MemberPress Integration


MemberPress is a premium WordPress membership plugin that excels in memberships, grouping, coupons, reminders, reports, and more.

With this integration you can create membership levels in MemberPress and associate the access levels to LearnDash courses. Customers are then auto-enrolled into courses after signing-up for membership.

Note: LearnDash has built-in content protection for your course content. The MemberPress plugin is not required in order to sell and protect your course content. It is completely optional.

Add-On Features

Associate membership levels to one or more courses: Create a membership level and map it to one, or multiple, LearnDash courses. When the membership level is purchased, the user is auto-enrolled into the associated courses.

Automatic removal upon membership cancellation: When a user cancels their membership then the integration will automatically unenroll them from their courses as well.

Create trial membership levels with various payment gateways: Offer a limited-time free trial to people to entice them to purchase full access to your courses. Sell your course using Stripe, PayPal, or

May 9, 2019 – V2.0

  • Added retroactive course access for existing members and transactions
  • Added subscription hooks to enroll and unenroll users
  • Added translation class
  • Added user enrolled check before enroll user to course
  • Added support for sub-corporate account
  • Added function to remove course access counter on user unenrollment
  • Added maybe_update_course_access_timestamp_to_first_subscription() function and its filter hooks
  • Added cron jobs
  • Updated user access when a membership is updated
  • Updated to prevent users unenrolled from course if the subscription is not expired (even if it’s cancelled)
  • Updated to improve course access counter and fix membership cancellation
  • Updated overall transaction and subscription course enrollment and unenrollment process
  • Updated to not unenroll user from a transaction that has subscription
  • Updated transaction_expired function
  • Update POT file
  • Fixed delete subscription issue
  • Fixed reset course access timestamp to first subscription timestamp

January 23, 2017 – V1.0

  • Initial Release

Pricing: FREE




Add-On Terms

Unlimited support & upgrades for active LearnDash licenses.