April 19th, 2016 LearnDash Tips

Uncanny Toolbox

Today we are pleased to let you know about an add-on that has been created to save you time and effort when setting up your online courses.

Truly, this really is the ultimate LearnDash toolkit!

Created by the Toronto based elearning firm Uncanny Owl, this toolkit was originally created for use on their internal LearnDash client sites.

Seeing the value it gave their clients they have graciously made it available to all LearnDash users.

For free! 🙂

Add-On Features

Front End Login – Replace wp-login with a simple shortcode that you can drop onto any page to allow better branding of the login experience. User verification is also available to manage registrations.

Hide Admin Bar – Hide the WordPress admin bar for any roles that you want.

LearnDash Resume Button – Allow users to pick up where they left off in a LearnDash course by clicking a button.

LearnDash Groups in User Profiles – Easily identify LearnDash Group membership from user profile pages.

Login Redirect – Send learners to a custom dashboard or course after they sign in.

Menu Item Visibility – Control the visibility of menu entries based on whether or not the user is signed in.

Show LearnDash Certificates – Use a simple shortcode to display a list of all certificates (course and quiz) earned by the current user.

Show or Hide Content – Use shortcodes to show or hide content based on whether or not a user is signed in. Great for Open course types.

Log In/Log Out Links – Add Log In and Log Out links to menus, or to any page or widget with a shortcode.

LearnDash Breadcrumbs – Add breadcrumb links that support courses, lessons, topics and quizzes. Also supports woocommerce, custom post types with or without taxonomies & tags, pages and blog posts.

How It Works

After installing the toolkit, you will have a new settings screen where you can activate your desired functionality.

When you turn on a specific feature you can then configure the settings for that feature.

More information about how to use the Toolkit, including a 40-minute instructional screencast, is available on the Uncanny Owl website.

Where To Download

This free add-on was created by Uncanny Owl and is available for download on WordPress.org.

You can also add it to your site by going to PLUGINS > ADD NEW from your admin dashboard, and searching for “LearnDash Toolkit”.

Thank you all so much for choosing LearnDash as your WordPress LMS. If you have any questions related to this add-on, do not hesitate to leave a comment below.

Until next time!

(Don’t have LearnDash? Join the fun!)

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About Justin Ferriman

Justin Ferriman started LearnDash, the WordPress LMS trusted by Fortune 500 companies, major universities, training organizations, and entrepreneurs worldwide for creating (and selling) their online courses. Justin's Homepage | Twitter


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Thanks so much for writing about our Toolkit! We’re really excited to get it into the hands of more LearnDash users.

The Toolkit is a little complicated, especially for newer WordPress users, so we strongly recommend that everyone check out the instructional page Justin linked to in the post before using the plugin. We’ll be adding a more comprehensive knowledge base this week, but the screencast and instructions have all of the key details to get started.

Thank you Ryan, the Toolkit is simply a fantastic resource – well done!

As a developer that has done some heavy LearnDash customization, this looks awesome – particularly the resume button and showing groups in profiles. Looking forward to trying it out. Thanks!

Avatar Kevin Hoffman

Is this plugin free? Can’t see anywhere that it is a paid plugin

Looks very promising, with a lot of features we have been waiting for a long time.

Avatar Jay

Yup it’s free, it’s available on wordpress.org

Excellent i can uninstall some plugins now

great stuff

A truly great addition to LearnDash that adds many great features for free. Congratulations to the very friendly and knowledgeable team at Uncanny Owl for putting this together.

Thanks Chris! We hope you find it useful on your upcoming projects. It should help save you a few steps!

Great resource and seems to have a lot of functionality. Look forward to adding to a website we recently donated and announced to the Veteran community. Our site is sponsored by major corporations that support hiring and doing business with Veterans and it’s great to know that add-ons such as this one are being shared with others. Keep up the great work!
Thanks Justin, LearnDash and Uncanny Owl!

Thank you for your continued support Peter!

And I was just at that point where I was trying to put all the pieces together for my site – and this email shows up. Fantastic timing. Thanks!

Good timing indeed 🙂 !

I’ve been using it for a couple of weeks and an excellent addition to a briliant LMS(Learndash) well done all and look forward to any new updates.

Regards, Neil

I am relatively new to learndash and am not a programmer. What will happen to the currently registered users if I add this plugin? I assume their login will stay the same?

Hi Kerry, existing users will not be affected in any way. Access information will stay the same. Note that you can turn on and off any module available, so if you want to minimize changes to the user experience, only turn on exactly what you need.

Thanks Ryan, I got it all set up with no problems. Keeping my fingers crossed.

I’ve been using 6 or 7 different plugins to handle the issues that this plugin solves. I’m looking forward to consolidating them with this!!

Just a quick word of praise for you all there at LearnDash!

In addition to the amazing and speedy assistance I am able to receive via email, you guys continuously WOW me with new features and additions to the program.

I joke with my colleagues that you guys read my mind, because every time I think of a feature I would love to have, I get an update email the next day and it’s magically there. I just unplugged my laptop, ran into my associates office and did a happy dance over the LearnDash toolkit which has several features I was describing a need for yesterday.

Your collaboration with other businesses to continue to grow your product, as well as your own active innovation is not only helpful in my business, but inspiring for us to do the same.

Much appreciated!

I appreciate the effort, and admit I have not created any plugins myself, but this is no way an “Ultimate” Toolkit. And 5 of the features at least are easily achieved with other free plugins. And some of those offer other useful features that the UOLDT doesn’t.

I do see a need to offer simpler paths to functionality for less technical or experienced users, and this does offer one of those. And I do like the visual control panel layout, it will make things easier for some users to manage their settings.

To the UO folks, I wonder if you have plans to elaborate on this idea? Maybe a more advanced set of features?

Avatar Jeff Nye

Hi Jeff,

This is in no way an “ultimate” toolkit. 🙂 Justin added that descriptor, and while we hope it does satisfy a lot of needs, it’s in no way comprehensive of what could be done. And yes, we replicate some of what other plugins do in MUCH simpler ways. That’s intentional. If people need complete feature sets, we definitely encourage them to use the specialized plugin instead. We wanted to make core functions as simple and lean as possible; moreover, we don’t want the maintenance headache of trying to replicate what other vendors are already doing very well. These are quick wins that will help a lot of users add basic functions they need without getting confused or ending up with a slower site.

We do not expect to add significant new capabilities to the modules that are already there. As you said, there are other plugins that add advanced features that some users might need. For a lot of people, simple and faster is better than feature-rich and heavy.

We definitely expect to add new modules though. We have a huge number of LearnDash plugins that we’ve developed internally for our clients. This Toolkit represents a handful of those that we thought might benefit the wider LearnDash community. As time permits, we’ll be releasing more of them, and some of them are much more complex and robust. This Toolkit, however, is the first thing we install on new client sites now. It does the basics well and lets us focus on the more advanced development.

I’m just putting my first learndash course together and I’m sure this will come in useful. Thanks so much to the developers, you clever people!

Avatar Alex

Thank you so much!
I want to buy learndash but have 2 questions:

1- Does leardash allow tutors to post their own courses in front end? I don’t want to have one wordpress admin for creating courses, I want tutors to be able to creat courses and upload videos via the front-end. is it possible with learndash?

2- Can I sell each lesson (and not the whole course) via learndash? Let’s say I have a course that costs 40$. I want users to ba able to either purchase the whole course or just the lessons they need. Is it possible?

Thank you so much.

Avatar Esmaeil

Hi Esmaeil-
The front-end course creation add-on and multiple instructor add-on would be needed. Individual lesson sales are not currently a feature in LearnDash.


Can we use LearnDash + Social Learner + Uncanny Owl ? Would it affect site performance ?

Avatar Srinivas

Hi Srinivas,

There’s no reason you can’t use LearnDash, Social Learner and our Toolkit together, though we haven’t actually tested with the Social Learner theme. There’s a performance hit with any plugin, but we definitely tried to make the Toolkit as efficient as possible. Also make sure you only turn on modules you actually need and are using.

Hi, did you figure this out Srinivas?

I am planning on buying the Social Learner theme in a day or 2, and I especially like the ‘resume’ feature that the toolkit offers. Would be great if the 3 would work together.

Great toolkit, UO!


Avatar Anish Passi

LearnDash has proven to be a remarkable solution for our global membership offering an unparalleled e-learning experience for every customer we serve. The ToolKit and solutions offered by Uncanny Owl have not only helped us in every way possible, the attention to detail is very personal. I only get this experience from the five-diamond luxury resorts for our global conferences.

John Patterson, CEO, Influence Ecology

Thanks for the kind words John!

I had already most of those features, but each one needed a separate plugin.
It will we very nice to have everything available in one plugin.

Thanks for this.

Hey guys – I have a feature request for a future plugin update.

Would it be feasible to add login redirects by user-role? I’d like to send learners and group leaders to different pages/dashboards.

I’m currently using another plugin to handle this, and would love to consolidate if possible.

Thanks for the great plugin!


Hi Alex,

Sorry, we don’t really monitor this site and don’t get notifications. The Uncanny Owl site is the best bet for timely replies from our team.

Redirects by user role probably isn’t something we’ll implement. When we need it, we just use Peter’s Login Redirect ourselves. It handles it well and we just wanted to include something really simple in the Toolkit. We’re not trying to make the Toolkit full-featured. I would recommend disabling our module for that and continuing to use whatever plugin you have for role-based redirects.

Thanks for the feedback though!

Hi Ryan,

Noted, thanks for the reply!


Can a source code be provided instead of a plug in?

Not sure what you mean Ulanda. Source code is open in the add-on.

I am not sure if I need to buy the pro version for this. Can you advise? I have a site with multiple courses. I want to hide courses from people that are not enrolled in them (not just based on signed in or not signed in). For example, user A is enrolled in Course A, B, and C. I want him to see those courses.

I have the same question, did you figure out how to do this yet?

Avatar Ingrid

Just started using LearnDash and Uncanny Owl Toolkit for a course in Portuguese.
OMG, my life is so much easier now. They go together like brad and butter.

Thanks guys, you deserve a lot of success, you’re genius.

I have loaded a LearnDash course with modules using Vimeo video instruction as the content and then I have a short quiz to follow prior to opening up the next module. I input the Forced Module Timer information, but it does not appear to deter anyone from moving straight to the exam portion. The website is not live as of yet.

Do I now have to install the Uncanny Owl toolbox in order to get the Forced Module Timer to function properly?

Thank you.

Avatar Patrick


How can i disabled lesson page for non login user ?

Thank you

Avatar imran patel

Hi i’m looking for a good to-do list in Learndash. With deadlines, editing en remove task by students, en discuss results. Is there a module for this??????

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