
let me emphasize that this feature is not like a quiz.

Avatar s mishra

For Paypal integration (PayPal Settings), if we maintain 2 language (i.e. using Polylang), how to set the Paypal Cancel and Return URL for 2 different language?

Avatar Ananda Priyahita

hi there, can i add some tabs in lesson page
i watch Course and Materials
can i add 1 or 2 new tab?

Hi, the article was very good and it was very interesting to me. Thank you

Can we create an offline version with LearnDash and how can we sink the data with the Online version.

Avatar Manoj

We don’t have a way to create an offline version, as LearnDash is web-based.

Avatar Laura Lynch

Astounding! I’ll attempt in a long time! Justin I have 2 inquiries:

1) Is presently Scorm or potentially Tin Can Api viable, or we actually need to add some module’s to get the information and furthermore eliminate the “complete” button?

2) Regarding the Plug In resembles Uncanny, Grassblade, and so on… would they say they are going o actually work promptly or will require some an ideal opportunity to refresh?


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