January 27th, 2014 E-Learning

For those of us who are involved in the elearning industry on a daily basis, we know how great it can be. The new technology, strategies, and tools that pop-up constantly always have us busy.

In fact, talk to anyone who is actively engaged in the learning industry, and more often than not they are very excited about their work.

For those who are just starting out (or perhaps just curious) – you may be wondering what makes elearning so awesome…

Well, luckily there is an infographic to lay it all out for you πŸ™‚ !

Originally created by Tim Tamimi from Mango Graphics, this infographic presents five pretty awesome reasons why elearning is so great. Some of these you may be familiar with already, but perhaps there is a fact that you did not know.

Bottom line, elearning is growing on what appears to be a monthly basis. It has become pretty common to see television commercials advertising some of the larger online learning programs (Lynda.com comes to mind). The young professionals of today grew up with elearning – it was part of their grade school curriculum. It’s old news!

While I anticipate some of the aspects of elearning detailed below to still be true five years from now, I am willing to bet that the bigger story will be around mobile learning and its accessibility (and affordability). Today’s major MOOCs will likely grow by leaps and bounds by then, and probably only have a couple major players.

Elearning is pretty awesome, and it’s growing at an “awesome” rate.


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Justin Ferriman started LearnDash, the WordPress LMS trusted by Fortune 500 companies, major universities, training organizations, and entrepreneurs worldwide for creating (and selling) their online courses. Justin's Homepage | Twitter

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Re #4 — apparently it doesn’t help with spelling though! “standarized”?!?! But then again, standardized tests don’t really tell us much about the really important parts of learning…. Interesting infographic, otherwise πŸ™‚

Hi Normal-

Thanks for the comment. In Britain or Australia, “standardised” would be correct πŸ™‚

Haha this whole thing is funny because if you actually had spelled it “standardised” then she wouldn’t have left the comment. You wrote “Standarised”

Avatar Elle

Hi Justin:

I love the LD Blogs – and you are always quick and courteous to answer questions or even email those of us that use LD. I’m not sure about the MOOCs. The studies I have seen on MOOCs say that 95% do not finish the courses – but why would they when I also read that 80% of those taking MOOCs already have degrees! So that’s not a whole lot of learning going on. More teachers need to provide online learning, if they are credentialed – not through an institution. There are literally thousands of professors out there, forced into part-time teaching. With LD, they could really add to the learning environment in so many ways.

Alana Jolley

Couldn’t agree more. To put in a nutshell, E-learning globalizes education. Coz’ even places that don’t have well-constructed roads, have internet! I’ve heard women in conservative,remote villages in Haryana, India, studying processor chip at home, and interacting fluently about Intel from behind their veils, as they aren’t allowed to step outside to go to college.

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