October 20th, 2016 E-Learning

tips-imageA popular buzzword today is “automation”, and in most cases you hear about it in the marketing context.

While the concept can be a bit vague, it generally means creating automatic interactions and communication points with customers (or potential customers) based on actions that these individuals take.

For example, many companies will add your email as a lead if you opt into one of their free downloads. You then will receive a sequence of emails in an attempt to up-sell you to another product.

If you don’t open any of the emails you could be placed onto another email sequence (automatically) with a different set of messages than if you did open the emails.

Taking it one step further, let’s say you purchased whatever it was that was being sold to you. Well, guess what? You are on a new list based on that action and will receive certain communications based on that activity.

This entire process is actually quite powerful and it is responsible for making businesses a lot of money.

But what about learning? Can we do something similar in an online course? Short answer: YES!

Automation in Your Courses

Similar to the way businesses will place you on certain lists based on your status as a customer, you can configure automatic interactions with your learners based on their activities in a course.

This can get pretty elaborate, but it doesn’t have to be. You could use something like the LearnDash Notifications add-on to implement basic components of this right away such as sending certain messages to learners if they fail a quiz, haven’t logged into the site in some time, or earned a certificate.

The automation can get more granular though if you want, and one of the most popular tools for doing this is Infusionsoft. You can easily connect LearnDash to Infusionsoft by leveraging tools like Memberium, iMember360, and WPFusion.

To see an example of this in action have a look at this hour-long case study of Troy Dean’s popular WPElevation course. It’s quite elaborate and shows what is possible leveraging automation and LearnDash.

Want to learn more? Send us a message – we’d be happy to discuss your project’s goals!

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Hi Justin I like your Ideas.
can LeanDash can work with Zapier for easy automatiob – and can you make an article that show how they connect.
Thanks and good luck

Avatar asher

Hi Guys,

I would like at the end of a lesson (video) to move automatically to the next lesson. I struggled to find this topic somewhere. May you help?


Avatar Ioan

At present this can be done via xAPI and GrassBlade LRS.

When I first learned of LearnDash, I thought I saw that it had auto advance to the next topic/lesson. Perhaps I misunderstood the meaning of auto-progression.
Has this process been streamlined or is GrassBlade still the only option to move to the next topic without the student having to click “next”?

Avatar Daniel

Another good read and video link. Is there a ConvertKit integration in our future, Justin?

Avatar MIke

I definitely second this!

Avatar Alexa Rosario

ConvertKit add-on is available. 🙂

Is it possible that my students only have access to the next lesson by marking the previous has complete. I do not want my students have access to all the course and the two options we have now for dripping content do not fit my need. My students can take the time they want to complete each module or chapter, but they need to follow a precise path to get everything. With the two options I have for the moment, if they wait 10 days, they will have to possibility to skip lesson because of the drip content by date or time base. What I want is that they can only have access to the next lesson by marking the previous has complete.

So they starts with lesson or chapter one, mark it as complete and then have access to the next chapter or lesson, so on …

Do you know how to achieve this ?

Thanks for your time.

I cannot find the functionality that interests me.
If I describe it to you, can you tell if I can use it? I tried the demo version and it was not there.

I suggest we use a course-finish as the trigger. Is that possible?

Just to be clear – from a user/front-end perspective:

We want to offer the user the possibility to “skip” certain courses by taking a quiz (“placement test”)

So, say the user thinks course 1, 2 and 3 are too simple for him.

There is a “placement test” available after course 3. The user can select this.

He takes the quiz, passes it.

Course 1, 2 and 3 and all their lessons are then marked as completed, so he can proceed to course 4.


How about Getresponse? Do they integrate well with Learndash?

Avatar Eric

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