January 24th, 2017 LearnDash Tips

It is a new year and this means new functionality for all of you using LearnDash!

To kick things off I am pleased to announce our first add-on release of 2017.

Without question this new add-on was one of the more requested feature enhancements we received all of last year – it only made sense to start off the new year by getting it into your hands!

As many of you know, when you use LearnDash you have a variety options on how you want to protect your content. You can choose the built-in content protection, or you can protect the lessons with a membership plugin.

And let me tell you that if you are going to use a membership plugin then you cannot go wrong using MemberPress.

In a recent years MemberPress has become one of the “go to” membership solutions for WordPress, and for good reason. They flat-out excel in memberships, grouping, coupons, reminders, reports, and more!

The team behind the product is top-notch as well so you know that you are in good hands and will be fully supported along the way.

Add-On Features

Associate membership levels to one or more courses: Create a membership level and map it to one, or multiple, LearnDash courses. When the membership level is purchased the user is auto-enrolled into the associated courses.

Automatic course removal upon membership cancellation: When a user cancels their membership then the integration will automatically un-enroll them from their courses as well.

Create trial membership levels with various payment gateways: Offer a limited-time free trial to to entice people to purchase full access to your courses. Sell your memberships using Stripe, PayPal, or Authorize.net.

How It Works

To use this integration all you need is to have both LearnDash and MemberPress installed and activated. When you install and activate this integration you will have the ability to map your membership levels to LearnDash courses (as shown in the image above).

Set your course price type to “Closed” in LearnDash and you’re all set! When someone purchases a membership level they are automatically enrolled into any course mapped to that level.

It really doesn’t get much simpler than that! 🙂

Where To Download

This is a free add-on created by LearnDash. It is available for download on the support site.

If you have any questions or comments related to this add-on, do not hesitate to leave them below.

Until next time!


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Justin Ferriman started LearnDash, the WordPress LMS trusted by Fortune 500 companies, major universities, training organizations, and entrepreneurs worldwide for creating (and selling) their online courses. Justin's Homepage | Twitter


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Thanks for the post Justin!

We already have many customers that are using LearnDash in conjunction with MemberPress but this add-on will make things much easier for them and will really open up the possibilities for everyone to make use of this powerful integration.

We’re excited to work with LearnDash as an integration partner and start using this add-on to help our customers create premium online learning membership sites!

Many thanks Blair, MemberPress is such a great solution – well done!

The innovation never stops…thank you! We are using paid memberships pro…are there advantages to switching to memberpress?

Thanks Brian! 🙂

Both are top-tier options for memberships. It’s hard to say which would be better for your project since each project will have unique needs. MemberPress does offer a 14-day money-back period so that may be useful to “look under the hood” so to speak.

Can you explain why “closed” has to be turned on for the course?

Avatar Andrea

If the price is ‘open’ then you have to manually protect the content with MemberPress. When ‘closed’, LearnDash prevents course access until the membership level is purchased, at which time enrollment occurs and access is permitted.

So could I leave it set to open and use MemberPress to allow everyone with a free membership to see the course intro, but protect the remaining material so only paying members can see it?

Course price type has to be closed if using a membership plugin.

So is there a way that I could allow customers on the free membership level to see the first (intro) block of a course as a bit of a teaser to inspire them to sign up at the paid level?

Congratulations Justin! This sounds great.

register user how to view own memberium profile

Hi Vipin-

This add-on is for MemberPress (not Memberium). That said, I’m not sure I understand your question in either context.


How does this compare with Paid Memberships Pro, please? I got a ‘teckie’ to set me up with that, though haven’t been making use of the online training yet… but will be building some topics in the coming weeks and just wondered. Or, do they do just the same thing, as I’m sure you’ve been checking different options out before recommending this one?

Thanks Justin – and others with experience.

Hi Helen-

Thanks for the note. As I mentioned in a previous comment I think the decision between PMPro or MemberPress comes down to preference. There is certainly overlap between the features but both solution do well in their own unique ways. PMPro is free so that may be attractive for some. MemberPress has a pretty robust affiliate platform you can use for your memberships so that may persuade others to use their solution.

Can you have reoccurring payments?

Avatar Chris

Looks great. Question for you Justin: What we tend to use a whole lot of is LD Groups. I use Groups with Group Leaders instead of having people purchase individual courses on our site. Typically, our clients purchase through a sales person who is the “Group Leader.” Then, students are then sent their credentials and placed in a group by us. Does this integration do anything where people are placed in LD Groups and allowed a certain amount of time in that Group before they are removed from that group? (Does that make sense?)
Will there be any development in that area of Groups? Or will there be any further development of the Gravity Forms integration that would allow people to be placed in LD Groups, depending upon which form they complete?

Hi Steven-

We’ll be looking to do development to the Groups in LearnDash (core) in coming releases. For example, auto-group enrollment at time or registration. I haven’t come across the timed group removal requirement yet but it’s interesting, I’ve noted the use-case.

Hi Justin,

Has the auto-group enrollment at time of registration capability been developed? I very much need this, as I’m registering learners through MemberPress and manually adding them to assigned groups. If I can automatically add users to a Group based on the membership they register under, that would be ideal. Please let me know, and thanks!

I want to release my course in cycles, rather than them being able to join at any point. How can i gain new members to the course, drip feed content and not disturb the previous cycles student’s? I want to do a launch shortly but we’re not sure how we can do cycle 2 without it locking out the first cycles members whilst the content is dripfed again.
Please advise

If you’re using MemberPress just create a new membership level, associate to the proper course(s), and don’t make that available for purchase until it’s time to launch.

I have a site where members sign up for a premium membership and get access to all our courses. We launched with 30 courses but are now adding more every week. When we add a new course the existing users should have access to them but since course enrollment happens when they purchase the membership I’m having to manually assign the new courses one at a time to every member. Is there a way to get existing members into new courses? Would putting the members into a group and then adding courses to the group work?

This is an issue with this plugin. I had to hire a programmer to work my way around it.

This plugin is only helpful if you plan on having the same courses (not adding more as time goes on) and if you don’t plan on drip feeding your content. So in a nutshell, it’s VERY basic and doesn’t help much with more complex situations.

Avatar John

I’d love to see this plugin be able to “drip feed” courses on a monthly basis. The option of only having the ability to lock one or all courses is too restrictive.

Avatar John

Is it possible to sell the course individually and a membership tied to that course or would the course need to be duplicated – one for the sell as course option and one for the sell as part of membership option?

Avatar KMM

Hey Justin
I just purchased your product which my developer will install for me today.
I’m looking forward to loading it with my lessons.
My plan is to have my courses sit within a member’s area so that I can supplement them with other assets (like standalone videos and Insights etc)
I am using MemberPress – so this integration tool should help a lot.
I would also want to allow prospective customers see some elements of their member’s area for FREE before they commit to join – and from reading this thread – that’s a challenge w.r.t. splitting out elements of a course.
So I’m wondering . . .
Will I be able to offer a FREE short course by copying out part of a longer course into a new course and then having that sit outside of my member’s area?
Am I right to say that the allocation of courses (in LearnDash) to a particular membership level – is set within the ‘add on’ dashboard inside Memberpress?
And if so, and if a short course (the Freebie) is not allocated to a Membership area then surely it doesn’t have to be set to closed? – thus making it available for FREE on the unprotected area of my site?
(FYI – all the information on my site here https://paulclaireaux.com is FREE at the moment. The paid member’s area is currently hidden whilst I build it in the background.

Yes you could do that (have another course outside of the members area). We have a course cloning tool that you can use and then just include the lessons you wish to keep.


How can I integrate memberpress with Learndash groups/organizations, and group leaders ?
Memberpress has corporate accounts but it doesn’t show all the activity, quizzes, editing user etc from learndash for leaders in their backend. We need the leaders to have all the learndash system data .


Avatar Sam

I noticed the MemberPress Addon download is showing version 1.0 yet I was emailed a newer version

Can you explain what the difference is and which should be used?

Avatar Michael

That’s a release candidate to be released officially shortly.

Are you able to email users when they complete a course, lesson, or topic?

Justin, I’m setting up my registration for online courses and purchased Gravity Forms. I’m a little confused though. Is Learn Dash still integrating with Gravity forms or has it switched to Member Press – OR is there a reason and a way to combine them? You used to have something called Learn Dash integration with Gravity Forms but it looks like that is no longer. Can you clarify?


Avatar Pat

People choose either one or the other in most cases (GF or MemberPress). We integrate with both – you can find details on each at https://www.learndash.com/extensions/

Hi Justin,

I’m unable to access the Lessons I’ve set up. It gets redirected back to the page that shows all the available courses. Can anyone from you team help?

Avatar Sean

Please open a ticket with support and we can assist.

Is there any option to hide the courses in the course list for members that do not have the proper memberpress membership?

Now everyone sees all courses. I want to hide the advanced courses and only show them to users with the advanced membership from memberpress

Avatar Leon

You would need to set this up with shortcodes (combination of memberpress shortcodes and the LD course list shortcodes on a page).

Since it a) won’t automatically add new courses to existing users, when associated with a memberpress group, and b) won’t change learndash group membership when the user downgrades, can you at least c) make learndash allow tracks to be assigned to wordpress user roles, and removed / changed when the user role changes? Since memberpress can assign a user role in wordpress, this would greatly simplify the matter.

Avatar Asher Black

if i only want to use athorize.net , can i do that with this integration?
and please, if i only want to sell courses, normal course with buy now like udemy, i can still use it if i am using memberpress?

my end goal is using authorize.net for dashbaord and wordpress. i dont want woocomemrce bcoz its too much hassel to maintain

Avatar mai

Sure, as long as MemberPress has an Authorize.net integration then you can use that payment gateway.

The link to the download no longer works – is LearnDash no longer integrated into memberpress?

Avatar Sam McPherson

You must be logged in to download, or just download direct from the ‘add-ons’ menu under ‘LearnDash LMS’ (requires valid license key)

I’ve been having issues with this integration. I set the course as “closed” and defined that all members of a membership level would be enrolled into it as instructed, but I’m getting reports that some members aren’t able to access the course material. Will the enrollment only be triggered upon a member joining, and previous members aren’t able to access it unless I manually enroll them all?

Please open a ticket with support with more details so that we can be of assistance.

I already have LearnDash for my online courses, but I would like to add a mastermind group to my site as well. Would MemberPress be a good option for this? Would they be able to have a single login (shared with LearnDash) and purchase courses separate from a recurring fee to be in the mastermind group?


Avatar Alex Martenson

Automatic course removal upon membership cancellation isn’t working. when a user cancel his/her subscription, he still can access the course. what happened?

Avatar Jeffrey

This feature does indeed work – happy to have a look. Just raise a ticket with support.

I’m trying to integrate MemberPress with LearnDash but my credit payment gateway is not supported by MemberPress, they only support PayPal, can I use MemberPress in tandem with Woocommerce?

I’ve setup LD for a client and installed memberpress for membership. My question is can I have two types of membership for 1 class? Example A is 3 months payment plan for a class. Example B a 1 time fee for a class. My second question is how can you show the option for both plans in 1 signup form?

Avatar Scotb32

Hello, it is possible to use MemberPress with Woocommerce?

Avatar Leonardo Javier

Hi Justin,

Just checking in on the comment above, this is something that would really support me too!

Thanks – Tom

I am using learndash with memberpress but not auto enroll courses why?
Showing in profile when run retroactive tool option.

Please help what the issue

Hi Justin, can I integrate learn dash in my shopify site?

Depends on what you want to do – but yes if you want to sell courses with Shopify using our Zapier integration.

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