Use LearnDash with MemberPress!

It is a new year and this means new functionality for all of you using LearnDash!

To kick things off I am pleased to announce our first add-on release of 2017.

Without question this new add-on was one of the more requested feature enhancements we received all of last year – it only made sense to start off the new year by getting it into your hands!

As many of you know, when you use LearnDash you have a variety options on how you want to protect your content. You can choose the built-in content protection, or you can protect the lessons with a membership plugin.

And let me tell you that if you are going to use a membership plugin then you cannot go wrong using MemberPress.

In a recent years MemberPress has become one of the “go to” membership solutions for WordPress, and for good reason. They flat-out excel in memberships, grouping, coupons, reminders, reports, and more!

The team behind the product is top-notch as well so you know that you are in good hands and will be fully supported along the way.

Add-On Features

Associate membership levels to one or more courses: Create a membership level and map it to one, or multiple, LearnDash courses. When the membership level is purchased the user is auto-enrolled into the associated courses.

Automatic course removal upon membership cancellation: When a user cancels their membership then the integration will automatically un-enroll them from their courses as well.

Create trial membership levels with various payment gateways: Offer a limited-time free trial to to entice people to purchase full access to your courses. Sell your memberships using Stripe, PayPal, or

How It Works

To use this integration all you need is to have both LearnDash and MemberPress installed and activated. When you install and activate this integration you will have the ability to map your membership levels to LearnDash courses (as shown in the image above).

Set your course price type to “Closed” in LearnDash and you’re all set! When someone purchases a membership level they are automatically enrolled into any course mapped to that level.

It really doesn’t get much simpler than that! 🙂

Where To Download

This is a free add-on created by LearnDash. It is available for download on the support site.

If you have any questions or comments related to this add-on, do not hesitate to leave them below.

Until next time!



Justin Ferriman is the co-founder and CEO of LearnDash, the WordPress LMS trusted by the world's leading organizations, such as the University of Michigan, Digital Marketer, WPEngine, and Infusionsoft. Justin has made a career as an elearning consultant where he has implemented large-scale training programs for Fortune 500 companies. Twitter | LinkedIn

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  1. Thanks for the post Justin!

    We already have many customers that are using LearnDash in conjunction with MemberPress but this add-on will make things much easier for them and will really open up the possibilities for everyone to make use of this powerful integration.

    We’re excited to work with LearnDash as an integration partner and start using this add-on to help our customers create premium online learning membership sites!

  2. The innovation never stops…thank you! We are using paid memberships pro…are there advantages to switching to memberpress?

    1. Thanks Brian! 🙂

      Both are top-tier options for memberships. It’s hard to say which would be better for your project since each project will have unique needs. MemberPress does offer a 14-day money-back period so that may be useful to “look under the hood” so to speak.

    1. If the price is ‘open’ then you have to manually protect the content with MemberPress. When ‘closed’, LearnDash prevents course access until the membership level is purchased, at which time enrollment occurs and access is permitted.

      1. So could I leave it set to open and use MemberPress to allow everyone with a free membership to see the course intro, but protect the remaining material so only paying members can see it?

          1. So is there a way that I could allow customers on the free membership level to see the first (intro) block of a course as a bit of a teaser to inspire them to sign up at the paid level?

    1. Hi Vipin-

      This add-on is for MemberPress (not Memberium). That said, I’m not sure I understand your question in either context.

  3. Hiya

    How does this compare with Paid Memberships Pro, please? I got a ‘teckie’ to set me up with that, though haven’t been making use of the online training yet… but will be building some topics in the coming weeks and just wondered. Or, do they do just the same thing, as I’m sure you’ve been checking different options out before recommending this one?

    Thanks Justin – and others with experience.

    1. Hi Helen-

      Thanks for the note. As I mentioned in a previous comment I think the decision between PMPro or MemberPress comes down to preference. There is certainly overlap between the features but both solution do well in their own unique ways. PMPro is free so that may be attractive for some. MemberPress has a pretty robust affiliate platform you can use for your memberships so that may persuade others to use their solution.

  4. Looks great. Question for you Justin: What we tend to use a whole lot of is LD Groups. I use Groups with Group Leaders instead of having people purchase individual courses on our site. Typically, our clients purchase through a sales person who is the “Group Leader.” Then, students are then sent their credentials and placed in a group by us. Does this integration do anything where people are placed in LD Groups and allowed a certain amount of time in that Group before they are removed from that group? (Does that make sense?)
    Will there be any development in that area of Groups? Or will there be any further development of the Gravity Forms integration that would allow people to be placed in LD Groups, depending upon which form they complete?

    1. Hi Steven-

      We’ll be looking to do development to the Groups in LearnDash (core) in coming releases. For example, auto-group enrollment at time or registration. I haven’t come across the timed group removal requirement yet but it’s interesting, I’ve noted the use-case.

  5. I want to release my course in cycles, rather than them being able to join at any point. How can i gain new members to the course, drip feed content and not disturb the previous cycles student’s? I want to do a launch shortly but we’re not sure how we can do cycle 2 without it locking out the first cycles members whilst the content is dripfed again.
    Please advise

    1. If you’re using MemberPress just create a new membership level, associate to the proper course(s), and don’t make that available for purchase until it’s time to launch.

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