Every business today is looking for speed and efficiency.  In a world where keeping costs down but quality up is the name of the game, it is just as important for instructional designers to do the same with their elearning.  There are a variety of reasons for this, but one primary reason is that it allows you to take on more projects and finish the work more efficiency by leveraging previous templates or methods.

Let’s take elearning templates as an example.  If you have some basic templates in place, then you focus on the content rather than the delivery as this is already taken care of – which ensures your elearning is comprehensive for the topic being covered.    Of course, you have to be careful when leveraging previously made content. In some client projects, you may not be allowed to borrow other works because of exclusivity clauses.  Still, there is a good chance that you can use basic templates for the framework of your elearning course.

So where do you get elearning templates?  There are quite a few options, and it depends on the tool being used.  If you are using Articulate Storyline (or Studio), then there are quite a few vendors out there that can provide an abundance of templates.  First, it’s best to just check on the Articulate website as they offer some free templates from user submission. This would be ideal if you have a small project, or even pro bono.  If you need something more official, you could use a company like Rapid Elearning Templates, or even the Elearning Brothers (although the Elearning Brothers will be at the higher price-point).  If you have the time, it might be a good idea to make your own.

One last note, if you decide to purchase elearning templates, it’s a good idea to add your own customization so that it does contain some unique elements for your customers.  Think of the template as a way to get a head-start, and to use your saved time to make the course content more robust.

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Nice cover image for post ;).

Avatar Tim

Your post that is.

Avatar Tim

Ha, thanks Tim, is that your template?

It is. Just posted it the other day on my blog: timsladeblog.wordpress.com.

Great article by the way about eLearning templates!

Avatar Tim

Hi Justin! Ivan here from the Dominican Republic. I’m planning to use Storyline on my music education site and was wondering if any of you guys are using it along LearnDash or are planning in doing so. Any tip or advice? I’m visualizing a great potential: LearnDash + Storyline. Thanks for your consideration.

Avatar Ivan Jaquez

Hi Ivan, thanks for the comment. Currently LearnDash allows the launching of Storyline courses, and if you need metrics recorded from within the course, then you can publish to TinCan API. If you need SCORM data, then you may want to check out SCORMCloud by Rustici Software – which also works with LearnDash.

Awesome! Will check that out now. And as always, thanks a lot Justin for your great support. LearnDash Rocks!

Avatar Ivan Jaquez

Thanks for sharing great stuff on e Learning templates!!

Avatar Alekha

Hi Justin, A great article. And I completely go with your opinion. I believe templates are pretty important to atleast get you started. Since they pre-define the flow of information, I think they can be highly instrumental in letting you create high quality content and not worry about anything else. There is a very interesting article on templates -to use or not to use which shares few more interesting view points blog.raptivity.com/2013/06/templates-to-use-or-not-to-use/.

Avatar Isha Sood

Hi Justin! Thanks for the great article and content! Can you tell me if Raptivity and LearnDash work well together? Thanks in advance 😉

Avatar Jennifer

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