May 12th, 2015 LearnDash Tips

One reason why WordPress makes the ideal learning management system is because of its flexibility. Whenever you need a feature, you can often add it by simply uploading a plugin, adding a bit of CSS, or even a bit of custom code.

In the end, this allows you to make your LMS truly unique for your learners.

Which leads us to today’s release, and why we are beyond excited to share it with you!

We are pleased to announce the arrival of a new, third-party add-on which really gives you an endless amount of visual control for your LearnDash courses.

You can now completely customize the look and feel of LearnDash templates without the need for any custom coding – simply point & click!

The add-on was created by Ross Johnson from Snap Orbital, a WordPress plugin shop with a focus on creating useful solutions with an emphasis on quality design.

LearnDash Visual Customizer

Rather than just view screenshots, check out the video below to see this add-on in action!

With the Visual Customizer, you can make your LearnDash courses 100% unique to your brand and tailor them to your audience.

If children are your main audience, start off with the “playful” template and tweak any color for a total custom look and feel!

Are your learners primarily business professionals? Then select the “modern” template and make changes as needed to blend it with your site!

Add-On Features

Five professional skins: Transform the look & feel of your LearnDash content by selecting from one of five professionally designed templates.

20+ color pickers: Change any color of the default LearnDash template or the custom skins by using over 20 different color pickers.

Works with any theme: Use the Visual Customizer to seamlessly blend your LearnDash courses into any WordPress theme you choose.

How It Works

Simply install and activate. Once activated, you will find an APPEARANCE tab located under LEARNDASH LMS > SETTINGS. From here you can select a pre-made template and further customize the templates to your heart’s content!

Click Here to view screenshots of the pre-made templates.

Here is an example of a profile that has been customized:

Where to Download

This is a premium, third-party add-on available for purchase on the Snap Orbital website.

If you have any questions about this add-on, do not hesitate to leave a comment below.

Until next time!

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About Justin Ferriman

Justin Ferriman started LearnDash, the WordPress LMS trusted by Fortune 500 companies, major universities, training organizations, and entrepreneurs worldwide for creating (and selling) their online courses. Justin's Homepage | Twitter


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Thanks for the great writeup Justin! We’re very excited to have created an add-on for LearnDash. We’re users ourselves and after tweaking the CSS manually for a few sites, felt there could be a tool that makes the process easy for everyone!

Good job Ross,

But this feature could have intégrated in Learndash !

Avatar Damien

Thanks Damien!

I understand where you’re coming from, but I think there are some advantages for us building it as a premium add-on. We’ll be able to focus on adding new, exciting visual customization features that wouldn’t make sense to exist in the core plugin. More premium skins, bigger library of icons, more font control, etc… LearnDash will also be able to focus more on features specific to creating and managing courses as well.

I didn’t see a possibility in the settings to change the background color from white to black…
Is that possible?

Avatar Peter

Hi Peter, yes you can change the background of the course content table from white to black.


What about customizing the look and feel of the questions? i.e. instead of old-school radio buttons, have similar modern styles as seen in this great add-on?


I think SnapOrbital would be your best contact for this question. They have added/modified many templates since their original release.

You can also change the LearnDash widget background colors as well!


This is the best solution to customise LD for any theme.

Very very good add on.

Avatar Frederic

Such perfect timing!

We’re rolling out a new course this month and this is just what we needed, thanks Justin!

Justin – We are so thrilled to hear about this new plugin! We have been loyal fans of LearnDash since we integrated into our company in January. What we particularly love is that you are constantly refining and adding new features. Its great to know that there are always new additions or new partnerships (like the one with Memberium) in the work making this product stronger, more robust and so seamless to use.
Thanks so much! Can’t wait to get this latest plugin and fancy up our courses.

Jenn & Cortney

Thank you so much for your kind words Jenn & Cortney!

Can this customization apply to different LearnDash courses on the same site? (e.g. Course #1 blue, Course #2 green, Course #3 brown…etc.)?


Avatar Helen

Thanks for the note, Helen! The template selection and color changes made in the settings will apply to all your courses.

Interesting idea! I’ll add that to our list of possible future features!

Yes absolutely agree with the Helen’s idea, Visual Customizer should be able to customize different courses. So we can have different “taste” for different courses.

And thanks Ross for considering this feature for future release.

Avatar uitecs

Justin and Ross,

It’s Mike Weiss here…great addition. Justin your commitment to continually improving Learndash is awesome and Ross – love what you have done!

I have quite a few clients on LearnDash so if you would like to beta test anything or discuss any ideas…let me know.

Thanks again!!

Very much appreciate your feedback Mike, thanks!

So freaking excited! I’ve needed this.

This is very exciting, but the plugin isn’t really working for me. Is anyone else having problems actually customizing anything? None of my customizations are working. The “upscale” theme doesn’t even correlate to the default colors in the screen shot.

Would love to hear if I’m the only one having problems.


Thanks for the comment, Levi. The template that is shown in the settings (the one that gives an example when selecting a template) isn’t dynamic to the colors that you choose/change. Make sure to visit one of your live courses to see the changes applied.

Thanks for the reply, Justin. I see that it doesn’t dynamically change. I’m saying that my customizations don’t save (when I refresh live lessons it just shows the default color of the theme I selected).

Thanks for clarifying Levi. Try clearing your browser cache. If you have a caching plugin installed, you may need to clear that cache as well.

Just bought this feature. Wondered if there was a way to have the certificates show for a user on another page for the quizzes they complete.

Hi Mike, thanks for the comment. I think you’ll get a lot out of this add-on.

The add-on will impact the visual components of LearnDash. Course behaviors (such as certificate delivery) won’t be altered. That said, you can display earned certificates for a user on any page by using the profile shortcode. If you have additional questions, please do contact support.

Would this add-on have any negative impact on the speed / load time of our site? I’m trying to keep plugins to a bare minimum…

Hi Neil, I can’t speak for everyone’s possible site configuration, but I didn’t notice any negative performance issues on our end when testing it on our dev environment (which has a good number of active plugins already).

This is an awesome idea !

Thanks !

Happy you like it! 🙂

YESSSSSSSSSSS!!! Thank you for making it so easy to have a gorgeous looking course. I am a LD fan for life!


I was this close to giving up on LD because I could not customize but just on time Ross walked in to the rescue.

You guys are awesome

Avatar Oriyomi

Perfect timing indeed 😉

That is a great addition to an already great platform.

Does the license come with lifetime updates, or is it limited to one year?

Avatar Giulio

Hi Giulio, you’ll want to have a look at the Snap Orbital terms & conditions page. If you have additional questions, I’d recommend sending them a quick note.

Hi this is great. Thank you for this update.

This is a great plugin. Just what I was looking for.
Is anybody working on a child theme for Genesis and learndash. I still have not seen any themes that intergrate well or that was built specifically for the learndash plugin.


I have to laugh at the timing, I just got through almost 2 weeks of toiling away at very specific css customizations, this plug-in will greatly simplify even my detailed process.

I would respond similarly to @Damien; and Ross I appreciate the flexibility your work facilitates for many non-techies out there. Having said that, Justin, I am a huge proponent of up-front promotion and I would have appreciated if it was made obvious to me it is a premium plugin from the start instead of at the end of my 3 mnutes. It is okay to tell people something isn’t free from the start, if someone wants something they will buy it.

LD and Justin have been well-appreciated for clean marketing as compared to others in the industry, a small caveat against falling into the abyss of inverse relationship of free/core add-ons/upgrades vs new “premium” add-ons. It is one of the main reasons I opted for LD outside of the app’s capabilities.

Great stuff. Thank You

Avatar aajanron

Thanks for the feedback aajanron, it’s certainly appreciated!

While we mention that it’s a paid add-on in a few places, I’ll examine where else we can make it more clear for similar releases in the future.

Hi Justin:

Thanks for your regard.

I have to admit, I only noticed it mentioned afte the explanation following the video, and really should have looked closer before posting if that is the case. I think my point is valid still, and so is yours , so if I overlooked an example that dispels my “complaint” I apologise. A good lesson in taking the time to reconfirm before casting an opinion.

A further comment on my customisations: A large part of that time was spent converting my iThemes Exchange products etc front-end display to mimic that of LD Lessons store display. So despite my gripe, I am overall a LD fan.

Thanks for the great product and comments follow-up.

Avatar aajaanr

Yep, this works for me as well. I’ve been wanting to customize the look and feel of all this for ages, but simply never really got into it.

Uploading now.

Avatar Rob

I bought it, lookes good and I need, as many other people, to have a site which has it own identity.

So I hope more features come soon. Most wanted now are font control on courseleverl and have a different look for each course.

Avatar wilco

I purchased the visualizer plugin but I cant use the templates because the font of the text on all of them are to big and the image icons run over the text, I don’t see an option to change the text size so I had to revert back to the default template because the default template text is smaller. I would also suggest to add in the future to save our templates because I was trying all but each time I had to start over and over again with the color changes and it took a while. If we could save the color option and for it to apply to all templates it would save a lot of time. Also, some of the color changes are not working on my theme and even the grid plugin is also not working on my theme. I’ve been struggeling for so long on many issues and have already purchased different themes but none of them work perfectly. I purchased the University Theme because it claimed it was compatible but I find many issues. It’s working mainly but there are always some issues.

Hi Simone-

Thanks for the note. Adjusting font size is usually an easy change (i.e. some simple CSS); make sure you raise this with Snap Orbital so that they can get you squared away! For any LearnDash items, we are always happy to assist. You can raise a help desk ticket or open a forum thread and someone will reply shortly.


Is there any way to customise the quizzes? Make the buttons bigger, make the radio buttons big and touch friendly? I didn’t see any examples in the screenshots.

Avatar Jim

Hi Jim, Thanks for the comment. I do not believe that quiz buttons are included, but you’ll want to confirm with Snap Orbital. If they aren’t included, the features might make their way into future renditions.

I bought this plugin just now after seeing the banner on the pricing page for the Visual Builder. I am a little confused. I thought the add on was included as a special offer. Is this not the case?

Hi Bradley-
Thanks for the note! Apologies for the confusion – the promotion is on our end and is for LearnDash only (doesn’t include the plugin created by Snap Orbital). When new integrations come about (free or paid) we will often provide a discount for LearnDash. If you purchased and had a different expectation for what would be included, please send us a note and we can get you squared away. I’ll keep an eye out for the message.

Justin, please bring in course certificate soon!!!

Avatar NItin Nagrecha

All the plugin themes work and I can see them change on the website, but when I try to customize colors, nothing happens. I’ve tried clearing my browser cache, but to no avail. Is there something else I could try?

Avatar konan

Hi Konan-
Thanks for the note! Make sure you submit this to Snap Orbital’s support so they can get things straightened out for you!

I bought the plugin as well and it is great. I was under the impression that when you chose the colors, the changes would occur in real-time.

It was a disappointment when I realized the “preview” was just an image. 🙁

Avatar Syed

Thanks for the comment Syed. I do believe the preview is an image of the default template you select, but when you change the colors and save, it updates your site instantly. You should share your suggestion with Snap Orbital though!

I’m not finding that it updates immediately. I have to quit my browser then restart it to see the changes, or open an incognito window. It’s extremely annoying. But I’ll do anything to avoid the tiny itty bitty teeny weeny little letters of the default menu.

Avatar Alan

Looks good and would make life easier as I currently custom style the learndash.

A few questions.

1, Does this only style the course overview page or can it also style the widgets / shortcode that is used to pull course information

2, Does this have the ability to change the icons. It says font awesome but have no idea if it requires custom code or is a point and click,

3, Is there going to be the ability to change fonts, as a custom design option would be awesome,

4, How can we get more templates, what will they cost and when will they be released.

A full example video on the website might be a great idea, right now Justin your video is the only way to see this plugin and would be nice to get a full overview of what it can do rather than jsut a snapshot – Thats on them not you mate.

5, are the designs responsive ?

Hi Steve-
Thanks for the note. You will want to ask Snap Orbital these questions as well. From my understanding:

1. Yes you can use this with widgets
2. Icons can be changed; Snap Orbital can point you to where it is done (no coding)
3. I do not believe font selection is currently a feature
4. More templates may be added to this add-on
5. Yes

I wanted to buy LearnDash Visual Customizer from but the credit card does not work…. and I am sure that the problem is not interested in me …

Thanks Hasan, if you’re still interested in the add-on then you may want to write Snap Orbital’s support on the matter.

This is awesome! Thanks for letting us now. This makes it so much easier for non-WP gurus 🙂


Avatar Helma

Glad you like it Helma! 🙂

Quick question – this plugin styles a users / learners course dashboard, correct?

If I have buddypress integrated into a users profile, will this still be able to style the course portion of their dashboard?

Avatar Darren

Hi Darren-

This add-on allows you to style LearnDash templates (i.e. the course content table, progress bar, profile, etc.). It won’t apply to BuddyPress. For specifics though, you’ll want to inquire with the plugin’s vendor, SnapOrbital.

Thanks Justin – appreciate it! Very happy with Learndash 🙂

Avatar Darren


Does this plugin allow customizing LearnDash’s CSS elements like font types & sizes?


Avatar Adam

This used to work very well. About one month ago, the course list lost it’s pretty. The white checkmarks on a green background that indicated they had passed the course disappeared and was replaced by a hyphen that was two lines down. The green arrow in front of the course name that expands the course dropped two lines down. It went from pretty to ugly and embarrassing.

I reached out to LearnDash support including sending screenshots. They had no idea what was wrong and suggested I revert to the Twenty 15 theme and if that did not work, deactivate all plug-ins until it looked right and then reactivate.

Before trying such a task, especially since we never used Twenty 15 as a theme and installed LearnDash successfully on the theme we now use, we went into the LearnDash forums. There we found a customer who had the same problem and it was caused, according to him, by an update. He blamed it on the LearnDash Visual Optimizer.

The forum moderator thanked him for his input and then asked me to post back after I tried the original solution. She did not seem to follow up on the users info.

I followed up with the user who said as soon as he updated the Visual Optimizer it was solved. I have tried that. The arrow in front of the course name now looks fine and is in alignment. The indicator on the right that the course is complete looks right when the Visual Optimizer is deactivated, but as soon as I reactivate it the course completion indicator disappears and the unaligned hyphen is back. I have updated the plug-in but to no avail.

Is there anything anyone can do to help me?

Hi Linda-

Thanks for the comment. Based on what you shared it sounds like after deactivating everything the core LearnDash templates were working, but you experienced some issues with the course content templates when activating the Visual Customizer. If that is the case then it does sound like the Visual Customizer may be conflicting with something on your site.

Did you happen to reach out to the add-on vendor SnapOrbital for support in order to show them what you were experiencing? Their support is generally pretty responsive but if you’d like I can always reach out on your behalf.

Hi Linda,

Sorry you’re having this issue. We’ve fixed a few visual bugs with the most recent core release of LearnDash but it sounds like you’ve come across some we haven’t encountered yet. We’d love to see what you’re experiencing so we can fix it.

Could you submit a support request to us at That way we see exactly what’s going on and get it resolved for you!

I’m totally new to LD and I’m happy to have stumbled onto this because the default LD styling is rather blah.

It still boggles my mind, however, that something as fundamental as having control over some basic colors (plus a couple templates) doesn’t come out of the box with LD.

Avatar Bryan

Thanks for the feedback Bryan! I noted your interest in this feature. Simple CSS can be used as well to change default colors.

You guys had recommended this plugin when I reached out to u.I had some issues and when I reached out for support they did not bother to respond for over a week.

Avatar Charlene

Hi Charlene-

They are usually quite responsive. If you would like us to reach out on your behalf please open a ticket.

Is this compatible with Genesis child themes? We are using Executive Pro. I guess what I am asking is will the style codes in this plugin conflict with the Genesis style codes we have?

Avatar Scott

No, it won’t conflict with Genesis.

I tried accessing the SnapOrbitol site, but cannot reach it. Not sure if their site is temporarily down, or if there is a more permanent problem. Is this plugin still recommended and actively supported?

Avatar George

Works on my end… maybe just was a temporary issue?

It appears this breaks the override template functionality of LearnDash.

Avatar Roy

I don’t see the option to customize learndash with this plug in and I bought a license.

The entire purpose of this addon is to customize the colors and templates of LearnDash. Details here.

Hi it appears the product is no longer available from the links provided above or when trying to navigate direct from their site?

Even when i try to message LD support about this I’m given a link to speak to SnapOrbiatl support which doesn’t work!

They are very much still in business. Try this link:

Hi! Is there a way that two students can connect to the same sessions? I’d like to have group sessions. Or can two studetns with diferent account access the same course together simultaneously?

Also, id like this two students to write their own answers in a free text fields below a course video and save it. whenever the students come back to the coure, they can see what they had answer last time.

Does Learndash support these two options?

Thanks a lot,

Avatar Romain

drag and drop question like use single string for drag and drop any where in sentence.

Avatar vijay kanaujia

Hi, I just bought Learndash and am going to add a learning platform on a site build with Divi Template. So now what should I do? Is keeping the customization in the divi builder or adding this Visual Customiser to make things smoother? Does Learndash costumiser work in Divi that already has it’s own builder? I need the easiest and smoothest solution. I actually have to implement learndash on 3 different sites all done with Divi so I really need to make this right from the start.
Thanks for your advise

Hello, thanks for showing the plugin, in fact I have been looking for that configuration in learndash for weeks because when I bought it it said that it was super configurable … ha, now I live modifying the files every time a new patch comes out because I can’t find where to hide the modules that I do not use it in a child file and when I update I lose all my work … in short I imagine that we have to wait for the component to come out to buy the solution, however go ahead.

Avatar Eduardo

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