6 Ways ELearning Impacts Business

motivateMany corporate decision makers recognize the efficiency of elearning, but few understand that it can have almost immediate impacts on corporate profitability. Implementing a robust elearning program at your organization is a great way to improve your bottom line and ultimately make your company more competitive.

Truth is, since elearning first started came about in the 1960s, it has introduced opportunity for businesses. Unfortunately many business either do not recognize these potential positive impacts, or simply are not educated on what they are.

Well, maybe this post will shed some light on the matter.

6 Ways ELearning Can Help Business

According to a story by Elearning Magazine!, the use of elearning is going to rise on average of 23%. This makes sense, especially since it has been shown that organizations with a positive learning culture significantly outperform their peers.

In fact, it has been found that companies with a strong internal education program have shown that they are:

  • 46% are more likely to be first to market
  • 37% show greater employee productivity
  • 34% demonstrate better response to customer needs
  • 26% show greater ability to delivery quality products
  • 58% are more prepared to meet future demand
  • 17% are more likely to be a market share leader

Whether you are one to believe in the results of reports or not, the point is pretty clear: done correctly, elearning can positively impact an organization. The reasons for this vary, but it is reasonable to expect that it is primarily because the company is investing in its greatest asset, the employees.

Maybe you have an elearning program in place already, or maybe you do not. In either case, you should assess the potential impact of a well implemented program (as opposed to a hastily slapped-together one).


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