January 14th, 2014 Mobile Learning

9factsMobile learning is a regular occurrence today, used by both educational and corporate sectors.

The ability to easily deliver an elearning course from a tablet or smartphone makes sense on many levels.

First, it allows people to control the pace of their learning, as well as gives greater flexibility as to where it can occur.

For a number of years I was always in airports traveling to the client site, and inevitably there would be departure delays.

The ability to tap into a smartphone made these delays a bit more bearable – a perfect time to catch up on any corporate training.

Obviously, another reason mobile learning makes sense is that the training overhead is close to zero. Since the learner is providing the device, all that is needed is a well put-together, mobile compatible course.

When Do People Use Mobile Learning?

While it is quite clear that mobile learning takes place on the tablets and smartphones, what is not as clear is where exactly people take their mobile learning course.

One particular study uncovered when and where the most mlearning activity takes place, based on  data retrieved from nearly one million students currently using mobile learning.

According to the survey, mobile learning is used:

  • 52% in bed soon after waking-up
  • 75% at school or in a work environment
  • 17% while exercising
  • 74% while travelling
  • 55% while waiting in a line
  • 46% in bed before going to sleep

As you can see, there really isn’t a time when mobile learning isn’t being used – it is just so easy to log-on and review content. Expect mobile course delivery to play a greater role in the way we learn going forward, especially given new protocols like Tin Can (Experience) API.

StudyBlue’s user base of one million students (Aug. 2011)
Michaels & Associates Learning Solutions (mnalearning.com)

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Nice article, Justin! I agree that mobile is a great way to deliver training and makes sense in so many ways. And I want to extend my thanks for sharing the information in our mlearning infographic!! We found the stats pretty interesting and had fun putting this one together.

In case anyone would like to view the infographic, it can be found here

All the best to you in 2014!

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