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Known Issues & Conflicts

Randomized Questions on WPEngine Hosting

The randomize questions feature in a quiz (or show only “X number of questions”) does not work properly with the default WP Engine settings. The following is needed in order for it to work properly:

  2. Look for ORDER_BY_RAND (which is set to “disabled” by default)
  3. Change the setting to “enabled”

Once this is enabled, the “randomize quiz questions” feature should work as expected.

ProPanel Reporting on Multisite

Within Multisite, the users and usermeta database tables are global and shared across all sub-sites. As a result, all the sub-sites store course progress and quiz attempts into the combined usermeta table. We are working on a way of addressing this issue in a future update.

Wp-Pro-Quiz Plugin

The Wp-Pro-Quiz plugin will conflict with LearnDash quizzes. Installing the two at the same time could create an irreversible issue. LearnDash support cannot assist with any issues resulting from this conflict.

Timing of Emails Sent by Notifications Add-On

In order for the notifications to send properly and on time, you will need to add a custom cron job to your server. This is due to the limitations of WordPress’ mail system. See this article for instructions on how to set up a server cron job to help your notifications send on time.

Export Quiz To Excel Plugin by WP Plugins For You

Several reports have been raised about this 3rd party plugin causing quiz questions to be removed. If this has occurred on your site, please contact the plugin vendor for assistance in rectifying the issue.

SG Optimizer by SiteGround Hosting

The SG Optimizer (and other image optimizing plugins) can cause certificate images to be distorted, or contain large areas of all black. To resolve just disable image optimization for the images being used for certificates.

Blank Settings Pages

This is the result of using LearnDash v3.x.x on any WordPress version prior to 5.0. To fix, update to the current version of WordPress. If you don’t want to use the Gutenberg editor, you can still use Classic Editor.

WPML and Quiz Question Answer Options

WPML translation capabilities cannot be applied to the available answers in a quiz question. This is being investigated further by development. There is no known workaround at this time.

“Duplicate Page” or Cloning Plugins and Quizzes

Quizzes and Questions should not be “cloned” with third-party plugins such as Duplicate Post. Doing so will result in irreversible issues. The cloned quizzes and questions cannot be used and should be deleted.

If you need to “clone” your quizzes then use the built-in quiz import/export feature located under LEARNDASH LMS > QUIZZES > ACTIONS > IMPORT/EXPORT. Alternatively, you can use a tool purpose-built for LearnDash such as WISDM Content Cloner. However, since this is only an alternative third-party solution please proceed with caution and always make a full site backup (database and files) before making any changes.

LearnDash support cannot assist with any issues resulting from using the Duplicate Post, WISDM Content Cloner, or other third-party plugins on quizzes or quiz questions.

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